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Zylatia the Afterglow


The Glacier Keeto
Owner: operationivy

Age: 13 years, 1 week, 1 day

Born: May 29th, 2007

Adopted: 13 years, 1 week, 1 day ago (Legacy)

Adopted: May 29th, 2007 (Legacy)


  • Level: 108
  • Strength: 192
  • Defense: 118
  • Speed: 118
  • Health: 111
  • HP: 111/111
  • Intelligence: 1,063
  • Books Read: 1021
  • Food Eaten: 40
  • Job: Hotel Chain Owner

Like a lot of pets I was an orphan when Ranseur found me at the adoption center. Of course I was someone's pet before she came along but you never know what's going to happen in life of course. I was optimistic while I was staying at the adoption center and I was just hoping that someone would want to take me home with them so I could be their new pet but also their new friend too. My former owner always said I made a good guardian but that's because I enjoy protecting the people I care about. I would never bite anyone unless they were threatening me or my owner. I would prefer to just scare them off of course. They treated me good at the adoption center but I had no idea how long I would be there or if anyone would even want to take me home with them. I tried not to worry and just be optimistic about my situation at that time. I wasn't really in the adoption center a long time when Ranseur adopted me and I was quite relieved that she wanted me for her pet. I was relieved to find out that she had many other pets when I went to my new home. They were all quite friendly and welcoming when I got there and some of them even offered me their toys and some food and water when they met me. A few of them even gave me some books they had and they told me that I could keep them and read them. Some of them also told me that they had once been orphans too until Ranseur adopted them and gave them a new home. We even reminisced and joked about the time we spent in the adoption center too! I was just very grateful that I had food in my belly and a roof over my head when I didn't have my own family.

Pet Treasure

Weapons of Subeta

Reading Book Worm Plushie

Frozen Yeti Spider

Seasonal Bottle of Snow Syrup

Everlasting Snow


Paper Cocoon Moth

Book Worm Buddy

Zodiac Rat Spirit

Luminaire in Ytiva

Hastily Written Invitation From Boudewijn

Herbal Tea Recipes

Geometric Bookmark

Squeaker Penguin

Glacier Keeto Plushie

Likes To Read Statement Tee

A Single Rose

Luminaire in the Omen Islands

Collection of Snowflakes

Mocha Frap Get Mugged Pint

101 Uses for Llama Spit

Glacier Wyllop Plushie

Pet Friends