Andre has a minion!

Aslan the Cando

Legacy Name: Andre

The Nightmare Celinox
Owner: Henry

Age: 13 years, 7 months, 5 days

Born: March 25th, 2007

Adopted: 6 years, 1 month, 2 weeks ago

Adopted: September 15th, 2014


  • Level: 106
  • Strength: 251
  • Defense: 248
  • Speed: 247
  • Health: 247
  • HP: 247/247
  • Intelligence: 199
  • Books Read: 192
  • Food Eaten: 0
  • Job: Keeper of Justice

oh how fitting
for one so fake
make me a fairy
whatever it takes
and just like her tale my dream was a scam
oh you waited smiling for this?

i am burnt out
i smell of smoke
it seeps through her cracks and so i start to choke
sentences sit in her mouth that are templated
you waited smiling for this?

don't build hope on something broken
cry for help
i am not joking
i might just leave soon


Paula woke up from a sharp sound and while reaching to her right where she kept her revolver in her nightstand she noticed a strange weakness. Once again she felt powerless and tired even though she has slept for several hours straight - and this was not happening for the first time as she remembered. Slowly Paula got up, listening for more unusual sounds, but nothing unfamiliar came to her schooled ears while she made her way to the bedroom door. Checking the hallway left and right she scanned the surrounding in search for any possible changes - a crooked picture frame, a slightly displaced vase or anything else that would tell her something wasn't right - but nothing caught her eyes. Slowly she made her way down the corridor to the stairs that lead down to the entrance hall which was connected to the kitchen and living room. She decided to inspect the latter one first, knowing almost instinctively that she would find an answer there.

When entering the huge room she immediately noticed the wafting curtains in front of the broken terrace door. Fuck-! As fast as she could she hid behind the leather sofa, peeking around it to the shattered glass door - nothing. Only the wind was blowing through the open door, letting the curtains flow gently in the wind. Glass shards of different sizes scattered around on the carpet, a rock as huge as a mans' fist lay right in the middle of the mess. At first Paula thought about a grotesque teenager prank. Wouldn't happen for the first time., she thought when suddenly she noticed something unfamiliar: a small change on the book shelf beside the terrace door. One of the books was halfway pulled out and on top of it something was placed that Paula could not identify from where she was hiding. Slowly she sneaked over to the shelf in a crouching position, keeping an eye on her surrounding the whole time just in case...

This can't be... The "something" was a small packet not bigger than a ring box. It was not what Paula would call pretty, the wrapping looked wrinkly and stained, but she instinctively knew who placed it there. Paula got up, carelessly forgetting about any form of security precaution, and reached out to grasp the package she already called her birthday present from an old friend. Holding it in her left hand, she closed her eyes for a moment. How on earth can this be real? She couldn't end this thought as suddenly a flickering light brought her back into reality - a thunderstorm was coming up. Looking at the little box in her hand she finally found time to open it. It contained only a small blood stained piece of paper with some words scrawled on it:

You killed our child, now suffer how it did.

Paula noticed a movement behind her, but before she was able to react a cloth was pressed against her nose and mouth by a small hand wearing a black shiny glove. Screaming into the cloth, Paula felt her limbs getting weaker with each second until she fell into a deep blackout...

Andre woke up in the middle of the night, sweat drenching his pyjamas even though it was cold in the room. The open window, the gently flowing curtains, he quickly reached for his revolver in the nightstand. The same moment, he realized why he woke up: a faint ringing sound downstairs. Fuck-! He breathed out with a moan and rubbed his forehead while getting out of bed to make his way down into the living room where six cellphones were neatly arranged on the small table in front of the sofa. One of it showed a missed call and Andre grabbed it to check it. Aslan? He hesitated for a moment but then returned the call.

"Boss, what's up?", he began the conversation the same moment he heard the person on the other side answering the call.

"Lynx, we need you in New York City. We've got informations about Subject S-00-14, and you already told me more than once about being interested in that. I've already booked a flight for you, airport in 2 hours. Don't be too late, we count on you."

He was back. Andre quickly packed everything he needed for his trip and then left his house.

Hours later he finally arrived with his boss at the crime scene. The same sewer tunnel. The same smells. A dead woman in her mid-30s wearing a short red dress, black high heels, silver jewelry and a black leather handbag. Many parts of her body burned, most probably by acid. Andre got the impression that all of this was staged right down to the last detail. Everything was too similiar to...

He flinched and held his breath when he saw the words carved into the walls: -Welcome home, sugar.-

*Name: Andre Tchai

*Nicknames: Lynx

*Actor of choice: Matt O'Toole

*Age: 56

*Family: to his family he's dead, so none

*Job: that's a secret

*Birthplace: Seoul

*Loner. Grumpy. Cold and distant. Serious. Humorless. Fearless. Hates almost everyone and everything.

*Relationship status: single, not by choice but who cares?

*Hobbies: sudoku, watching tv, reading

*Likes: Koi, his work, traveling, oldtimer cars

*Dislikes: teamwork, hobos, flowers, getting dirty and sweaty, whiny behavior, being ignored, standing in line, people getting in his way

*Fears: not having control over a situation

*A master in pretending to be nice and better at lying than Captain Bluebear if needed.

*Fluently speaks Korean, Chinese, Japanese, English, German, Polish, Russian, Italian, Spanish, French

*Living with one kidney [you don't have to know more about it...]

*Based on my OC

*Story by me

*Lyrics (c) Dodie Clark (Burned Out)

*Ada Wong (as starting ref for Paula) gif found on tumblr

Pet Treasure

New Year Guide Fish of Happiness

Stack of Cash Plushie

Cyanide Poison Bottle Kit

Poison Laced Tea Cloth

Melting Smile

Shattered Mirror Shards

Head Bandage Scraps and Hair

Hand Bandage Scraps

Arm Bandage Scraps (Right)

Eye Bandage Scraps

Bloodied Gray Handkerchief

Extra Strength Pain Pills

Suture Kit


Hustler Money Clip

New Year Guide Fish of Imagination

New Year Guide Fish of Love

New Year Guide Fish of Wealth

New Year Guide Fish of Success

Replica Giant Isopod

Blue Legged Centipede

Camel Spider

Giant Centipede

Giant Millipede

Giant Tiger Centipede

Ravine Trapdoor Spider

Police Shoulder Holster

Black Webcam

Bean Sidhe

Darkness Luchador Mask

Ballerina Fashion Doll

Empty Vibrant Purple Mini-Giftbox

Gas Can

Broken Glass

Welding Torch

Coiled Rope

Subject Cryotube Glass Shards

Shattered Hourglass

Beast Shattered Mirror

Filing Books

Empty Mellow-Yellow Mini-Giftbox

Black PC

Black Monitor

Black Mini Phone

Black Trenchcoat

Iron Lock Picks


Police Notebook

Toy Hunters Car

Anatomically Correct Kidney Plushie

Aged Pocket Watch

Gilded Drinking Flask

Grand Piano

Pet Friends



Mr. Freeze