Illyriah_779 has a minion!

Jeryn the Prismi

Legacy Name: Illyriah_779

The Glade Celinox
Owner: Lux_227

Age: 13 years, 9 months, 3 weeks

Born: September 4th, 2007

Adopted: 13 years, 9 months, 3 weeks ago (Legacy)

Adopted: September 4th, 2007 (Legacy)


  • Level: 7
  • Strength: 18
  • Defense: 12
  • Speed: 15
  • Health: 11
  • HP: 11/11
  • Intelligence: 7
  • Books Read: 0
  • Food Eaten: 0
  • Job: Unemployed

The cowslips tall her pensioners be:
In their gold coats spots you see;
Those be rubies, fairy favours,
In those freckles live their savours:
I must go seek some dewdrops here
And hang a pearl in every cowslip's ear.

Name: Illyriah
Nicknames: Sprite
Gender: Female
Age: Young Adult
Occupation: None
Orientation: Straight
Status: Single
Fur: Light brown and
adorned with flowers,
vines, leaves, and twigs.
Eyes: Leaf green

Nicknamed 'Sprite' by those close to her, Illyriah is spunky, rebellious, impatient, impulsive, determined, persistent, temperamental... yet still charming and lovable. She says that the flowers and trees can talk to her, whether it's the truth, no one but she really knows.. She wears flowers, twigs and leaves from her grove in her fur so that other plants 'know who she is'.

Beauty, laughter, life, magic...that's what Illyriah is all about. She is refreshingly innocent and happy with her life of purity and play. Life's a game and it's a good one. In her eyes there's no way to lose! This sprite can be very mischievous and has been known to cause trouble, but it's all in the name of fun and not meant to really harm anyone. Though she can be childish, naive, stubborn, and self-absorbed, one thing is certain - life with this Fanciful Sprite could never be boring!

Though she loves to have fun, she also is kind and thoughtful, and has great wisdom of the heart. At times, she can say some of the most profound and insightful things you've ever heard, and it almost makes you wonder if she really can speak with the flowers...

Not much is known about this Fanciful Sprite's past. She speaks as though she were born and raised by nature itself, ”I was raised by the song of the murmuring grove, and loving I learned among flowers.” But, surely this isn't the case. Or is it?

Profile coding and design by me, lux.
Pet art by the wonderful Tiki

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Pet Treasure

Special Surprise Sunflower

Mountain Laurel

Blush Plum Blossom Sprig

Small Strand of Pink Flowers Barrette

Cherry Blossoms

Stargazer Lily Patterned Top

Vanilla Chrysanthemum Candle

Peach Bearded Iris

Pale Coral Periwinkle

White Freesia Sprig

White Periwinkle

Calaca Groom Boutonniere


Pink Calla Lily

Giselle Snowshoe Flower Accents

Pink Peony

Pink Roseband

Faded Pink Rose

Giselle Under My Frog Umbrella Headpiece

Purple Freesia Sprig

Pink Hibiscus

Pink Pinwheel Flower

Survival Pink Paper Flower

Pink Begonia

Pink Bellflowers

Pink Roe Flower

Pink Nott Flower

Plum Chrysanthemum Candle

Pink Split Bellflower

Elegant Stray Blossoms of Legend

Plum Blossoms

Dawn Chai Flower

Coral Dahlia

Peach and White Gladiola

Pink Vesnali Rose

Pink Snapdragon

Pink Oleander

Pink and White Gladiola

Pink Lachenalia

Pink Lotus

Prettily Presented Pink Flower

Pink Foxglove

Pink Freesia Sprig

Pink Floral Hair Piece


Dawn Jollinear

Giant Cosmos Beanbag

Pink Hibiscus Barrette

Magenta Oleander

Pink Tulip

Ganguro Flower Hairclip


Pink Poppies

Dawn Flower

Simple Flower

Pink Plum Blossom Sprig

Red Lachenalia

Peach Gladiola

Red Floral Hair Piece

Survival Red Paper Flower

Pink Massive Rose Throne

Pink Zinnia

Large Pink Gerbera Ring

Pink Chrysanthemum

White Wine Columbine

Strawberry Chrysanthemum Candle

Magenta Periwinkle

Pink Gladiola

Pink Hyacinth

Pink Carnation

Coral Thistle

Hot Pink Zinnia

Deep Pink Peony

Red Periwinkle

Red Roseband

Survival Red Calla Lilies

Ornate Red Flower Hair Clip


Red Poppies

Pink Babble Flower


Apple Custard Columbine

Red Snapdragon

Red Hibiscus

Red Begonia

Sun Flower

Red Zinnia

Red Roe Flower

Red Oleander

Red Plum Blossom Sprig

Poppy Pin

Crimson Tulip

Shinwas Rose

Red Blossoming Tribal Bud

Chipper Rose Gift

Rose Hair Pins

Red Giant Rose Corsage

Red Flame Rose

Butlers Rose


Survival Red Mystery Flower

Survival Crooked Red Flower

Red Freesia Sprig

Red Bellflowers

Red Chrysanthemum

Red Lotus

Red Babble Flower

Burgundy Calla Lily

Red Peony

Large Red Gerbera Ring

Red Split Bellflower

Red Dahlia

Red Vesnali Rose

Deep Red Giant Rose Corsage

Crimson Cream Bearded Iris

Red Carnation

Black Sunflower

Burgundy Zinnia

Red Moth Orchid Stem

Massive Rose Throne

Flamenco Bearded Iris

Peach Foxglove

Peacherine Gladiola

Yellow Foxglove

Survival Orange Memory Flower

Survival Orange Lovely Flower

Orange Poppies

Scarlet Pimpernel

Orange Tulip

Orange Moth Orchid Stem

Red Gladiola

Sun Jollinear

Orange Oleander

Orange Zinnia

Orange Calla Lily


Ornate Orange Flower Hair Clip

Orange Bellflowers

Survival Crooked Orange Flower

Coral Pinwheel Flower

Rainyday Tropical Flower

Orange Dahlia

Orange Freesia Sprig

Spring Blossom Locks

Golden Crocus

Orange Roseband


Tiger Lily Patterned Top

Orange Nott Flower

Yellow Oleander

Prettily Presented Orange Flower

Survival Orange Paper Flower

Orange Floral Hair Piece

Orange Split Bellflower

Orange Begonia

Orange Snapdragon

Cream Vesnali Rose

Peach Calla Lily

Orange Lachenalia

Star Lily Patterned Top

Yellow Roe Flower

Yellow Flame Rose

Yellow Zinnia

Brilliant Gold Giant Rose Corsage

Melix Flower

Pumpkin Flower

Yellow Columbine

Yellow Gladiola

Common Chai Flower

Summer Dandelions

Yellow Blossoming Tribal Bud

Yellow Bearded Iris

Yellow Moth Orchid Stem

Golden Beauty Flower

Yellow Peony

Yellow Poppies

Survival Yellow Lovely Flower

Lotus Goddess Blossom (Right Arm)

Lotus Goddess Blossom (Left Arm)

Yellow Hyacinth

Octobers Calendula Wrist Clingers

Yellow and Orange Daffodil

Yellow Dahlia

Survival Crooked Yellow Flower

Survival Yellow Daisy

Survival Yellow Paper Flower

Large Yellow Gerbera Ring

Yellow Bellflowers

Survival Yellow Memory Flower

Southern Belle Daisy

Yellow Split Bellflower

Yellow Hibiscus Barrette

Giant Daffodil Beanbag

White Pinwheel Flower

Prettily Presented Yellow Flower


Faded Yellow Rose

Yellow Snapdragon

Yellow Carnation

Yellow Massive Rose Throne

Ornate Yellow Flower Hair Clip

Yellow Tulip

Yellow Chrysanthemum

Golden Flower

Yellow Calla Lily

Yellow Babble Flower

Yellow Daffodil

Yellow Freesia Sprig

Yellow Roseband

White and Yellow Dahlia

Dancing Damsel Orchid

Yellow Begonia

Yellow Nott Flower

Yellow Roseband

Rainyday Desert Rose Flowers

Champagne Bearded Iris

Yellow Lachenalia

White and Yellow Daffodil

White Daffodil

Small Strand of Yellow Flowers Barrette

White Lily Patterned Top

Swirled Blue Flower

Green Snapdragon

Green Roseband

Green Lachenalia

Delish Tea Flowers

Green Begonia

Survival Green Mystery Flower

Ornate Green Flower Hair Clip

Survival Green Lovely Flower

Sage Chrysanthemum Candle

Bluegreen Freesia Sprig

Teal Bellflowers

Teal Split Bellflower

Blue Babble Flower

Blue Roe Flower

Linen Chrysanthemum Candle

Periwinkle Bearded Iris

Small Strand of Blue Flowers Barrette

Prettily Presented Blue Flower

Dusk Flower

Blue Floral Hair Piece

Blue Hibiscus Barrette

Blue Roseband

Blue Flame Rose

Ornate Blue Flower Hair Clip

Dusk Jollinear

Jungle Damsel Flower Gift

Blue Pinwheel Flower

Blue Bellflowers

Blue Nott Flower

Survival Crooked Blue Flower

Sky Bearded Iris

Blossoms of Aphrodite

Winter Rose

Blue Lotus

Blue Split Bellflower

Blue Foxglove

Cyan Vesnali Rose

Blueberry Chrysanthemum Candle


Survival Blue Paper Flower

Survival Blue Memory Flower

Blue Snapdragon

Faded Blue Rose

Dusk Chai Flower

Survival Blue Mystery Flower

Blue Dahlia

Survival Blue Lovely Flower

Blue Freesia Sprig

Large Blue Gerbera Ring

Blue Hibiscus

Black Tulip

Blue Carnation

Dusk Bearded Iris

Indigo Vesnali Rose

Blue Hyacinth


Purple Babble Flower

Purple Columbine

Purple Lotus

Lilac Oleander

Blue Begonia

Lilac Flower

Stinging Aster

Purple Pinwheel Flower

Lavender Peony

Pale Purple Crocus

Purple Nott Flower

Lilac Chai Flower

Lavender Bellflowers

Lavender Columbine

Purple Gladiola

Blue Lachenalia

Lilac Jollinear

Lavender Dahlia

Lilac Roe Flower

Ragdoll Pretty Flower

Survival Purple Mystery Flower

Purple Crocus

Lilac Hibiscus

Ornate Purple Flower Hair Clip


Glory Bearded Iris

Purple Bellflowers

Purple Split Bellflower

Lavender Calla Lily

Purple Carnation

Monks Hood

Faded Purple Rose

Purple Snapdragon


Purple Floral Hair Piece

Lilac Foxglove

Survival Purple Paper Flower

Dawn Bearded Iris

Small Strand of Purple Flowers Barrette

Lavender Split Bellflower

Lavender Freesia Sprig

Purple Begonia

Lavender Roseband

Survival Purple Calla Lilies

Purple Lachenalia

Large Lavender Gerbera Ring


Survival Purple Memory Flower


Violet Vesnali Rose

Pink Moth Orchid Stem

Purple Tulip

Rhubarb Custard Columbine

Black Hibiscus

Black Roseband

Twilight Flower

Black Lachenalia

Black Begonia

Survival Black Paper Flower

Black Dahlia

Black Freesia Sprig

Black Calla Lily

Black Split Bellflower

Black Snapdragon

Gothic Lolita Rose

Black Bearded Iris

Black Flame Rose

Bleeding Rose of Deepest Blackness

Black Vesnali Rose

Twilight Chai Flower

Prettily Presented Black Flower

Royal Bearded Iris

Deaths Kiss

Black Bellflowers

Chocolate Chrysanthemum Candle

Marsh Flower

Hazelnut Chrysanthemum Candle

Survival Purple Lovely Flower

Token Of The Earth Spirit

Survival Crooked Tan Flower

Blue Lily Patterned Top

White Crocus


White Tulip

Clowns White Daisy Pin

Glade Wrap

White Oleander

White Foxglove

Small Strand of White Flowers Barrette

White Plum Blossom Sprig

White Moth Orchid Stem

White Zinnia

White Flame Rose

Large White Gerbera Ring

White Hyacinth

Survival White Calla Lilies

Daisy Memento

White Carnation

Ornate Silver Flower Hair Clip

White Lachenalia

Survival White Paper Flower

White Gladiola

White Columbine

White Peony

White and Red Periwinkle

Arid Jollinear

White Poppies

Accented Moth Orchid Stem

White Babble Flower

White Lotus

Arid Flower

Survival White Daisy

White Split Bellflower

White Begonia

White Snapdragon

White Giant Rose Corsage

White Vesnali Rose

White Roseband

White Bellflowers

White Calla Lily

White Massive Rose Throne

Shinwas Flower of Morning

Multicolor Hibiscus

Scattered Wildflowers


Spring Seraph Wings

Unreasonably Large Grove of Flowers

Flower Child Flowers

Pet Friends

Nothing is better than to rise at dawn and pick dew-wet berries!

The wonder is that we can see these trees and not wonder more.

Nature does not hurry, yet everything is accomplished.

What is a weed? A plant whose virtues have not yet been discovered.

Buttercups in the sunshine look like little cups of gold. Perhaps the faeries come to drink the raindrops that they hold?

How glorious a greeting the flowers give you!!

'Tis my faith that every flower enjoys the air it breathes!

And this, our life, finds tongues in trees, books in the running brooks, sermons in stones, and good in everything.

A tree is known by its fruit; a man by his deeds. A good deed is never lost; he who sows courtesy reaps friendship, and he who plants kindness gathers love.