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The Storm Noktoa
Owner: ammehsuor

Age: 4 years, 7 months, 1 week

Born: July 9th, 2015

Adopted: 4 years, 7 months, 1 week ago

Adopted: July 9th, 2015


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Long ago, the Arctic Frost was subject to endless blizzards. Travel was difficult during the day, and the clouds covered the moonlight at night.
On the first day of autumn, the weather became light as a grand creature descended on the coastline and spread its wings to fend off the oncoming storm, gathering the blizzards into its feathers and taking them back up into the sky where they were turned back into gentle snowfall.
The residents often saw him in the sky, and for years the creature fended off the deflected weather in order to keep the balance of the lands. He would not answer questions; he would not speak to anybody, except to tell them that he was defending his land from a rival, and that he was called Waan.
But a storm is far more powerful than anyone who wishes to fight against it. In the winter, Waan's rival descended to meet him and punish him for ruining their mischief. They commanded Waan to leave. But he lived to serve the people, and he would not go.
"If you love to fight the storms so much, then perhaps you should never leave them."
In a flash, Waan was taken up into the sky, whirled between rolling lighting and darkened clouds, never allowed to touch down to land again.
His rival, however, did not quite understand Waan's dedication to his studies. From within the chaos, he directed the storms, assimilating his body into the powerful wind and precipitation. He carried rain to the dry lands; he brought breezes to the coasts where ships sailed to trade; and unable to return home, he created a home out of nothing at all: a castle of clouds in the skies, traveling where he is needed.
When times are quiet, he remains overhead, tucked into the clouds, studying further what good he can do with his curses.
It is said that if you tuck a note into a balloon and send it up into the sky, Waan will arrive to grant your plea and ease the troubles of nature so that all the world may live in peace.

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Pet Treasure

Heart Balloon

Purple Polka Dot Balloon

Starry Balloon

Black Star Balloon

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Protector of the Earth.

Protector of Space.