Khanis has a minion!

Viloph the Elegant Chocolate Lolimorph

Legacy Name: Khanis

The Nostalgic Kanis
Owner: kuzi

Age: 6 years, 8 months, 6 days

Born: March 21st, 2015

Adopted: 6 years, 8 months, 6 days ago

Adopted: March 21st, 2015

Pet Spotlight Winner
May 3rd


  • Level: 250
  • Strength: 271
  • Defense: 272
  • Speed: 282
  • Health: 320
  • HP: 314/320
  • Intelligence: 632
  • Books Read: 625
  • Food Eaten: 35
  • Job: Consulting Conservator

STORY BY kuzi // profile credits at the bottom

"Oh, my apologies, I did not see you standing there." A soft voice makes you shoot upright. You suppress the startled sound pushing at your lips. When you turn your face to the left, something seems to blink at you from the dark. You squint a little, but it's too dark to see well. Is that—? It can't be, right?

"My, it has been such a long time since an actual breathing face has come around here. Come on, don't be shy, show me your face." Your head tells you to stay put, but curiosity makes you step forward. Unsure where the sound is coming from from exactly, you lower your face towards the ground. Sure enough, two blue buttoned eyes stare back.

"Yes, yes, a little closer. Well, that sure is something!" The voice is surprisingly soothing, and although there seems to be a stuffed rabbit made out of velvet cloth talking to you, you don't feel scared. Not even the slightest bit fazed, now that you think about it. Somehow, the velveteen rabbit feels like it is right where it is supposed to be. You're not very sure if you are.

"Pardon me, don't mind my blabbering. It's just that sometimes it tends to feel like time is standing still around here." The small creature starts to move slowly. It's almost a familiar sight, as if you have seen it before. "Then again, things around here do not move much."
This time, the gentle voice seems to echo from a dozen corners. The sound isn't any louder than before, but somehow, it is as if the words are being thrown right at your face. What a terribly strange place.

"Or perhaps I should say, I have not moved much."

You manage to open your mouth, but your question gets stuck halfway down your tongue. "Why is—?" is all that gets out.

The stuffed toy shushes you. "By all means, do keep your voice down, we don't want to wake the portraits, do we now? I'm afraid the doctor isn't around today, if that is what brought you here today, but you can find him in the—oh, that's not what you came for?"

You can't remember what you came here for. You can't even remember how you came here, or what you were doing before this. As you frown your brows into a deep crease, you vaguely notice the room getting lighter around you. From the corner of your eye, you can now see large squares all over the walls. Had they been there before?

"You've come to see the old man's collection? Well, that explains it. I'd completely forgotten that they'd announced its exhibition next month. Did you see the pamphlet outside, though? It's not open to the public yet."
You purse your lips at the string of words, confused as to why there are no echoes this time. You tilt your head, trying to make sense of it. The velveteen rabbit takes it as a sign of disappointment. "Oh, don't look at me like that, now! I can't just- I mean— Oh, what do I care. It's not like I'd be bothered by some company for a change. I'm done for the day anyway, so might as well."

There is a small pause in which the world seems absolutely silent. You can't even hear the sound of your own breath. For a second, you think you see see an impatient tap of the stuffed toy's left leg, but when you blink, it's completely still.


The sudden sound seems to break through a hundred layers of silence. You think you shivered at the sound, but you really can't be sure.

"Come on in then. Watch your step and don't touch any paintings."

You finally manage to lift your head to look at the squares on the wall. It seems like it's been days since you thought of looking up. "They can get a little, erm, well you can guess. I apologize in advance for the mess. It's a slow process and I'm still sorting things out. Most of the items are damaged and need repairing. Not to mention the dust."

You blink once, twice. The third time, the painting blinks back. You silently beg your feet to take a step back and can't help the relieved sigh that escapes your lips when they do.

"Anyway," the voice comes from behind you now. You hadn't seen the rabbit move. "Come take a look if you want. Please close the door behind you."

Pet Treasure

Nostalgic Jollin Toy

Dusty Embellished Lock

Vandalized Skelly Portrait

Haunted Bookshelf

Proud Baron Portrait

Jovial Skelly Portrait

Cunning Marquesa Portrait

Ebullient Archduke Portrait

Portrait of Jaxon Skelly

Deluxe Tea Set

Misplaced Rings

Peacock Feather Quill Pen

Peacock Phonograph

Common Scarab

Vintage Lain Inspired Fascinator Portrait

Nostalgic Lain Toy

Timeless Candelabra

Yun Family Photo Album

Black Brooch Ornament

Iron Lock Picks

Empty Hourglass

Antique Gothic Lamp

Vintage Noktoa Inspired Fascinator Portrait

Argo Blackout Medallion

Delish Enigma Mirror

Oval Scrying Mirror

Old Cracked Photo

Antique Revolution Necklace

Classic Literature

Antique Instantograph Camera

Ventura Trinket Box

Intimidating Skelly Portrait

Curious Broken Clock

Framed Praying Mantis Specimen

Antique Mourning Locket

Ornate Caged Cockatoo

Carelessly Stacked Books

Sturdy Bookends

Ornate Jewelry Box

Old Red Picture Frame

Calabash Pipe

Wedding Customs: Ziara City

Vintage Manchu Inspired Fascinator Portrait

Shrewd Baroness Portrait

Battered Antique Camera

Giselle Rosebud Cameo Necklace

Mansion Remodeling Book

Dashing Admiral Rapscallion Portrait

Orange Vanity Rose Brush

Carolers Flyer

Vintage White Flowered Lamp

Gold Comb

Gold Oil Lamp

Lifetime Achievement Award

Miss Nanny Mirror

Inscrutable Viscount Portrait

Thru Time Pocket Watch

Dusty Old Map


Old Magnifier

Old Family History Book

Libraries Around the World

Spirit Photography Old Picture Plate

Wistful Duchess Portrait

Musical Carousel

Magnificent Antique Coffee Set

Airman Tattered Photo of the Sky

Este Evvu Hazy Morn Faded Portrait

Beige Officer Cap

Ruined Book

Zombie Chess Set

Letter of Traitorous Origin

Colonial Tea Box

Torn Scrap of Paper

Ye Royale Proclamatione

Nostalgic Kanis Toy

The Oceans Desire

Beast Shattered Mirror

Gentleman Vintage Kanis Plushie

Enchanted Flower Vase

Verdi Luminous Pink Quartz

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