Bandox has a minion!

Shivax the Bejeweled

Legacy Name: Bandox

The Steamwork Kumos
Owner: kuzi

Age: 6 years, 8 months, 2 weeks

Built: March 11th, 2015

Adopted: 6 years, 8 months, 2 weeks ago

Adopted: March 11th, 2015

This pet has been nominated for the Pet Spotlight!


  • Level: 1,850
  • Strength: 2,050
  • Defense: 2,050
  • Speed: 1,803
  • Health: 2,734
  • HP: 2,734/2,734
  • Intelligence: 2,786
  • Books Read: 2481
  • Food Eaten: 9544
  • Job: Director of SAI

STORY BY kuzi // profile credits at the bottom

Hello there, do come on in. My name is Bandox. I fix bugs in the system and create steam work facilities. I'm sorry for the mess. I'm trying to find a certain note from this research I'm doing, but it seems to have gotten lost again.

Whoa there, watch that stack of books! And those papers-- Erm, you know what? Just stand still, I'll come over to you.

I'm afraid I'm very short on time today. Not to mention that they're waiting for me at Purveyors of Plans to collect their new schematics. So please, quickly, of what service may I be to you?

Food [9.375/10.000]
Books [2.400/2.500]

Pet Treasure

Forgotten Treasure Maps

Melting Kettle

Bootlegger Cigar Ash

Iron Terrier

Junior Archaeologist Tool Kit

Gunmetal Screwdriver Set

Iron Summit Key

Wild Ace Model Airplane

Black Oil Lamp


Raw Obsidian

Gearbound Journal

Black And Gold Gas Mask

Repurposed Voltmeter

Yun Family Photo Album

Oddly Shaped Cast Iron Stove

Carved River Stone Souvenir

Forj Tempered Shield

Volcanic Lavana Ember Tea

Lava-Filled Dragon Stone

Cross Head Screwdriver

Professor New Heartbreaker Oil Can

Professor New Heartbreaker Cryptic Square

Layered Copper Pipe

Smoldering Doomsday Rubble

Singed Scale of Red Rreign

Airships to Zeppelins

Smoking Darkside Mineral

Book of Propellers

Cartographer Tool Kit

Old Compass

Clockwork Heart

Actually Airborn Almanac of Airships

Pile of Unfinished Sketches

Antique Cameo Camera

Radar Mapping Satellite

Copper Dirigible Pin

Soaring Mallarchy Model Airplane

Mechanical Grating

Brass Telegraph


Brass Dirigible Pin

Miniature HLPR Bot Wrench

Divider Calipers

Simple Sextant

Forgotten Relic

Blank Parchment

Box of Love Letters

Stinger Model Airplane

Box of Rusty Scraps

Crude Components

Diabolical Emblazoned Symbol of Wizardry

Loyal Dog Action Figure

Gear Shuriken

Magma Encyclopedia

Heavy Cog Bookend


Panzer Crew Rations

Gear Clip

Magma Mage Amulet

Magma Cabochon Crystal

Enchanting Embers

Raw Dragon Quartz

Copper Masquerade Gear Mask (Right Half)

Bundle of Old Maps

Heavy Brass Gear

Mechanical Parts

Simple Components

Vintage Manchu Inspired Dance Card

Left Prosthetic Arm With Hook

Book Package

Miniature HLPR Bot Clipboard

Yunium Key

Repurposed Flyball Governor

Gaslight Wrench

Gold Orb Necklace

Brass Oil Lamp

Gaslight Simple Goggles


Expert Tinkerers Tools

Planet Surveyors Telescope

Steamwork Bouncer Creation Kit

Metalworking and Stone Setting Guide Books

Aquarium Goldfish

Gourd Witch Hanging Planter

Pitcher Plant Terrarium

Terrific Terrariums

Salty Chart Pieces

Lofi Mix Tape

Busted Circuitboard

Veta Lake Cabin SimuLife Chip

Atebusan Scrap Metal Mask

Straight On Til Morning

Modern 8-Track Hovercar Stereo

Shengui Guo Bathhouse SimuLife Chip

Just Like Clockwork

Centropolis Ruffie And Feli Constellation Map

Omen Islands Serpenth Constellation Map

Romero NOVA Star Chart

Repurposing Old Tech

Abyssal Spyglass

Miniature HLPR Bot Blueprints

Steamwork Paralix Schematic

Romero NOVA Orrery Piece

Romero NOVA Fuel Cell

Hypercooled Microprocessor

Romero NOVA Experimental Alloy

Rules of Subeta

Digital Scroll Case

SAI Junior Agent Badge

Space Pirate Map

Gray Circuit Card

Airship in a Bottle

Crescent Wrench

Future Borg Alien Costume Mask

Professor New Heartbreaker Console

Tales of Artificial Intelligence

Unmarked Blue CD


Small Floppy Disc

Romero NOVA Priceless Mineral

Steele Saherimos Salt Diapir Sketch Book

Star Chart

Sea Charts

Miniature Zeppelin

Ziara Zeppelin Tours Poster

Hazard Map

Wrinkly Scrap of Paper

Curled Scrap of Paper

Dog-Eared Scrap of Paper

Crinkled Scrap of Paper

Dirty Scrap of Paper

Doubled-Over Scrap of Paper

Torn Instructions Page I

Torn Instructions Page II

Wrinkly Scrap of Paper

Incomplete Manuscripts

Subeta History

Annotated Engineering Book

Unkempt Schematic Parchment

Letters to Shore

Wizardly Adventures

Mechanics Tool Guide

Unfolded Snippet of Paper

Pet Friends