Jacques Bones has a minion!

Sea, Sand and Sinner the Three Headed Monkey

Jacques Bones
Legacy Name: Jacques Bones

The Custom Graveyard Tigrean
Owner: kuzi

Age: 6 years, 5 months, 2 weeks

Born: June 9th, 2015

Adopted: 6 years, 5 months, 2 weeks ago

Adopted: June 9th, 2015

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  • Level: 500
  • Strength: 400
  • Defense: 400
  • Speed: 400
  • Health: 436
  • HP: 436/436
  • Intelligence: 538
  • Books Read: 529
  • Food Eaten: 71
  • Job: Captain Jacques First Mate

"Why?" The sea witch grinned. "Are you not free now?
Free to sail the seas beyond the edges of the map? Free from death itself?"

TEXT BY kuzi // OVERLAY BY mallory // profile credits at the bottom

Pet Treasure

Ornate Jewelry Box

Forgotten Treasure Maps

Fine Aged Rum

Water Nymph Halcyon Music Box

Wood Bourbon

Whiskey Decanter Set


Pirate Treasure Map

Verdigris Merman Treasure

Cozcoatl Scroll

Golden Disk and Feathers

Romero Shipwreck Lost Treasure

Properly Preparing Fish

Stingray Barb Knife

Romero Shipwreck Compass

Bow-E Panacea Swear Jar


Plundered Omen Islands Warrior Wall Scroll

Spirited Pirate Map

Swashbuckler Parrot Beanbag

Arctic Pirate Map

Stolen Aztec Coin

Emerald Jeweled Hook

Plundered Omen Islands Bronze Disc

Water Nymph Tranquil Music Box

Battered Golden Doubloons

Marez Itzatul Exotic Potpourri

Adorned Box of Tribal Treasures

Jolly Replica Anchor

Pulled Gold Teeth

Desert Pirate Map

Old Compass

Pirate Bounty Poster

Lead Line

Fishie Woodchime

Fairytale Knight Bounty Proclamation

Primitive Merfolk Knife

Cask of Rum

Grave Robbers Charms

Tiger Shark

The Pirates Guide to Flirting

Big Sack of Fine Jewels

Skull of Gold Coins

Trail of Pilfered Jewels

Ancient Battle Anchor

Undersea Journal

Misplaced Rings

Siren Stein

Dredged Up Pictogram Scroll

Briny Deep

Jungle Matriarch Ornament

Sacred Jewel Perfume

Steele Omen Islands Obscured Cavern Sketch Book

Dry Gin

Dripping Elder Tome

Book of Sea Shanties

Treasure Map Piece 1

Strange Watery Flute

Lone Survivors Frenzied Scribblings

Sea Warlock Talisman

Romero Shipwreck Safe Water Mark

Marez Xochi Shell Necklace

Carved Whale Tail Pendant

Immortal Jelly Stone

Deserted Island Terrarium

Sunfish Paddle

Jungle Matriarch Corded Wrist Feathers

Spilled Treasure Urn

Great White Shark

Serene Captains Plume

Broken Sacred Lands Pot

Sample Sewer Water

Sodden Driftwood

Hare Chu Feather Piece

Mini Cannon


Pirate Rum

Twin Pistols

Ink Adorned Pirate Vest

Sword Fish

Leopard Shark

Tattered and Bloody Pirate Flag

Marez Itzatul Feathered Bracelet


Corsair Tricorne

Sea Witch Tome

Black Clingy Monkey

Skull Neckerchief Bandana

Adamantly Disputed Contract

Tribal Priest Mini Skulls

Distilled Rum

Terracoon Blade

Romero Shipwreck Treble Hook

Skull Vodka Bottle

Adamantly Renegotiated Terms

Torn Damaged Eye (Right) First Aid Page

The Black Spot

Ship in a Bottle

Wretched Convict Tattoo

Small Colcannon Sun Piece

Small Colcannon Clover Piece

Regal Topiary Pruning Knife

Pointy Shark Tooth

Wildman Inherited Blade


Nutcracker Toy Sword

Austere Busted Rapier Hilt

Lucky Crabs Claw


Pile of Treasured Tomes

Pirate Treasure Chest

Ventura Trinket Box

Monkey Blood

Romero Shipwreck Chest

Warding Greybeard Bottle

Wooden Ship Wheel

Antique Telescope

Chum Bucket

Archduke Hat

Cruel Fandango

A Pirates Guide to Swashing Buckles and Bucaneering

Chest of Golden Scales



Port Port

Squat Reliquary

Omen Islands Obscured Cavern Scouting Gear

Lucky Coin

Mariners Whale Study

Shark Jaw Saw

Kingfisher Lure

Whale Fat

Waterlogged Feather

Saheric Gull

Romero Shipwreck Lifebuoy

Pet Friends