Odelia has a minion!

Flutterby the Painted Lady

Legacy Name: Odelia

The Common Experiment #0101
Owner: Lisa

Age: 8 years, 7 months, 2 weeks

Born: April 15th, 2014

Adopted: 3 years, 3 months, 1 week ago

Adopted: August 20th, 2019

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  • Level: 7
  • Strength: 12
  • Defense: 14
  • Speed: 14
  • Health: 12
  • HP: 12/12
  • Intelligence: 5
  • Books Read: 5
  • Food Eaten: 0
  • Job: Kennel Cleaner

Odelia was never the fastest or the strongest. She never cared for contests of wit, nor did she care to pursue any schooling past that which was required, for all that she was fairly intelligent. What Odelia loved was flowers. She loved learning about them, caring for them, planting them, admiring them, and she got a special sort of satisfaction when someone complimented her lovely garden. She put a lot of work into which flowers would grow best where, what colors would be most pleasing to the eye, and with the way the environment was looking at the moment, she did everything she could to make sure the bees and butterflies were taken care of. Sometimes she'd just hang out in her favorite tree and gaze out upon the myriad of colors, sighing in contentment. Elsewhere the planet might be a huge mess, but here it was still paradise.

writing by Lisa, background from WDRFree, bottle from ReBloggy

Pet Treasure


Blue and Green Floral Watering Can

Blue and Green Floral Trowel

Blue and Green Floral Rain Boots

Blue and Green Floral Gardening Shears

Blue and Green Floral Gardening Gloves

Survival Orange Lovely Flower

Survival Yellow Lovely Flower

Survival Green Lovely Flower

Survival Blue Lovely Flower

Survival Purple Lovely Flower

Survival Crooked Red Flower

Survival Crooked Orange Flower

Survival Crooked Yellow Flower

Survival Crooked Tan Flower

Survival Crooked Blue Flower

Survival Orange Memory Flower

Survival Yellow Memory Flower

Survival Blue Memory Flower

Survival Purple Memory Flower

Pink Roe Flower

Red Roe Flower

Yellow Roe Flower

Blue Roe Flower

Lilac Roe Flower

Pink Valley Flower

Yellow Valley Flower

Purple Valley Flower

White Valley Flower

Pink Tube Flower

Yellow Tube Flower

Blue Tube Flower

Purple Tube Flower

Ivory Tube Flower

Swirled Pink Flower

Swirled Yellow Flower

Swirled Blue Flower

Swirled Purple Flower

Red Split Bellflower

Orange Split Bellflower

Yellow Split Bellflower

Teal Split Bellflower

Blue Split Bellflower

Purple Split Bellflower

Lavender Split Bellflower

White Split Bellflower

Black Split Bellflower

Pink Nott Flower

Orange Nott Flower

Yellow Nott Flower

Blue Nott Flower

Purple Nott Flower

Red Bellflowers

Pink Bellflowers

Orange Bellflowers

Yellow Bellflowers

Teal Bellflowers

Blue Bellflowers

Lavender Bellflowers

Purple Bellflowers

White Bellflowers

Black Bellflowers

Red Babble Flower

Pink Babble Flower

Yellow Babble Flower

Blue Babble Flower

Purple Babble Flower

White Babble Flower

Reborn Rreign Flower

Cream Rreign Flower

Twilight Rreign Flower

Lilac Rreign Flower

Glacier Rreign Flower

Pink Soft Petaled Flower

Gold Soft Petaled Flower

Blue Soft Petaled Flower

Purple Soft Petaled Flower

White Soft Petaled Flower

Pink Fresh Snipped Survival Flower

Orange Fresh Snipped Survival Flower

Blue Fresh Snipped Survival Flower

Purple Fresh Snipped Survival Flower

White Fresh Snipped Survival Flower

Fragrant Pink Flower

Fragrant Orange Flower

Fragrant Blue Flower

Fragrant Purple Flower

Coral Pinwheel Flower

Pink Pinwheel Flower

White Pinwheel Flower

Blue Pinwheel Flower

Purple Pinwheel Flower

Dawn Chai Flower

Common Chai Flower

Dusk Chai Flower

Lilac Chai Flower

Twilight Chai Flower

Crimson Tulip

Pink Tulip

Orange Tulip

Yellow Tulip

Black Tulip

Purple Tulip

White Tulip

Yellow and Orange Daffodil

Yellow Daffodil

White and Orange Daffodil

White and Yellow Daffodil

White Daffodil

Red Dahlia

Coral Dahlia

Orange Dahlia

Yellow Dahlia

White and Yellow Dahlia

Blue Dahlia

Lavender Dahlia

Black Dahlia

Pink Primrose

Yellow Primrose

White Primrose

Purple Primrose

Faded Pink Rose

Faded Orange Rose

Faded Yellow Rose

Faded Blue Rose

Faded Purple Rose


Burgundy Calla Lily

Pink Calla Lily

Orange Calla Lily

Peach Calla Lily

Yellow Calla Lily

Lavender Calla Lily

White Calla Lily

Black Calla Lily

Red Flame Rose

Yellow Flame Rose

Blue Flame Rose

White Flame Rose

Black Flame Rose

Pink Hyacinth

Yellow Hyacinth

Blue Hyacinth

White Hyacinth

Flowering Lily Seed

Tulip Bulbs

Daffodil Bulb

Hyacinth Bulb

Flowering Sweet William Seeds

Flowering Sweet Pea Seeds


Black Sunflower

Survival Bundle of Tulips

Violet Bluebells

Survival White Calla Lilies

Survival Small Pale Roses

Survival Yellow Paper Flower


Survival Forget-Me-Nots

Chocolatell Flower

Daisy Memento


Pet Friends