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"They hurt, mommy." The hatchling tugged at her wings, tears in her eyes. "Make them go away! I don't want 'em anymore."

"No, darling. My sweet little angel. You have to keep them. They make you special. My lovely little angel. Don't you see how pretty they are? How elegant and radiant you are?"

"But then can't I go outside and stretch 'em a little bit?"

"Outside isn't safe for you. They would take you away from me; you're too special for the world to ever see."

"I promise I'll be careful! Nobody'll even see me, mommy! I promise!"

Her mother held her close, stroking her wings and massaging them a little. "Stay here with mommy. I'll take care of you, sweetie. You don't need anyone else."

But the little hatchling couldn't believe that, not when her sister was there in the same room, watching with tears in her dead eyes.


The first time she did it, it was only because they were really hurting. She didn't want her wings anyway, so why not just... get rid of them? If she pulled hard enough, they had to come off, right? And she tried, and tried, and all it did was make them hurt even more.

In desperation, she tried her teeth. Mortiking teeth and jaws were made to tear! She hadn't planned on the pain. It was all she could do to not scream as she ripped with all her might. But it stopped hurting after a little while, and they were finally gone. Gone! She was free!

"Mommy! Mommy! I did it! I did it!"


"How could you do something like that! Now you're covered in blood like a monster! You look like a wild animal. A beast! Why would you ruin your pretty self? Why would you try to hurt mommy like that?"

"But... but mommy..." And she started to cry, terribly confused. What did she do wrong?

"There there, darling. See? They're already growing back. No harm done."

And as her mother had said, they already were.


"Fem, don't do it! Mommy will get mad again!"

"Shun, I have to! I hate them! I hate being a pretty pink little angel and never getting to do anything! You can do whatever you want and Mom wouldn't even care!"

"I wish she'd care..."

"Shun... you know I didn't mean it like that. Look, maybe I can figure out how to make them go away, and then we can fix you too!"


"Stop looking so sad! I know! I'll put them on a band for you to wear, and we can get your makeup out and then we can both be angels, okay? Would that make you happy?"

Shunkaku gasped, then grabbed her sister in an impulsive hug. "You're the best big sister ever!"

And when their mother came to see what the commotion was, she was met with two little pink angels, and she was so overjoyed that, for the moment, she managed to overlook the fact that one was still a little bloody and the other's body paint was starting to wear thin.


"Look, we go through this every single morning! Just leave me alone!" She threw the mangled bits of flesh and feathers to the ground in a fury and turned to leave.

And suddenly there were claws on her arm, digging into the skin. Drops of red welled up, unnoticed, beneath her mother's sharp grasp. "Don't you dare turn your back on your mother, you beast! Look at what you've done to yourself again! Every morning! Just look at yourself! Covered in blood and feather like some savage! Disgusting!" The older Mortiking sighed, shaking her head in frustration. "Go wash up, and forget about all of this nonsense. Mommy will forgive you if you are a good little angel, but she's getting tired of fighting with you every day."

She pulled herself free and stormed off, searching for her sister. At least someone liked her the way she was.


"Femininity! Let's go. They know we're here; we can't stay any longer." There was an unusual haste in her mother's voice, a note of fear and urgency that couldn't go unnoticed.

"Fine, lemme get Shunkaku." Her sister was probably outside playing with butterflies or something; how could that innocent girl even suspect there was danger?

"Darling, there isn't time. We need to leave."

"Wait, what? What are you talking about?"

"Just leave her behind; she'll be fine on her own."

"No, she won't! She's my sister! I'm not leaving her-"

"Forget about your sister!" And her mother grabbed her arm.

Perhaps it was the words, or the touch, or even just something in the air. But whatever the reason, something in Femininity finally snapped. "Like you have, just because she isn't pretty and pink?! You act like she doesn't even exist! Do you even hear her crying over you every single day and night? You don't even look at her until she's spent all day putting on latex and makeup and stupid frilly dresses, and even then you can't look at her for more than a minute! And you know why? Because you can't take it! This is all your fault and you know it! You're the one whose ugly and worthless! Shunkaku is more than you'll ever be! So let. me. go. I'm getting my sister and you can't stop me."

"Fem..." Her mother tugged her. "Please, let's just..."

"NO!" And she struck blindly, nothing but rage in her mind.

It was funny, really. Her mother was always going on about how ugly blood was, and now her mother was the one covered in it. She just had to laugh as she felt it cold on her hands, heard it dripping to the floor. Each droplet echoed in her head, getting louder, louder... Footsteps.

She whirled around, snarling like the animal her mother always accused of being. Of couse that bastard showed up now. The one who had started it all. Ha. She started to giggle, then laugh again at the madness of it all, just daring the magician to say something, lest he be next.

"Did you do all this?"

She nodded, choking and gasping as she petered off into an occasional hiccuping chuckle.

He looked at her, taking in her bloodstained form and face, the fading corpse on the ground.

"I had come to see how you two were, but," he said with a sad smile, "it seems you can take care of yourselves."

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