Legacy Name: Cesspool

The Hydrus Warador
Owner: curbdirt

Age: 5 years, 10 months, 4 weeks

Born: July 26th, 2015

Adopted: 5 years, 10 months, 4 weeks ago

Adopted: July 26th, 2015


  • Level: 1
  • Strength: 10
  • Defense: 11
  • Speed: 10
  • Health: 10
  • HP: 10/10
  • Intelligence: 0
  • Books Read: 0
  • Food Eaten: 0
  • Job: Unemployed

Custom Cesspool


Leopard Print Bodycon Dress
Obscure Coat
Sparkling Emerald Corset Bag
Lonely Colorful Balloon
Thrashed Webbed Poncho
Messy Minty Milk Updo
Asymmetric Black Moth-Eaten Dress
Scrap of Sea Rose Fabric
Packaged Hosiery Set
Licorice Messed Up Pigtails
Blue Raspberry Swirled Fairy Floss
Confection Box Surprise
Candy Box Surprise
Half Knitted Onyx Cardigan
Wispy Spectrum Butterfly Companions
Tattered Cobweb Top
Item not found: hand-crafted dust roses
Violent Power-Up Hoodie
Bold Power-Up Hoodie
Floating Shuttle Transporter
Monochrome Hiding Coat Bag
Graceful Frilly Shoes
Shawl of the Journeyman
Weeping Angel Statue
Vibrant Spectrum Ringlet
Shaved Chocolate Ringlet
Dusty Onyx Ringlet
Rosy Platinum Ringlet
Crazy Obsidian Sidecut
Plum Spoiled Princess Locks
Rave Heart Chignon
Bag of Sheer Black Lace
Delicate Coral Rose Locks
Sweetly Serenading Curls
Strangely Unsettling Bear Hoodie
Waifs Abating Aberrational Curl
High Fashion Stockings
Sheer Wrap of the Seer
Rad Fuzzy Vest
Has Face Mask
Chained Skulls
Strands of a Nameless Origin
Ginger Powder
Purple Nebula Stockings
Expertly Steam Rolled Blush Bouffant
Very Important Pile of Badges
Grecian Chocolate Twirls
ElasticBundled Dreadlocks
Revenge Driven Hoodie
Creepy Crawling Castle
Antique Frilly Shoes
Cosmic Raving Pants
Blissful Kitten Cold Shoulder Tee
Panda Cold Shoulder Tee
Super-Mega-Awesome-Foxy-Hot Tee
Asymmetrical Raving Pants
Hard Workers Bodysuit
Reinforced Gear Gloves
Special Forces Jacket
Pink Trim Raving Pants
Black Garter Belt Panties
Purple Royalty Cape
PaintSplattered Grunge Jacket
Rock Star Zipper Jumpsuit
Black Braid of Discipline
Sleepy Strapless Dress
Tattered Ranger Tunic
Riding Crop
Pengy Cold Shoulder Tee
Sweetly Deceiving Cinnamon Rolls
BeYOUtiful Comfy Tee
I Love SD Shirt
Floral Embroidered Jeans
Vintage Floral Bodice
Domino Paper Boy Clean Cut
Blueberry Paper Boy Clean Cut
Skull and Iris Hair Sash
Cream Hooded Denim
Unnecessarily Bright Watermelon Hoodie
Helpless Overweight Kitty Companion
A Treasured Letter
Calico Hair Cone
Jeweled Sunset Dress
Flock of Cockatiels
Nebulous Off Shoulder Tee
Colon Three Off Shoulder Tee
Plucked Scarlet Plume
TriSweet Strawberry Hairdo
Rainbow Kitty Scarf
Intelligent Feathered Fringe
Misunderstood Rockstar Jeans
Vagabonds Dirty Rag
BiRi Platinum Wig
Teal Hooded Denim
Eye of Horus Enchained Slip
Scraps of Denim and Fleece
Strawberry Razor Braid
Party Time Curls
Couverture Velvet Shorts

[spoiler="Privates & Specials]

So High Bailey Platforms
Eyepatch of the Greedy Rogue
Preserved Heart of Softness
Preserved Heart of Infatuation
Victorious Virtual Laurels
Prismatic Lunar Marble
Preserved Heart of Kindness
Preserved Heart of Darkness
Preserved Heart of Sweetness
Favored Lunar Marble
Smitten Shroom Shrug
Peelsa Petals Wristlet
Peelsa Petals Armlet
Purified Lunar Marble
Artsy Pearl Instant Camera
Half Waxed Eyebrows
Sticky Lower False Lashes
Preserved Heart of Gold
Preserved Heart of Purity
Beary Unpractical Sweater
Pearl Draped Candle
Beary Snuggly Striped Pullover
Peelsa Petals of Friendship
Burnt Potato Jacket
Torn Black Bouquet Wrap
Strings of Atomic Admiration
Feline Stocking Package
Exquisite Bow Dress
Lunar Kitty Purse
Vital Shroom Shrug
Super Shroom Shrug
Drippy Dream Sweatshirt
Drippy Suggestive Sweatshirt
Calescent Crescent Curls
Banging Catastrophic Bangs
Banging Ruinous Bangs
Banging Deadly Bangs
Banging Destructive Bangs
Banging Brutal Bangs
Banging Toxic Bangs
Little Squirt Burnt Pizza Crop Top
Drippy Trippy Sweatshirt
Charmed Lunar Marble
Hand Painted Pizza Shirt
Pizza Companion
Delicate Rose Pauldrons of Friendship
Smoky Kitty Compact
Whimsical Pompom Bound Giftbox
Whimsical Tight Wrapped Giftbox
Floral Puppy Cone
New Pack of Hardcore Socks
Dramatic Dystopian Greasepaint
Veiled Lunar Marble
Exalted Lunar Marble
Unearthly Lunar Marble
Favorite Shroom Shrug
Mushroom Stiletto Queen Chop
Darkened Lunar Marble
Cerise Lolita Hand Mirror
Delicate Silver Nose Ring
Hematic Lunar Marble
Illusory Lunar Marble
Striped Asymmetric Tights
Damaged Lunar Marble
Sweet Rosy Powder
Subterranean Stone Skull
Pistachio Mid Heel Oxfords
Item not found: bubblegum mid heel oxfords
Demanding Grizzly Mascara
Enduring Lunar Marble
Devoted Lunar Marble
Unwavering Lunar Marble
Leopard Mid Heel Oxfords
Ivory Mid Heel Oxfords
Iridescent Mid Heel Oxfords
Spotted Tangerine Mid Heel Oxfords
Cutout Brown Mid Heel Oxfords
Galactic Mid Heel Oxfords
Baby Denim Mid Heel Oxfords
Glamorous Leather Bodysuit
Blueberry Mid Heel Oxfords
Glamorous Spiked Heels
Glamorous Spiked Belt
Glamorous Spiked Jacket
Venomous Spiked Headband
Pot of Adulterous Souls
Pot of Evil Souls
Brown Fade Chambray Mini Skirt
Purple Fade Chambray Mini Skirt
Sheer Black Chambray Mini Skirt
Black Fade Chambray Mini Skirt
Wicked Chain Gemstone Jacket
Teal Chambray Mini Skirt
Sheer White Chambray Mini Skirt
Dark Blue Chambray Mini Skirt
Sunken Jellyfish Bowl
Sheer Cross Fabric
Stormy Asymmetric Tights
Not Quite Waterproof Makeup Kit
Box of Paper Thin Fabric
Russian Drinking Song Jersey
Cynical Licorice Hedgehog Wisps
Delicate Bow Dress
Sunsetting Mid Heel Oxfords
Trimmed Floral Mid Heel Oxfords
Precise Mascara Lashes
Cloak of the Watchful Crow
Mineral Blend SPF Beauty Powder
Oceanic Teal Mid Heel Oxfords
Light Auburn Mid Heel Oxfords
Blue Mint Mid Heel Oxfords
Bold Vintage Floral Mid Heel Oxfords
Bananas Foster Mid Heel Oxfords
Classy Vintage Floral Mid Heel Oxfords
Patronus Ready Wand
Leather Mid Heel Oxfords
Magical Torch of the Dark Fortress
Unlucky Scrap of Denim
Startled Cephalopod Jersey
Yummy Dango Hairclip
Spilled Bowl of Noodles
Single Ribboned Pearl of Friendship
Secret of the Fox Sweater
DIY Belt
Bejeweled Skull from a Leftover Meal
Anarchic Gunslinger Locks
ElasticBundled Dreadlocks

Pet Treasure

Pet Friends