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She first met him when they were both six.

Its a memory she still barely holds onto, as when the two grew older they grew apart slowly. But she woke up that night at 3AM, and Klaire sat there in her bed, blonde hair thrown across her shoulders. It's not a bad memory, just one she hadn't thought of for years and years. She closes her eyes though, a soft sigh on her lips before she flops herself back down, tilting her head towards her alarm clock. 3:09 AM. She still had hours.

She lays there for what feels like hours, unable to fall back asleep before she sits herself up again and gives up, pulling the blankets off of herself and walking towards her bathroom. It's a quick visit before she walks back out and looks at the clock. 3:47AM. It's barely been any time at all.

The lamp on the side table gets clicked on as she looks at her phone. A few texts from Worick and Benji and one from her twin Klaude who was out for the night at a shoot. She doesn't answer them, knowing all three would be asleep right now, though Benji would wake up sooner than the others. It was nice that they were making sure she was okay, but besides that she had no reason to reply right away.

The closest book to the bedside was a novel, nothing overly word heavy, but it was amusing for her at the time. It was a romance, expected for a girl her age, but she didn't care it was in her norm. Flipping it open she starts to read, the words going in one ear and out the other, not quite awake enough to take it all in. She keeps reading though, refusing to let her lingering thoughts come to surface, but by 6AM, she can't help but put down the novel and pull her knees to her chest.

Mattias was home at his own appartment by this time and she knew he made it back around 4AM from his shift at the bar. He never spent much time at home anymore, usually out at work or at the internet cafe with Justyn and Worick. She was busy with design work or her parents expectations, but she tried to see him at breakfast at the least. He was always quiet, and kept to himself, and when he joked around with her you could see the tense look in his body when he did so.

He had never loved her his entire life, while she slowly grew to love him.

She knew it was useless, knew she would never win this stupid fight within herself. They were stuck to marry each other in a few years, but she just couldn't force him to do so if he didn't really love her. Each time it gets brought up she bites her lip, tries to tell him they don't have to, but he keeps pushing it away, knowing their parents would never go for that. It's a losing battle they both know is useless.

Yet she still tries.

She has dreams. Fantasies almost, that a knight in shining armor will come and sweep her off her feet. Her prince doesn't want her, so the knight is the best choice. She'll spend day in and out with him, a smile on her lips as they laugh and enjoy a day at the park. Maybe he's in a band or on some sports team, something Mattias would never do, so she goes to watch him perform and cheers him on with all her might.

But a fantasy is a fantasy, and she knows she's tied to her fate.

But she still hopes, she still wishes.

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