Legacy Name: Iokau

The Marsh Telenine
Owner: Sheap

Age: 8 years, 11 months, 3 weeks

Born: March 6th, 2015

Adopted: 8 years, 11 months, 3 weeks ago

Adopted: March 6th, 2015


  • Level: 132
  • Strength: 330
  • Defense: 331
  • Speed: 325
  • Health: 327
  • HP: 36/327
  • Intelligence: 49
  • Books Read: 45
  • Food Eaten: 290
  • Job: Getaway Driver

Iokau says: YUM! I love Distilled Rums
And that resumes almost everything about him
Di jobs
Level 4: Totally Legit Reseller of Genuine Knock-Off Goods
Level 8: Forgery Expert
Level 9: Navigational Hero
Level 7: Celestial Navigator
Level 7: Taste Tester (brewery)

Pet Treasure

Big Maroon Belt

Desert Pirate Map

Small Wooden Keg

Commemorative Freyalise Stein

Ruby Jeweled Hook

Gold Doubloon

Sailors Delight

Hook of Electricity

Skull Tank Top

Treasure Map Piece 7

Bundle of Old Maps

Cask of Rum

Tankard of Rum

Belted Glass Drinking Flask

Hand-honed Miniature Sica

Wooden Tugboat

Absurdly Small Pirate Hook

Gold Flipper Coin

Silver Flipper Coin

Green Special Coin

Blue Special Coin

Red Special Coin

Pewter Special Coin

Iron Special Coin

Copper Special Coin

Silver Special Coin

Gold Special Coin

Item Hunters Sword


Homemade Dark Rum

Uncharted Land Map Piece 9

Romero Shipwreck Compass

Cheap Fish Hook

Fish Hook of Guilt


Fish Tail Float

Skull Neckerchief Bandana

Scrimshawed Flask

Pirate Bounty Poster

Pirate Treasure Chest

Ship in a Bottle

Mortiking Dagger


Pirate Treasure Pizza

Trio of Golden Statues

Big Sack of Fine Jewels

Skull of Gold Coins

Empty Hourglass


True Love

Treasure Map Piece 1

Treasure Map Piece 4

Treasure Map Piece 9

Pet Friends

Hey compadre! Ya gotcha rum?

Alba Aurora
My lettuce