Princess Coup has a minion!

Minion the Flug

Princess Coup

The Nightmare Feli
Owner: operationivy

Age: 4 years, 8 months, 2 weeks

Born: September 11th, 2015

Adopted: 1 year, 1 week, 2 days ago

Adopted: May 16th, 2019


  • Level: 24
  • Strength: 50
  • Defense: 26
  • Speed: 25
  • Health: 29
  • HP: 29/29
  • Intelligence: 27
  • Books Read: 27
  • Food Eaten: 0
  • Job: Womens Specialist

I'm not from around here, Princess Coup stated to some people she had just met while shopping and out to lunch at the newest and most trendy place in town. They all asked her, well where ARE you from then?? She exclaimed well, my parents were art and antiquities dealers so we lived all over Subeta for my entire childhood including my teen years. Ah, so that's what you meant, we get it now --the large group exclaimed happily with grins on their faces. Yes well, I LOVE my parents but see, they FOUND me as a young baby, they never adopted me until later of course. I don't even KNOW where I am truly from you see. Well, I bet you will find the rest of your family one of these days. You see my parents found me in a space ship that had crash landed. My parents and siblings had bailed out since our craft was on fire. They put ME in one of our emergency space suits too but mine was defective and failed to work so I was STUCK on our space craft until I came here. My goodness, an elderly lady called Gineanne said expressing concern that Princess Coup had made it out alive and mostly healthy. So true my dearest loves, I was so HAPPY just to get out of that space craft and be able to LIVE a normal life again!!!!! But....we all have another question for you.....Sinqualo said in a reserved yet respectful and polite way. Well, what did you want to know next, my life is an open book or course my wonderful new friends! Well, Sinqualo asked in his most humble and endearing way, WHY do they call you PRINCESS COUP? Are you really royalty and were you going to be a queen one day? Of course I was, I was next in life to be queen of Zuanatha, my home planet. Ah I see, so were you headed here to Subeta when your space craft had problems and eventually crash landed? Well, we were on a diplomatic mission of course and it was only supposed to last for 5 days. Our communications devices were damaged when our space craft caught on fire. The only thing I recall is my Dad King Chaukaula yellling, "It's an ELECTRICAL FIRE, everyone OUT and hurry up if you want to live through this"!! So we all put on our emergency gear and suits when we knew we would like die if we did not. Xua chimed in with, "What a minute, I thought you said at the beginning of our conversation that your parents were art and antiquities dealers? Are you lying to us as I think you are as this does not add up to me" she huffed off to get a refill on her drink and then returned. I would never lie to anyone about anything. My parents always loved art and antiquities as a hobby their entire lives and as young teenagers they turned their hobby into a profession and decided to make money that way. You see my parents were always ambitious yet humble people. Modishu said to Princess Coup, "You claim you are HUMBLE yet your wearing expensive clothing, jewelry and accessories and eating at one of the most expensive and trendiest places in town. Everyone KNOWS this restaurant and taverna just opened a few days ago and you have to get a reservation just to be able to get a tiny table. Well, I think you have your terms mixed up Modish, just because I have good tastes and enjoy the finer things in life, does not mean I am not humble. I work and I also came here with money since my money was transferred from my home planet. I do volunteer work, give to lots of different kinds of charities so do not think you know me well at all because you do not. Please do not ASSUME the wrong things about me, especially since we just met a few days ago. Sure, that's what they ALL say, Modishu continued and sauntered over to the bar to over some Hor d'oeuvres at the bar before his dinner. Garçon, would be kind enough to make that a double order since Lady Rineitta will be joining me soon? Of course Mr. Modishu sire, no problem at all. We are always most happy to do anything we can to make your stay here at Gastronomique Toulon. Very good then Garcon, I truly appreciate your excellent service of course! Oh a bottle of your finest wine too when my Hor d'oeuvres are ready if you don't mind please? Of course sir, always glad to assist you. Modishu calmly walked over to the group that was still chatting with Princess Coup. Oh, I was not trying to be rude, blunt or overly outspoken early, I was just curious as to learn more about you. I find being direct without being rude is the best way to truly get to know someone. Anyway dearest Princess Coup, was there a COUP on your home planet? Indeed there was and it was a very bloody and extremely chaotic one too. My parents had just transferred all of our assets to our cousins on Regannia a week before that thank goodness. Hmm, Modishu said even more curiously than he was before, "so did you lose family members and friends because of terrible coup that happened? Sakes alive yes, we lost almost ALL of our family, so many bombs going off and people not surviving this horrible time on our planet. We knew we had to leave and that was WHY we were going on a diplomatic trip, to see if they would let us immigrate to their planet after knowing what was going on with my home planet. You see things were just starting to get worse even though the coup was over. The infidels said they wanted to finish off every living thing on our planet with another coup and that we would be next since we were royalty. Geez, that its truly tragic and said of course. Did you ever find out if you parents and siblings survived once your space craft had the electrical fire and crashed here on Subeta. I'm not sure really as people have reported seeing them on other planets and moons and that they always ask about me, so I'm not truly certain if that is them or just others posing to be them you see. I can NEVER go back to my home planet as the INFIDELS took over and brought their own kind to live there of course. That certainly sounds like a mess to me Qundala said while shaking her head and going on about tragedies and how she hoped she would never have to hear about these terrible things again because she felt so bad about what had happened. Qundala was a "news-hound" anyway and always kept up to the latest events in the galaxy anyway. So what are you plans here Baamaa asked in a curious way? I could always get you a better job quite easily so please speak up if you want to further your career here on Subeta. Why thank you Baamaa, that is very kind of you to think of me. Right now Im a general manager for a large corporation here on Subeta but I just might take you up on that offer one of these days. Now if you will excuse me my table is ready and I'm so famished and thirsty from being so busy all day. So very nice to meet you all and I hope we meet again very soon, Princess Coup said as she had a huge smile on her face and she blew kisses to them all. This made everyone smile and then they said but wait how, can we keep in touch with you and she said CALL ME AT THIS NUMBER and shouted out the numbers as she quickly walked over to her table in her teal Stiletto shoes that went with her designer teal dress with a gorgeous antique Subetan necklace made up of various mixed precious gemstones. I certainly hope you do call me soon as I love to make new friends!!!

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Ruby Cabochon Ring

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