Gazes has a minion!

Witness the Staring Sphynx


The Glacier Neela
Owner: redteam

Age: 12 years, 7 months, 1 week

Born: July 12th, 2007

Adopted: 7 years, 10 months, 1 week ago

Adopted: April 11th, 2012


  • Level: 34
  • Strength: 84
  • Defense: 82
  • Speed: 82
  • Health: 83
  • HP: 83/83
  • Intelligence: 394
  • Books Read: 389
  • Food Eaten: 0
  • Job: Stylist

The feeling of eyes upon you makes you shiver, as if a cold finger smoothed down your spine.

Pet Treasure

Heavy Crystal Ball

Mairra Eye Buttons

Shimmering Sight Ink

Staring Sphynx Plushie

I See You Sticker

Green Zombie Stare Sticker

Purple Zombie Stare Sticker

Pink Zombie Stare Sticker

Orange Zombie Stare Sticker

Brown Zombie Stare Sticker

Banshee Chilling Gaze

Crazy Stare

Nightmare Lens

Curious Red Glare

This Candle Stares Back

Eyes of the Cursed Muse

Exposed Eyesocket Makeup

Gaping Eye Makeup

Tears of Merana Statuette

The Art of Seeing Magic

Calcified Book of Osteomancy

Book of Opthalmophobia

The Eyes: A Mystery

Modern Astronomy

Startling Reflections

Professor New Evil Eye Backup Button

Professor New Evil Eye Pendant

Professor New Evil Eye Toning Shampoo

Professor New Evil Eye Toning Conditioner

Professor New Evil Eye Eye-Catching Pants

Professor New Evil Eye Sweater

Professor New Evil Eye Crossbody

Professor New Evil Eye Smokey Compact

Professor New Evil Eye Lip Scrub

Bloody Seer Eye Prosthetic

Ghoulish Broken Mirror

Oval Scrying Mirror

Shattered Mirror Shards

Broken Ornamented Mirror

Broken Hand Mirror

Rainyday Rainstorm Mirror

Mysterious Silver Mirror

Angelic Mirror

Black Mirror

Red Mirror

Orange Mirror

Dark Matter Mirror

Graveyard Mirror

Pumpkin Mirror

Disembodied Eyeball Sticker

Gross Eyeball Sticker

Insight Sticker

Impishly Delicious Candy

Eye Tyrant

Evil Eye Sticker

Cursed Eye of Euryale

Cursed Eye of Stheno

Host Lenses

Staring Sphynx Contacts

Cece Raven Plaid Contacts

Golden Cat Contact Lens

Crooked Cat Contact Lens

Green Cat Contact Lens

Blue Cat Contact Lens

Odd Cat Contact Lens

Cursed Blueberry Hard Candy

Dungarde Eyestone

Purple Possessed Contact

Gold Possessed Contact

Pitch Possessed Contact

Silver Possessed Contact

Rotten Contact Lenses

Gold Eye See You Ring

Red Eye See You Ring

Brown Eye See You Ring

Blue Eye See You Ring

Blind Eye See You Ring

Gold False Eye

Bronze False Eye

Single Red Rubber Cyclopean Eye

Single Gold Rubber Cyclopean Eye

Single Green Rubber Cyclopean Eye

Single Turquoise Rubber Cyclopean Eye

Single Blue Rubber Cyclopean Eye

Single Khaki Rubber Cyclopean Eye

Single Brown Rubber Cyclopean Eye

Diseased Eyeball

Green Eyeball Beanbag

Brown Eyeball Beanbag

Hazel Jellied Eyeball

Brown Jellied Eyeball

Bloodshot Jellied Eyeball

Red Jellied Eyeball

Pink Jellied Eyeball

Blind Jellied Eyeball

Unblinking Eye

Gate Keeper Peeper

Slimy Eye


Eyeball Bonbon


Mahar Seeing Eye

Gouged Mahar Eyes

Mairra Eye Buttons

Jelly Eyes

Juicy Eyeballs

Gathered Goblin Eyes

Salted Space Slug

Stomped Space Slug

Romero Post Mortem Evil Eye Medallion

Little Cave Cyclops Doll

Little Ocean Cyclops Doll

Little Pale Cyclops Doll

Little Lava Cyclops Doll

Brilliant Yellow Nazar

Blue Nazar

Traditional Red Nazar

Red Nazar

Ghostly Green Nazar

Guardian Eye

Crystal Ball of Fate

Ytivan Snow Globe

Kora Orb of Foresight

Divination Orb

Cats Eye

Rreign Eye

Golden Harvester Bouncy Ball

Wooden Scrying Bowl

Star Pin

Cloudy Spyglass

Starlight Telescope

Book of Extremely Vague Prophecy

How to Stargaze

Cloud Watching

Beautiful Fireworks Photo Collection

Rune Reading Kit

Tarot of Doom, Despair, Desperation and Depravity

Underground Horoscopes

Fortune-Telling Mouse

Sougara Wasteland Cowboy Old Photograph Print

Torn Blind Eye (Left) First Aid Page

Torn Blind Eye (Right) First Aid Page

Torn Damaged Eye (Left) First Aid Page

Torn Damaged Eye (Right) First Aid Page

Eye Exam Chart

Pet Friends