The Common Experiment #84
Owner: Iridescent

Age: 11 years, 10 months, 1 week

Born: August 9th, 2007

Adopted: 2 years, 11 months, 6 days ago

Adopted: July 10th, 2016


  • Level: 1
  • Strength: 13
  • Defense: 10
  • Speed: 12
  • Health: 10
  • HP: 10/10
  • Intelligence: 0
  • Books Read: 0
  • Food Eaten: 1
  • Job: Unemployed

The angel flew up as high as he could and looked down upon the world. The wind rushed by but he paid it no heed. Most of the worlds looked the same from up here. It was comforting and he closed his eyes and despite the bitter cold he could feel the sun's warmth on his golden face. This was his home, his world, and he would do what he could to keep it safe.

Prash is a very special world. It's that feeling that you get when you look up at the night sky and think there must be something else out there. It's a place of wonder, mystery, and magic. It's the place you go when you need to know that everything will be okay. It's knowing that there is something greater than yourself looking out for the universe.

Next-The Characters

All of my pets are parts of a larger world and many are interconnected. I have a lot of fun developing characters, worlds, concepts, places ect. I use Pinterest to help me feel them out and keep developing on them when I can't be writing or drawing. I'm really visual so it helps immensely when I need inspiration.

If you were on a quest for knowledge on these worlds you're in the right place. Good luck to u

WIll link later hopeufully.

The main universe/world is Prash.
The main-main character is Compel. She's a sorceress. / Also my main "everything" pet./
The Werelit are minions of Compels.
Compel has captured the white wolf, Bespelled.
Bespelled comes from South of the Prairie. (Name of that might change.) He's under a compulsion from Compelled.
Bespelled is an honorary member of the wolf pack.
The wolf pack, as yet unnamed, is made up of my second battle pet, Manitou, who cares for the pups. /She's my second battle pet and is currently tier 4 and is actively trained/ Also part of the pack are Foxx, the forest ranger, and Arumund, who needs a new name. Seawolf is partly river spirit. He can travel down the river to the Opalsea (more on that later) but rarely goes that far.
Foxx is also friends with Nestle, a Griffon. They both know Florial, an autumn dragon.
Hydra is a Great Dragon living on Compel's lands. Her profile explains the dragons.
Melusine is a Dragon, but her part is secret, a spoiler.
The dragons Seaworthy, Glittering, and Oudin are just for fun pets. They may appear briefly but do not linger.
Merlins.. Ah, she is a wildcard and a large part of the story. Witch and scientist. She created the Protectors and many other things both good, and not always so good, for Prash. Lived for decades, did many experiments, and then vanished.
Made by Merlins to guard Prash: Alights, Protects, Clov, and possible unknown more.
Kibeth is tied to Clov. Ancient diety of shadow and moonlight.
Equustals are quads like horses, pegasi, unicorns, and alicorns.
There are two tribes of Equustals that roam along where Compel lives. The __ Herd and the Deciduous Herd. The Prairie is actually a mixture of long golden prairie meadows, forest, lakes, two mountain ranges, and a river. If you keep following that river south and pass through the southern mountains you will find the second herd, Deciduous. (Not 100% on keeping that named affixed as the pronoun.)
I'm still deciding on who belongs to what herd since I'm also waiting on finding low id pets to put names to so I can fill them out.
The Fleetest Herd is made up of: Dapples, Thundering, Kibeth, Clov (if he was alive).
Dapples is a weather witch unicorn, and can shapeshift to human form. Has a thing with Thundering.
Thundering is an Equustal storm god.
Prairies is a beautiful nature spirit who lives on the Prairie is an alicorn.
Kibeth is an old immortal being, can change to a few shapes but is usually a small black unicorn. Tied to Clov. Clov was created by Merlin.
Floran is a special creature who doesn't live with the herd. He's a nature spirit that lives north, in vicinity to Hydra.
The Deciduous Herd to the far, far south is made up of: still deciding.
The river that divides Compel's lands from the Prairies leads to the Opalsea.
Within the Opalsea you could (probably not) find the Opalit, legends of the deep.
Mermaids also live in the Opalsea. Or at least originate from some colorful part of it. Perhaps beyond that even, but I think only Seaworthy the dragon has been that far.
Speaking of fantastic creatures, Brightly is one of those.
Caster knows Compel. Caster is a tarot reader, good with a crystal ball, even better with cards.
Magicians are a thing here. Caster was one, before he went his own way. Abracadabra can tell you more about those.
Another place in Prash is hidden. The Endoran Woods. The hippie witch that lives there is selfish and wants to be left alone. She has a lot of cats.
Floofer and Brimstones are familiars and related.
I keep changing who they belong to lol
Spells is all about happy, hippie, earth magic.
Compel is a sorcerer, as is Incant. and Merlins if you believe the hype.
Sorcerers can explain more about the renegade creators.
Wizards are more about being book smart and learning spells. They care about rules and making pacts, writing stuff, and are into the whole school thing usually. Wizardry will explain this someday.
Compel hates the "Wizard City".
Ged is a wizard. The best.
Griffins are also found on Prash.
Northeasterly and Fal are Griffins, just for fun characters that don't really affect anything overall.
In the distant future, a family will live on Compel's lands. They are made up of Violla and Keets and their kids- Maebel, Mullberry, and Sweetpeas.
Appleseed is a sweet standalone character.
Next we have the Kirins represented by Boldy. Listed as Kirin Grounds on the Pinterest page.
Iridescent and Aurora's are kind of waiting for other yaherra colors to come out before I fully settle on them.
Nyxe is a Star Goddess.
Goldest, Fireopal, Tidal, and Irised are all kirins. (who believe they are blessed by the gods, and they are a rather unique species.)
Gabriello is not from Prash. He's an artist and inventor. Knows Laurant.
Laurant is a Divinity.
Divinities can visit or be found on Prash.
Mogget is a unique creature, an evil, or at least selfish, powerful spirit trapped in the body of a cat. He belongs to a line of long-dead necromancers. He is well-versed on zombie hunting. (sabriel fan.)
Speaking of evil there are places where shadows linger, places such as the Towers of Grimistaire.
Grimistaire is just one of many places throughout the lands where gargoyles can be found. Solid stone works of art, the myths claim they once moved at night because they had a pact with the shadows. People call them monsters; I think they're just misunderstood.
The Harrows is where it's said the shadows come from. The birthplace of the undead, creatures like vampires, ghosts, and zombies. Where necromancers go when they die. Black magic finds it's home here.
Exaltation rules the Harrows. He is a King, has a court, is ruthless and intelligent He will kill as easily with stealth or poison as with open force.
Ashbringer is a necromancer who is going to start some shit. He has plans, domination ones, that he shares with Exaltation, King of the Harrows.
Pasgen is part of the court that rules the Harrows. He's very self-obsessed and loves playing with magic and creating creatures, loyalty to the crown isn't high on his list. Compel from Prash is on his list, however. They have a lot in common.
Mirador is from the Harrows. She manages to escape to Prash thanks to an unknowing Pasgen, and is found by Bespelled. Ends up embroiled in Compels story.
Corinthian is a vampire from the Harrows.
Hallowed is a place touched by darkness from the Harrows. It's now something else entirely.
Wizards is a standalone fan profile because I love wizards and I'm a nerd. Wizards like Ged, Merlin especially the Disney Sword In the Stone version, Gandalf, ect.
Eriu has skills. Has met a Divinity.
Vacationer knows that there are other worlds. Prash may be off the list but there are lots of other places you can visit. It's a travel guide, through time, space, dimensions, and planets. From magic-powered chandeliers at a suite in a beautiful oasis where mermaids swim at the bar to highrises with futuristic vibes and hover cars to gates opening on a modern rustic cabin in a beautiful forest during the summer. Your choice.
Starboard went on one of those vacations once, it was alright, too many credits, good thing it wasn't her ticket. Starboard is a space ship capatain and smuggler badass.
Warp was inadvertantly freed from slavery by Starboard and is searching for her throughout the galaxy. Trying to find a place to call home at the same time.
Arcades is friends with Starboard. They hang whenever Starboard is on her planet.
8 Bit loves vintage video games and pixel art. He always tries to one-up Arcades.
Obiwan is one of my favorite star wars characters. he might just be a fan pet. But he might also live in the futuristic world with the starboard clan.

Not 100 on where these guys fit in quite yet but i love their names.
Still fleshing out Delphinus, who I believe is a cat with a flower crown.
Had a free name change so I grabbed the word Ruminate. open plans.
Nacreous is new. blacklight legacia once i have them at a lower id.
Mysti is a pound find. I can't decide if i can work with this spelling or not. if not will be ufa.



back one

- art - pylot-ish. with eyes on it's paws (instead of the empty space.) floats through space with the world Prash, is in essence Prash. -world where the creatures live.
-Gabriello can see into it.
- Laurant can pass between the worlds like other angels.
- in the sea- seawolf, tidal, mermaids

-Rules: crossing worlds is forbidden, only Divinities may do so. however, some try to do it through magic. rogue Divinities can also do so. (reapers.)
Those like Vacationers aren't allowed into the realm of Prash. They will never find it.
There are cities but most places elsewhere don't use much electricity though they do have plumbing, heat, ect. but it really depends on where they live since magic is prevalent so it's not always nec. to use electricity, especially since many places won't run the wiring for it through the countryside. it's just as easy to use a simple spell or ask a sprite or nature spirit to warm a space or run water to a tank.

Before renaming, adopted id/species from: kyralie

Pet Treasure

Enchanted Snow Globe

Courageous Hero Journey Start

Graceful Stone Witch Plushie

Green Coda Caves Crystal

Blue Mushrooms


Tree Plushie

Tiny Toy Shop

Team Steele Caravan

Team Gold Caravan


Shy Crystal Fruit

Winter Wonderland Pina Park Sticker

Natural Cobblestones


Survival Bundle of Periwinkles

Diamond Apple Trinket

Wizard Miniature

Bastille Playset


Natural Rustic Bricks

Graceful Garden Witch Plushie

Natural Stepping Stones

Blue Coda Caves Crystal

Fortune-Telling Mouse

Glowing Wooded Scene Cake


Carved Snowflake Decal

Marsh Yaherra Plushie

Galaxy Orb

Swirling Twirling Galaxy

White Coda Caves Crystal

Shifted Sand Spirit Plushie

Green Coda Caves Crystal

Love Tree

Pirate Archan Plushie

Cay Harpy

Graffiti Wall Decal

Atebus Fairy Doll

Book of Holes

Nuclear Lifelike Anyu Doll

Item Hunters Sword

Full Capricorn Hair Piece

Skeletal Warrior Replica Shield

Pet Friends