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Blade Wolf the Marktoo

Raiden the Lightning Bolt
Legacy Name: Raiden the Lightning Bolt

The Storm Cadogre
Owner: CassieFenix

Age: 7 years, 1 week, 5 days

Born: November 25th, 2014

Adopted: 6 years, 11 months, 1 day ago

Adopted: January 6th, 2015

Pet Spotlight Winner
September 29th, 2017


  • Level: 145
  • Strength: 348
  • Defense: 347
  • Speed: 360
  • Health: 353
  • HP: 353/353
  • Intelligence: 1,612
  • Books Read: 1537
  • Food Eaten: 0
  • Job: Unemployed

I told myself this was about justice, about protecting the weak. But I was wrong -- Raiden in 2018

I think it's time for Jack, to LET 'ER RIP! -- Raiden in 2018

Biographical and Physical Information:

Name and Aliases:
Name: Raiden
Real Name: Jack (adopted name. Real name unknown.)
Aliases: Jack the Ripper
White Devil
Mr. Lightning Bolt

Vital Information:
Nationality: Dual Liberian-American citizenship
Birthday: January 6th, 1982 (Unknown in the games, but sometime during the 1980's)

Physical Description:
Eye Color: Blue (sometimes glowed red in 2018 due to an optical implant)
Hair Color: Light blond, later ash gray-blond/silver
Ethnicity: Caucasian

Raiden's Story:

A beeping is heard in Raiden's com unit, and he answers it recognizing the familiar Codec as that of Boris, an old associate of his from a previous mission of his.
"Raiden here. What's up, Boris?"
A heavy Russian accent can be heard as Boris speaks.
"We managed to track the serial numbers of those PMCs that you destroyed when they ambushed you..."
"Seems like whoever sent them has put a bounty on your head... Likely someone who is a part of or is associated with World Marshal."
A dry chuckle is heard from Raiden before he responds to Boris.
"Well, considering what I did to their previous operation, I'm not that surprised... Keep me updated, Boris. Even though I'm not associated with Maverick anymore, the info helps."
The Codex clicks off, and Raiden is on his own, save for the mechanical wolflike creature standing beside him. It looks up at him.
"Something troubling you?"
Raiden looks at his companion, Blade Wolf.
"No, it's nothing... Just thinking about something..."


Thoughts of Raiden's early years and missions flow back into his mind. As a young boy around the age of ten, Raiden wasn't like most other children. He was a child soldier, and one of the most brutal being given the name of "Jack the Ripper" for how brutal he was. It was only later in his life that he met up with someone he cared for, Rose, as well as someone to help steer him in the right direction, that being the legendary Solid Snake. With Snake's help, Raiden was able to emerge victorious over Solidus and finally be able to live a normal life with Rosemary, or so he thought....

Raiden would once again be pulled back into the heat of battle, this time by Big Momma, who wanted Raiden to help recover Big Boss's body in exchange for getting help to save Sunny, the daughter of a soldier named "Olga" who had helped Raiden out a few times before she was killed during an earlier mission. Eventually, Sunny was rescued, and Raiden went to recover the Big Boss's body. However, he was captured by the Patriots, a group that he thought had been disbanded after the earlier mission. The Patriots did horrific experiments on Raiden, turning him into a Cyborg.
Raiden was eventually freed and would once again help out Snake later on, thanks to an untimely Codec call preventing Snake from being ambushed. It was during this mission that Raiden revealed his new Cyborg body, and although he was gravely injured at least once during the mission, Raiden returned to help Snake once again before passing out from exhaustion.
While Raiden was in the hospital recovering, he was visited by Rosemary and a boy by the name of "John", Raiden's son. Though not believing it at first, Rosemary confirmed that John was indeed Raiden's son and that the faked miscarriage as well as her supposed marriage to Cambell was both done to protect her and John from the enemy who could've used them to get Raiden to do what they wanted. Reunited with his family, Raiden felt that finally, he could lead a semi-normal life, at least when it concerned with him being a Cyborg and all. This would not be the case, however...

Raiden was soon finding out that being a Cyborg wasn't all it was cracked up to be, at least when it came to finding a job. However, his old friend Boris, an ally of his who helped to rescue Sunny previously, gave Raiden the oppertunity to work for him in his Security Consulting group, Maverick, as a full-time employee without signing a contract. Most of the jobs were non-combative, something Raiden was a breath of fresh air from his previous exploits, and he took up the role of being a bodyguard for VIP's. He'd also gotten a new body thanks to Doktor because his previous one was overheating quite a bit.
In one particular mission, one that would bring back memories of his previous time as a child soldier, Raiden was tasked with guarding the President of a war-torn country in Africa after their own bloody civil war, which did stir up some bad memories for Raiden, but he was able to shake them off. During this time, the group was ambushed by Cyborg soldiers of Desperado, including one named "Jetstream Sam". This resulted in the President being kidnapped and killed by Sundowner, another of Desperado's members. Trying to give chase, Raiden was confronted by Sam, who noticed something about Raiden's own blade, as it showed in the following conversation:

Jetstream Sam: Your sword yearns to bathe in the blood of your enemies, yet you hold it back!
Raiden: No! My sword is a tool for justice!
Jetstream Sam: THIS is what happens when you bring a tool to a sword fight!

After that conversation and during the battle, Jetstream destroyed Raiden's left eye and severed his left arm. Losing blood and barely able to stand up let alone move, Raiden had to dodge Jetstream's attacks until he was eventually knocked off of the side of the train car where Raiden held on with his one good arm. Jetstream would have dealt the final blow had it not been for Boris being able to save Raiden once the train had left the tunnel.

After Raiden's failure in his mission to protect the President, he had to find out what Desperado's true intentions were and had Doktor turn him into a complete Cyborg at that point. His new body was lighter than his previous one, and he was more akin to a Cyber Ninja. However, his left eye couldn't be repaired at the time, so the wound was bandaged up with a cloth that had tiny cameras to help with depth perception along with other things, which Raiden got used to easily.
Now back to full health and with a new HF blade, Raiden headed onwards to find out what Desperado was really up to helping to first stop a military coup started by Desperado. During this time, he met up with Blade Wolf, known at that time as the "LQ-84i IF Prototype". After defeating it and hearing its thoughts via his Codec, Raiden was bemused by it and sent a copy of its blueprints to Doktor to rebuild and make better while removing any sort of AI wipe or remote piolting program. The newly rebuilt unit was renamed "Blade Wolf", Blade Wolf accompanied Raiden throughout the rest of his missions acting like a scout for Raiden.

Raiden discovered from a child that escaped and was corned by machines down in the sewers of a Mexican town, in which Raiden tried to "blend in" with the locals by wearing a Marachi uniform, that numereous homeless children were being converted into Cyborg soldiers, possibly for a new war. The thought of more children being turned into child soldiers left a bad taste in Raiden's mouth, seeing as he was one previously, and he decided to go after the main corporation, World Marshal, rather than Desperado, which Boris said they should go after instead. Raiden parted ways with Maverick and headed on his own, though he was still supported behind the lines by them.
Raiden eventually made it to the city where World Nation's headquarters were at, and he was again tormented some more not only by Jetstream Sam, but also by Monsoon, another of World Marshal's members. Here, Monsoon spoke about Raiden's so-called "justice", to which Raiden said the following:
"I told myself this was about justice, about protecting the weak. But I was wrong."

In reality, it was something Raiden made as an excuse while he was killing to keep his other self, "Jack the Ripper", from taking control. However, during the battle ahead with Monsoon, Raiden was stabbed through by his own sword and had Doktor turn off his pain inhibitors allowing Raiden to feel pain, or as he called it, his "nature". With the feeling of pain running through him again, his Jack the Ripper personality was unleased once again with the following dialogue:
"You know that nickname you love so much? Wanna know how I got it? Heh. How about I give you a demonstration? I think it's time for Jack... to LET 'ER RIP!"
Raiden was soon able to defeat Monsoon and then Sundowner later on. He was able to rescue the "kids", though at that point, they were just brains and spines, and soon escaped the city heading towards the airport as he found that the REAL instigator had headed to another country to start another war up there. On the way to the airport, Raiden and Blade Wolf were confronted again by Jetstream Sam who once again challenged Raiden to a duel to the death. Raiden won while Blade Wolf held onto Jetstream's sword, something that would come in handy later on.

Raiden was soon able to get to the country that the instigator was in, and with help from Blade Wolf tossing him Jetstream's sword, he was able to stop the instigator and prevent what could've been a large-scale war... However, trouble would not leave Raiden alone, as he would find out.

Sometime after his last mission, Raiden had been heading someplace when he was confronted by four Cyborgs, which he defeated and had sent the information to Boris to find out who had been targeting him.


Raiden and Blade Wolf soon arrive at what seems to be a heavily-guarded building with various Cyborgs and other types of machines around it. Raiden looks at Blade Wolf.
"You sure this is the place?"
Blade Wolf nods.
"Affirmative. The data received matches up with our current coordinates."
"Well, then..."
Raiden rips his suit off and makes his HF Blade appear.
"...Let's not keep them waiting, shall we?"
Raiden and Blade Wolf head towards the building as the sirens go off and the machines and Cyborgs get to attack the duo.


Raiden, Blade Wolf, Jetstream Sam, and all characters of Metal Gear Rising Revengeance are (c) Konami and Platinum Games.
Profile done by me, CassieFenix. (Formerly known as NoelKreiss.)
Coding done by the AWESOME tea!
Pet and Minion Overlays created by Tomorrow.
Raiden's Back Story adapted from the story lines of the Metal Gear Series.

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Dark Rangers Lock of Hair

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Jetstream Sam
No! My sword is a tool for justice!

Blade Wolf
Remind me to teach you about sarcasm...

Solid Snake
You seem to always know how to console me, despite my troubles.

Glad you're doing well, kiddo.