Shinsengumi has a minion!

Matcha the Zodiac Dragon Spirit

Legacy Name: Shinsengumi

The Hydrus Paralix
Owner: Shirley

Age: 14 years, 11 months, 1 week

Born: September 1st, 2007

Adopted: 14 years, 11 months, 1 week ago (Legacy)

Adopted: September 1st, 2007 (Legacy)


  • Level: 1
  • Strength: 10
  • Defense: 10
  • Speed: 10
  • Health: 10
  • HP: 10/10
  • Intelligence: 0
  • Books Read: 0
  • Food Eaten: 0
  • Job: Unemployed

sweet with no trace of bitterness

Matcha tea dragons are near impossible to find in the wild let alone tame. They are incredibly distrusting, and building a bond with one, in some reported cases, have taken up to a decade.
But once you gain the favour and trust of a matcha tea dragon, you will have a loyal companion for your lifetime. They will also allow you to pluck the leaves from their backs which will make the finest matcha tea in the land.

Tea collection starts in May but a ceremony of purification must be performed in the early Spring prior to plucking the tea leaves from the dragon's back. If the ceremony is not performed, the Matcha tea powder created from the dragon's tea leaves will leave a taste of bitterness in your mouth for 48 hours.
6 weeks before it's harvest time, matcha tea dragons need to slowly be removed from sunlight to decrease photosynthesis. Because of the decreased light, this increases the matcha tea dragon's ability to produce chlorophyll and amino acids. This increase in amino acid production helps to deliver an intense umami flavour.

Matcha tea dragons are not recommended or suitable for newbies to the world of tea dragon keepers due to the precision and meticulousness required to care for one.


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Pet Treasure

Pretty Lovely Teapots

Plum Blossom Tea Set

Carved Jade Book

Matcha Powder

Chajin Matcha

Buttercream Rose Green Teacake

Mint Nocturnal Water Lily

Soothing Green Tea Bath Bomb

Gentle Mahar Blooming Tea

Iced Green Tea

Bluegreen Freesia Sprig

Matcha Souffle

Green Tea Coffee

Green Tea Mochi Ice Cream

Green Teapot

Green Tea Pumpkin Seeds

Pet Friends