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Born: October 16th, 2014

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  • Level: 68
  • Strength: 172
  • Defense: 167
  • Speed: 169
  • Health: 168
  • HP: 168/168
  • Intelligence: 518
  • Books Read: 511
  • Food Eaten: 0
  • Job: Certified Mad Scientist

"I've found it Atticus!" ─ Fancine was excited. She looked out the arched window of the castle library, the students were sitting around the lake at the sun. The 5th period should be over. The two of them had skipped the afternoon class of History of Magic ─ which probably wouldn't be a problem since Madame Florence was over 100 years old and could see terribly. She had an open book on her hands: "secular spells ─ advanced exercises", which they took unauthorizedly of the last year teacher of incantations desk.

"Impediendum clepsydris metiuntur. There is a counter spell here also". It didn't seem a difficult spell, although they certainly wouldn't find it in a students book.

"Do you think the judges would consider it cheating, if they find out?"

"Yes I do. But you want to win the tournament, don't you?". She wasn't worried, as always. Fa had the ability to make all things as trivial and simple as elementary Arithmancy.

It was one week to go until the end of the summer tournament, and their house was way behind in the competition. The next task was to cultivate Verbena, and no one seemed to have any idea where to find seeds nor how to grow it.

"Fine. When are we going to use it?"

Fa stopped for a moment. "We can't use it on a school day, because teachers would find out if we missed all day classes. But the next task will be released when the clock strikes 9 pm on Saturday. Let's wait until the begining of the day. Since it's the fair day, students will be worried about buying pumpkin pies and love potions, and won't notice what we will be doing."

"How come?"

"I mean, the spell makes time slow down for us, so we'll be able to do more things and seach is more places than if time ran normally. And to everyone else it would be like if we were doing two things and being in two places almost at the same time". She looked down. "At least that's what the book says".

Curious, Atticus took the book out of her hands. "That's amazing! Our day will have 50 hours!"

"That's the plan. So we have to finish the task in 50 hours. The herbology book says Verbena takes 46 hours to grow. It's the only thing the third year book mentions about it".

Fancine withdrew her enchanted map of the castle from her robe. It shows where on the castle land each person is, at any time. Mr Reid's name was moving in the gardens, therefore their way was clear. After returning the book, they went back to their house's dorms in the east tower, and told their findings to Norman, since he didn't want to miss the class. He wasn't happy with the plan of cheating, but Fa can be very persuasive.

They spent the next days uptight, though the time was passing so slow it was like they had already used the spell. Saturday morning dawned early on the castle, for everyone was already at the atrium at sunrise to organize the stalls. By the time Fancine, Atticus and Norman went down the spiral staircase that led to the dungeons, it was already being displayed at the atrium sweets, books, robes, wands and all sorts of magical items.

When certain that they were alone, the three of them raised their wands, and then Fancine's wristwatch pointers slowed down.

"Let's go" ─ Atticus said in his confident voice.

The three started in the greenhouses, the most obvious place to look for verbena seeds. That part of the castle lands was strangely silent. Either the other three houses had already fulfilled the task, or given up, or they were wrong in their guess. The air inside the greenhouses was warm and inert.

"Look. They use Bertie Botts Every Flavour Beans to fertilize the plants!"

"Those are not beans, Norman, they are Chinese beetle eggs, and they are not fertilizers". ─ Fa took a handful in her hand ─ "I've seen their picture in our 'Garden Dwarfs and other Magical Creatures'. You can make the Aligist Potion with them, which can make you speak and understand all magic creatures languages. The effect is not lasting though".

"Do you think that's a clue? Why would we need an Agilist Potion?"

"Perhaps that's related to this?" ─ Atticus entered the Greenhouse ─ "Look. My owl found an Abada horn in the surroundings. They are small Unicorns that live in the lands of the African Congo, so it surely shouldn't be here. I think we should ask the centaurs. They know everything about the woods, and they will know if there was an Abada in the castle lands. That's how we could use the potion!"

They got out the greenhouse toward the oak cabinet in the potions classroom.

"Nettle, Antimony, Griffin claw and the Chinese beetle eggs. That's it" ─ Fa placed the cauldron in the fire, and after a few minutes the dark liquid turned golden. She said: "There is only enough for one of us. And we can't be using the time spell to speak with the centaurs, of course. So whoever goes will have to use the counter spell first, then use the spell once again. But this will cost us some time".

It was Norman who went to the woods, not only because he was the best of them in spells, but because he was fascinated by centaurs.

After a couple of hours he was back, ─ "there are four of them in the woods, one for each house. Those creatures are able to sniff verbena seeds more than a mile away. The centaurs offered a deal: they would find our house's Abada if I gave them the unicorn horn."

"What they will use it for?"

"They said something about making a magical scroll, I don't know. What matter is, we only have one hour left, which is 28 minutes in the real timeline. By the end of this time the centaurs will have left the seeds by the great oak at the woods entrance".

The three of them went to the library one more time. Atticus and Norman were playing wizard chess while Fancine entered the reserved session looking for advanced Herbology books.

Norman left the library and went back in a moment. "Here are the seeds. The word of a Centaur is indeed worthy, as we hear".

"Yes, but they are also elusive and arrogant creatures", said Atticus.

"Stop you two. We have 10 minutes, let's go to the greenhouse, I know how to grow Verbena. Atticus, go to the oak cabinet at potions classroom, we need unicorn blood. Meet me and Norman at the greenhouse".

Even the slow ticking of Fa's watch seemed too fast now. It was exactly at the 4th hour after the spell that the three managed to put the seeds in a vase, waterign them with unicorn blood.

And so they had 46 hours to wait. They were taking turns to keep an eye on the seedling. Fa and Norman took their time off to sleep, but Atticus tried to go unseen to the fair, getting back with his pockets full of Bertie Botts Beans and pumpkin pies.

And so time passed. In the last moments of the spell, Fa cut all the purple flowers from the vase, and put them inside a book to dry.

Before anyone could notice, the three of them were sitting in the main hall, waiting for the headmaster's speech about the end of that task, after giving the Verbena to the teachers sitting at the judges' table.

"I must congratulate the House of Buckton, they were the only ones to carry out the task. Now the four houses are tied. Who finishes the next task first will be the winner of the tournament".

There was a complete silence in the main hall, the eyes of everyone resting on the main table at the end of the hall where the prizes stood: wizard chess boards to the third place house, crystal balls to the second place house, and one thousand palladium doubloons to the first place house.

"Without further ado" ─ the director's voice echoed ─ "you mission will be to complete a time deceleration spell".

Fancine, Atticus and Norman couldn't help looking at each other, smiling to themselves. Fa lifted her eyes to see the hall. She could have sworn the director winked at her with amusement.

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