Manly has a minion!

Pocket the Hammerhead

Legacy Name: Manly

The Glacier Demi
Owner: Battle

Age: 15 years, 1 week, 3 days

Born: May 10th, 2007

Adopted: 11 years, 8 months, 3 weeks ago

Adopted: August 27th, 2010


  • Level: 257
  • Strength: 642
  • Defense: 642
  • Speed: 637
  • Health: 642
  • HP: 640/642
  • Intelligence: 97
  • Books Read: 97
  • Food Eaten: 0
  • Job: Assistant Brewer

TC SLOTS 78/100 :).

Thank you for letting me adopt him ibook

I am currently working on his treasure slots, and have a reborn and GY potion stashed away for him.
Right now, I am leaning toward a dark-matter pet though.

So fickle, not sure which way I want to go...

CI's by User not found: shadowhoundoom

Pet Treasure

Hunter Whiskey

Damaged Cassette Tape

Make-It-Rain Wallet

Lederhosen Overflowing Beer Stein

Professor New Heartbreaker Spare Tire

Masculinity Serum

Extra Manly Seasonal Beard Tonic

Flying Beer Pong

Flip Cup

Ginger Rum

Instant Crunches Muscle Tonic

Desert Outdoorsman Ointment

Desert Outdoorsman Pills

Belly Wash

Useless Rusty Knife

Cabeza Street Taco

Bulgogi Tacos


Summer Cologne

Mostly Empty Beer

Bag of Burgers

Sweat Drenched Undershirt

White Messy Eaters Shirt

Beard Styling Practice Mannequin

Sexy Man Ultimate Grooming Kit

Manly Jar Of Testosterone

Rusty Toolbox

Viv Warm Front Electric Razor

Meat Lover Sticker

Well-Hung Meat

Smiley Steak

Healing Steak

Rancid Inedible Meat


Roast Rabbit

Food Love Sticker

Can of Shaving Gel

Beef Chili

Fancy Alcohol

Moldy Disposable Fork

Essence of Manliness

Creation Weights

Tool Belt

Idiots Nail Gun

Beer Pong

Low-Quality Beer Box

Protein Shake

Wheat Beer Horn

Dark Ale Beer Horn

Beer Keg

Yellow Beer Helmet

Burgundy Silly Beer Necklace

Alegarten Mug Plushie

Filled Dimpled Beer Stein

Mug of Helles

Regular Bleer

Beer Flavored Beer

Glass of Wheat Beer

Pilsener Glass

Whiskey Decanter Set

Shot of Whiskey

Sample Size Wheat Beer


Distilled Rum

Gin and Tonic

Mug of Dark Green Beer

Glass of Green Beer

Bile Aged Scotch

Beer Flavored Ale

Ale Flavored Beer

Mug of Dunkel Beer

Glass of Smoked Beer

Glass of Bock Beer

Homemade Dark Rum


Brewski Brand Brewski

Six Pack of Stout

Simple Bottle Opener

Pepperoni Pizza

Sausage Pizza

Mysterious Chili

Moldy Cheese

Salted Chips

Cajun Chips

Bag of Chips

Big Sloppy Burger


Grease Burger

Beastly BFF Burger

Mystery Sub

Sandwich of Questionable Origins



Sausage Links

Chili Cheese Hot Dog

Hot Dog

Deli Bologna

Swedish Meatballs

Bacon-Wrapped Dragon Filet


Questionable Meat

Bovyne Steak

Slab of Raw Meat

Fried Fester

Hot Wings

Chicken Drumstick

Spicy Burrito

Cheesy Burrito

Sad Egg


Red Chili Pepper

Bowl of Cereal

Curly Fries

Subeta Fries

Can of Spray Cheese

Soft Drink

Small Soda

Cola Zoom Soda

Jar of Pickles

Moldy Bagel

Sport Car


Nurse Fashion Doll

Hula Hula Girl

Glamorous Fashion Doll

Ultra Manly Mathis Doll

Smoky Woods Cologne

Pet Friends

Your allways the life of the party.

You always get what you want... BRAVO