Perverted has a minion!

Kink! the Demonic Blob


The Glacier Sheeta
Owner: Henry

Age: 12 years, 2 months, 2 weeks

Born: November 5th, 2007

Adopted: 4 years, 8 months, 2 weeks ago

Adopted: May 6th, 2015


  • Level: 1
  • Strength: 10
  • Defense: 10
  • Speed: 1
  • Health: 16
  • HP: 16/16
  • Intelligence: 0
  • Books Read: 0
  • Food Eaten: 0
  • Job: Unemployed

Mother would tell me I was a pretty girl child
Then she would cry all night
Nobody thinks that really they're being cruel
When they suggest that I should try to look like them
As if God loved the pretty ones best

Damn 'em all - I create my own perfection
Damn 'em all in the face of their rejection
Damn 'em all - well this dog will have its day
My garden's full of pretty men who couldn't stay away

Notice the ones who all like to criticize
Are the ones trying to hide
Why would I sell my soul to be one of them
Better to love the me within behind the skin
I choose to be a goddess inside


* Name: Matthew C.

* Nicknames: Owen

* Age: 30

* Family: Older brother named Billy.

* Extremely skinny. Average height. Shoulder-length, straight, medium brown hair. Green Eyes. Scarification (most prominently an incision scar). Tattoos. Piercings.

* Job: (semi-inactive) porn actor, fetish model, currently only working via webcam

* Birthplace: Los Angeles

* Quiet. More of a listener than a talker. Can be quite stubborn. Proud. Protective.

* Relationship status: taken

* Hobbies: x

* Likes: animals, children, nature, scars, tattoos, piercings, music, drawing, photographing

* Dislikes: animal and child abuse, being yelled at, clingy people, people who pity themselves 24/7 just to get attention and arouse compassion (and yup, he sure knows the difference between real depression and attention whores), being alone outside at night

* Fears: xxx

*My OC

*Lyrics (c) Heather Dale (Medusa)

Pet Treasure

Studio Set

Black Lacy See-Thru Babydoll

Black Rose Print Pumps

Eddie Bell LoliPOP Platforms

Fans Self Sticker

Oh Dear Wizard YES Sticker

Simple Milk and Coffee

Sweet Vesnali Tea

Tangy Lime and Cherry Cocktail

Vintage Roll of Film

Tipsy Grape Cocktail

The Art of Falling in Love

The Only Way is Up Sticker

Hustler Cocktail

Lightshow Champagne Coupe

Overly Romantic Card

Red Date Night Lipstick

Red Lash and Shadow Set

Silver Wing Ring

Stay Awake Eye Drops

Time Keeper Stop Watch

Red Delicate Lace Slip

Rusted Rimeflare Shackle

Pink and White Skull Corset

Sunny Leaf Natural Tee

Black Basic Tights

Black Fauxverly Fluffy Coat

Cropped Winter Jacket

Abundant Out Like a Lamb Doll

Vibrant Out Like a Lamb Doll

Ginger Root

Stained White Nitrile Gloves

Doctor Mask

Chocolate Grapefruit Slices

Enchanting Dust

Black Torn Stockings

Small Gray Mesh Boxers

Bottled Antilovirus


Magenta Galaxy Tights

Alert Sheep Figurine

Playful Out Like a Lamb Doll

White Nitrile Gloves

Romero Post Mortem Glove

Rosewater Champagne


Lime Slush Cocktail

I Heart U Candy Heart

Black Compression Tee

Black Hip High Tops

Black GPS Watch

Peka-Boo KIP Sticker

Peekaboo Boink Knickers

Melon Sour

Stick-On Autopsy Incision

Ugly Mask

Black Webcam

Hot Cocoa and Marshmallows

Balloons Skateboard

Berry Infusion Cocktail

Bite Me Heart Cookie

Black Compression Shorts

Blast Cola

Cinnabar Two-Tone Bottom

Mythical Bicorn


Gold Triangle Necklace

Zebra Cuddle Buddy

Tortilla Chips with Mango Salsa

Love in the Air

Dapper So Fantastic Fox Tail

Little Black Horns

Stack of Cash Plushie

Stay Inside Sticker

Pink Fresh Rose Bouquet

Diamond-Adorned Boxer Shorts

Diamond-Adorned Panties

Eat Healthier Food Resolution Sticker

Closed Fang Inserts

Free Your Willy Sticker

Genoa Lace Bottom

Hustler Money Clip


Secret Love Letter

Pet Friends