Yorishiro has a minion!

Lonely the Nocturne

Legacy Name: Yorishiro

The Darkmatter Montre
Owner: Idaho

Age: 14 years, 1 month, 3 weeks

Born: March 19th, 2007

Adopted: 14 years, 1 month, 3 weeks ago (Legacy)

Adopted: March 19th, 2007 (Legacy)


  • Level: 108
  • Strength: 270
  • Defense: 270
  • Speed: 260
  • Health: 266
  • HP: 0/266
  • Intelligence: 692
  • Books Read: 687
  • Food Eaten: 0
  • Job: Certified Mad Scientist

Darkness and Light

Between the stars at the place, where Atlene was to go, were nothing. Nothing at all, what she could touch. But there was the new world's promise, and behind this, there were souls, without body, just wandering spirits, waiting for something. Maybe waiting for Atlene?

Two spirits were always together, as they could not live without each other, they had no meaning without each other. They were the Light and the Darkness. Back then, they had no name, but later, when they felt they are needed by a pure heart, they materialized...

The Darkness became Yorishiro. Usually others think he is evil, because of the dark. But the truth is, you never ever can meet somebody else, who is such faithful as he is. His name means something representative of a divine spirit, something, to which a spirit is summoned, and that's exactly what he is. He is wise, and he only talks at his deep, lovely voice, when there is something to tell.

The Light became Kiyoitsukikage. She is calm, and kindhearted, and believe in the truth. She is always go, where Yori goes, as Darkness cannot exist without Light. And they follow together Atlene, to wherever they have. Her names means pure moonlight, and that's exactly what she is. When somebody is disappointed, or distracted, a few words are enough from her.

The God of Darkness

The was nothing just me and her. I know that there were others, there were stars, there were fantastic worlds in the universe, but back then, for me, there were only two of us. And since the very beginning I know, that I'm only existing because of her. I would be nothing without light, I would be nothing. But I'm here. And I was aware about everything that surrounded us, I was listening and learning, and it was fine for a long time. But then, something changed. Somebody was coming, a soul, who had pure heart and was noble, and I felt that this soul will need help, and I knew I had the knowledge to help. For the first time of my existence i did not know what to do. I could not leave my companion, and I had no shape, no body, no voice, only my thoughts, but I wanted to reach that soul. Then suddenly I felt something warm, and I was afraid, as I never felt this before, and I did not know, what is this, what will happen. I was about to scream and try to escape, when I relaized, that she is standing in front of me. I head her kind voice in my head, and this was the first time, but I knew, it was her. She told me, that she felt the soul too, and she told that the soul deserves our help. She knew my wish.

Light was beautiful as a creature, the most wonderful thing I've ever sensed, and when she looked at me, I started to change. Not in my spirit, but I had new feelings and senses, and finally I was standing next to her. I felt myself ugly and disgusting, as I was the Darkness, the opposite of her, the opposite of everything I admired, but she held me tight, and did not leave me to escape. She whispered kind words to me - words I would never tell anyone else.

We went to meet that soul hand in hand. I thought she willbe afraid of me, but she could saw my spirit behind my body and she new, why did we came to her. Since then, we follow her and help with all that we have.

Now it is to be a war. I'm so sad about this, but I know, we can't avoid that. I know a lot, but I don't know what will happen. I only know one thing. That at the end of everything, once, maybe thousands of years away from now, there will be only Kiyoi and me again, but until then we do our best to create a new world.

Pet Treasure

Dark Matter

Dark Matter Fruit

Dark Matter Facts

Dark Feather

Holiday Endeavor Plushie

Pet Friends

My heart is yours, and that's all I can say

Ja Nai
You know, where can you find me, if you need me

Will I ever really know you?

Silent, but trusted

He's a bit grumpy, but anyway. I'm patient, maybe that's the key