Sondosia has a minion!

Sprinkles the Chaiki

Legacy Name: Sondosia

The Galactic Kumos
Owner: Krystal

Age: 14 years, 10 months, 1 week

Born: March 11th, 2007

Adopted: 10 years, 6 months, 3 weeks ago

Adopted: June 26th, 2011


  • Level: 25
  • Strength: 58
  • Defense: 55
  • Speed: 58
  • Health: 58
  • HP: 58/58
  • Intelligence: 1
  • Books Read: 1
  • Food Eaten: 0
  • Job: Unemployed

I currently own: 155 CWs
They are:
Pinned Rose Petal Waves
Flock of Cockatiels
WAA Box of All the Nice Red Curls
Brunette Scottish Companion Curls
Blueberry Ribbon Twists
Perfect Brown Ponytail
Easy Blonde Side Bun
Fairy Tale Castle
Ginger Spoiled Princess Locks
Homegrown Almond Trim
Strawberry Blonde Everyday Braid
Perfect Long Blonde Curls
Pampered Lap Cat Reward Poster
Pumpkin Spice Cupcake Wig
Choco Macaron Curls
Amethyst Midnight Dress
Ginger Floral Romantic Ponytail
Chocolate Parfait Strands
Pretty Pretty Princess Updo
Ravishing Amber Rose Wisps
Ravishing Timber Rose Wisps
Amethyst Encrusted Evening Gown
Midnight Delicate Pumps
Wrapped Paradise Memento
Luminaire Poinsettia Dress
Peaches-N-Cream Latte Waves
Princess Claras Sparkling Tiara
Burnished Showstopper Curls
Iced Peach Ponytail
Redwood Modern Pinned Back Tresses
Blissful Kitten Cold Shoulder Tee
Cranberry Kit-Tea Strands
Cosmic Star Studded Gown
Antique Rose Cut
Frozen Snowflake
Jar of Ember Wisps
Stunning Party Girl Dress Box
Peppermint Frosty Bob
Cute Little Polka Dot Bow
Cute Little Black Bow
Lavender Sparkling Jeweled Prom Gown
Dreamy Fairy Tale Castle Model
Zingy Dainty Slippers
Frozen Dress Ice Sculpture
Icy French Braid
Magical Transforming Pumpkin Sparkle Dust
Box of Wisteria
Voluminous Couverture Tresses
Voluminous Caramel Tresses
White Cherries Vintage Dress Fabric
Coral Ombre Polka Dot Dress
Emerald Circlet of the Protectors
Cute Kitty Tiara
Ocean Dawn Kimono
Adorable Purple Ribbon Morostide Witch Dress
Spotty Bunny Companion
Amethyst Princess Dress
Floral Elegance Kimono
Torn Photo of a Misty Night
Oddly Shaped Balloons
Galactic True Love Inspired Snow Globe
Scrap of Black Rose Fabric
Audacious Heart Tights
Loud Red Curls
Braided Bangs
Lovely Dip-Dye Locks
Sedona Showstopper Curls
Pink Folded Booties
Moonlit Frame of Memories
Multicolor Projector
Curled Copper Spool
Precious Princess Tiara
Candle of Love
Lovely Eye Parfum
Memento of Dayspring
Memento of Moonlight
Potion of Charmed Mermaid Waves
Potion of Inklike Mermaid Waves
Potion of Effervescent Mermaid Waves
Bundle of Nostalgic Fabric
Rallying Bolt Samples
Night Lake Dress
Sign of the Mouse Detective Pub
Mystical Orca
SubetaLodge Snow Globe
Decadent Vanilla Cupcake Braids
Frozen Heart Locket
Frozen Scrap of Fabric
Mint Pillow Gown
Fairy Castle Day Memento
Ocean Bound Ashes
Inky Pearl Tights
Autumn Antique Hairbrush
Bottled Paradise
True Love Inspired Snow Globe
Sensual Swirled Vanilla Brush
Memento Of An Enchanted Evening Gown
Magic Green Fish Sparkles
WAA Red Sea Strands
Memento of a Magical Evening Gown
Eye of the Cat Surly
Pale Pink Princess Dress
3D Golden Retriever Photo
Memento Of A Transformed Evening Gown
Warm Cocoa and Cookies Fabric
Compass of the Adventurer
Playful Hummingbird Strands
Memento of the Secret Waterfall
Chocolate Latte Waves
Frostily Plumed Dress
Curly Cozy Bundle
Amorous Bunmallow Bow
Pristine Murine Headbow
Tropical Bear Dress
Fading Amethyst Scrap of Fairy Fabric
Salted Watermelon Ice Cream Waffle Cone
Horse Trodden Clump of Dirt
Prawn Party Dress
Playful Fixing Fairy Companion
Peach Pearl Cake Strands
Silky Bold Cake
Nibbled Black and Red Club Member Dress
Raspberry Latte Dress
Alluring Lace Cloth
Lavender Rose Lolita Doll
Fusion Fantasy Hanbok
Pure Perfect Pearls
Romantic Hat Pin
Dreamy Moondust Dress Box
Apricot Floaty Blimp Fabric
Coffee Curling Iron Strands
Chocolate Strands Princess Hairbrush
Irish Freckles
Sparkling Floating Pink Hearts
LairBear Companion
Chatterbox Pals
Girlish Mermaid Powder Brush
Koala-ty Balanced Fabric
Sincere Powder Puff
North Conquering Team Collars
Bee And Cherry Tree Foreground
I Purple You Concert Ticket Bell Bottoms
Mocha Roller Brush Locks
Miss Vain Toasty Cat Loaf
Comeback Concert Tickets for YOU Bell Bottoms
Classy Celebration Fabric
Wheat Scooter Strands
Sweet Champagne Teddy Pigtails
Sunflower Fabric of the Benevolent Fairy
Enchanted Butterfly Blessed Teapot
Essence of Spring Sophisticated Textile
Spring Breeze Silk Butterfly Gown
Cocoa Bear Buns
Befreckled Heartthrob Portrait
Sable Sheepdog Companion

Pet Treasure

Space Ice Cream

Galaxy Orb

Celestium Ore

Pet Friends