Selilah has a minion!

Ruby the Spinkles


The Chibi Charlie
Owner: topipers

Age: 12 years, 8 months, 1 week

Born: May 11th, 2007

Adopted: 12 years, 8 months, 1 week ago (Legacy)

Adopted: May 11th, 2007 (Legacy)

Pet Spotlight Winner
March 17th, 2019


  • Level: 14
  • Strength: 14
  • Defense: 12
  • Speed: 11
  • Health: 11
  • HP: 11/11
  • Intelligence: 25
  • Books Read: 26
  • Food Eaten: 0
  • Job: Bouncy Ball Inflator

Naive | Innocent | Playful | Childish

Sitting under a large oak tree in the middle of the summer, Selilah and her two favorite stuffed animals (a cat and a rabbit) were having a tea party facing a brook that ran south down the valley. It was so hot and miserable that her only solace was under the shade of an oak tree drinking some fresh lemonade. Fortunately, she didn’t mind too much because she adored watching the flowers blow in the wind and the butterflies fly across the open sky. At times she would wonder what it would be like to fly in the breeze like a flower petal or soar through the sky like a great hawk over the valley and mountains. For now, however, she enjoyed the sounds of the woods around her and the company of her friends.

“Would you care for some more lemonade Mr. Rabbit?” Selilah gestured to the pink and blue pitcher as she filled the rest of the toy's teacup to the brim. She then took a Sweetheart Cookie from her plate and nibbled on it as she was watching the moving brook.The brook was small and gentle yet the flowing water moved rapidly in between the rocks and broken branches that have fallen from the crowding trees above. Birds would come and go, stopping for a quick drink of water before moving on to collect their daily meals or to build nests for their young. Selilah leaned back against the tree as she finished the last bite of her cookie. She closed her eyes only for a moments rest when she heard a loud snap.

Selilah's eyes flew open and she sat up quickly to look around her. Her friends, Mr. Rabbit and Mr. Cat sat on their stools in the same spot they were when she had closed her eyes and there wasn't a creature or person in sight; everything appeared exactly as it did before she'd shut her eyes. Selilah paused for another moment to listen and when nothing appeared in front of her, she leaned back against the tree to rest until once again she became startled.

Right in front of Selilah, a large bush rustled the leaves furiously. She jumped up from where she was sitting and leaned her whole body against the tree. She was nervous with her eyes wide open, looking at the moving bush. Oh no!! Selilah thought to herself, ...I... I hope whatever's in there doesn't come out... However, the bushes leaves only got more intense and rapid, causing many to fall from the bush's branches. I have to get out of here before whatever is in that bush decides it wants more than a cookie for a snack!

Very slowly, Selilah leaned down to pick up her stuffed toys and began to step away from her picnic table and the tree. Keeping her eyes on the bush and holding her toys tight, she began to step back in the direction of her home, hoping dearly that the creature in the bush wouldn't pop out to attack her. However, a little unfortunate for Selilah, the creature in the bush jumped out suddenly, causing Selilah to trip backwards, throwing her toys in the air in a startled scream.

Selilah, now on the grass with her toys, nervously looked up to the creature that came from the bush. Surprisingly, the animal standing in front of her wasn't a terrifying monster, or some angry being ready to attack her and eat her up in one gulp. Instead, it was a small pink little creature who stared back at Selilah nearly as scared as she was. The animal was as tiny as a little fox, covered completely in pink fur with a bright magenta tail and long fur that draped over its paws in a deep rouge shade. It had large bright pink eyes that glowed like stars, and sparkling antennas in the shape of hearts. For a moment, Selilah was confused. She stared at the animal curiously until she finally took a deep swallow and mustered up the courage to speak to it.

" hi there..." Selilah shyly said to the creature. The animal tilted its head and looked with wide open eyes at Selilah. For a moment, the two just stared at each other with both curiosity and caution. After a moment of observing the girl, the little thing very slowly stepped forward towards Selilah. Although Selilah knew that this creature would mean no harm towards her, being so tiny and innocent, she none the less gripped the grass beneath her. The curious little animal stepped one paw at a time towards Selilah, eyes kept intently on the girl and head laid low to the ground. However, to Selilah's surprise, the little being climbed into Selilah's lap and curled up into a small pink ball. Selilah stared at the animal for a few seconds before slowly reaching out to touch its pink fur. The creature purred softly with every stroke that Selilah made, eventually curling and swaying its tail into tiny circles. She... she's just like a kitty cat. Selilah curiously pondered this animal as she pets her. Why is she all pink? Why do her antennas glow bright when I pet her? The animal looked up to her with its bright pink eyes before she, indeed just like a cat, kneaded her paws into Selilah's pink shirt.

From this point, Selilah and the creature had began to engage in an immediate friendship with one another. Once scared of her, now Selilah carried the creature into her arms, while she grabbed her two stuffed friends from the ground, and went to sit back down under the oak tree. Selilah placed Mr. Rabbit and Mr. Cat back down on their tree stump stools around the picnic table and sat down in her original spot under the tree, placing the creature on her lap. Selilah was completely fascinated with this little animal in front of her. She would lie on her stomach and watch the cat-like animal as she tossed tiny pebbles around the tree stump for it to play with. Selilah had even gone as far as to name the creature Ruby, after her favourite gem.
For a long time the two of them sat under that tree. They played, just enjoying each other's company and having fun with the tea party, unaware or unconcerned with the resting sun above them.

Hours had gone by as the waters crept down the brook, allowing the passing birds to take a last drink before the night came and to pick up a worm from the mud next to the passing streams. It was nearly dark, but the two of them were so invested in each other that they didn't notice the setting sun fall behind the trees or the animals heading home to rest. The butterflies from earlier in the day had left to rest, and the petals that blew in the wind were long gone to another valley or perhaps washed down the stream to become recycled into the land. Only when Selilah felt the cold breeze of the night touch her skin that she realized how late it had become.

"Oh no! How did it get so late?!" Selilah said to Ruby as she jumped up from her spot under the tree. She grabbed her two stuffed animals and turned around to walk towards her home. Before she finally left sight of her picnic area in the forest, she turned to look at Ruby. With disappointed and yearning pink eyes, Ruby stared back at her from under the oak tree. Ruby sat down on the dirt and curled herself into a tight ball, still looking up at Selilah with sad sunken eyes. Perhaps she felt sympathy for the cold night her friend would endure, or afraid of the "night creatures" that lurked in the dark woods. Regardless, Selilah knew she had to do something. Mom is definitely going to kill me... Selilah sighed and gestured towards Ruby with a wave.

"Come on Ruby. We're heading home..."

Background image is found here
I By Ursa
II BY Bretagne
III and IV By Bishojo
Main piece By Ursa
Coding and story by me, editing by Chrysariel, and base code from Chen's premade baby


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