Roxas has a minion!

Sora the Guardian of Hearts

Legacy Name: Roxas_the_Chosen_One

The Reborn Celinox
Owner: CassieFenix

Age: 13 years, 11 months, 3 weeks

Born: December 13th, 2007

Adopted: 13 years, 11 months, 3 weeks ago (Legacy)

Adopted: December 13th, 2007 (Legacy)


  • Level: 5
  • Strength: 18
  • Defense: 18
  • Speed: 14
  • Health: 14
  • HP: 14/14
  • Intelligence: 2
  • Books Read: 0
  • Food Eaten: 0
  • Job: Unemployed

Well, that's another treasure we can all share. Let's go look for some more, Axel!

Age: 15
Sexuality: Straight
Hair: Blonde
Eyes: Blue
Friends: PyromaniacAxel, LeviDemyx, Tidus Zanar (Let's just say that they know each other from the past.)
Occupation: Game Player, Quest Taker
Markings: A tuft of blonde hair and my Checkered Armband
Minions: Sora-san the Legacy, Darkness in Zero the Kizzal, Sora the Phor, Goofy the Hund, Donald the Mally, Winnie the Honeybear, Bambi the Little Dear, Simba the Goliath, Dumbo the Elephos, Pluto the Lil Doo, Mickey the Raoran, Heartless the Nabira, Eeyore the Gleeyore, Mushu the Red Rreignling, and Zero the Boof (Dumbo, Pluto, Mickey, and Zero are in Roxas's section of Organization XIII's Treasures for now).
Likes: Blueberry Freeze Pop, his Checkered Armband, and Starfruits
Dislikes: The Dark Goddess
Weapons: Key Club, Light Subetaball, Sword of Love.

Roxas is one of Vappy's newest pets next to Tidus Zanar and Aeon Chronos, and although he's the youngest of the group, he's got a lot of spunk. Roxas is one of the ones who loves to play games and go on quests, just like PhoenixCassie. He's also intrigued with the Mystical Collections of Time that Zexion and Cassie have put together and wants to help add to it by going on quests as well. He can frequently be seen in cahoots with PyromanicAxel when he's not on any quests.

Notes: Roxas is a character in Kingdom Hearts 2 who never got to live out the rest of his life due to events that happened in the beginning of the game (he rejoined with Sora, as Roxas was a Nobody). However, in an RP that myself and Corona did while on YIM, Roxas was "reborn" separately from Sora, so this is why he's a Reborn Celinox. That, and this version looks a bit like he would be in Pridelands as well. :D

Pet Treasure

Cream Demi Plushie


A Day at the Beach

Die Eraser


Keiths Eighteenth Birthday Dragarth Figurine

Mystical Orb of the Gods

Denial Plushie

Twilight Lifelike Telenine Doll

Beast Enchanted Clock

Bloodred Demi Plushie


Captain Quetzal Plushie


Twilight Telenine Plushie

Gold Medallion Trinket

Key Club

Checked Upper Armband

Blueberry Freeze Pop


Inflatable Sword

Cityscape Skateboard


Harvester Keydagger

Dusk Pearl

Amulet of Destiny and Prophecy


Red Rreignling



Green Fairydoll


Little Dear

Spotted Puppy Beanbag



Enchanted Rose

Mermaid Rupa Plushie

Magic Doll

Pet Friends

Best Bud EVER!

Whoa! Just be careful and let me know when you'll beserk, k?

Tidus Zanar
Glad to see you here, Tidus! Sora's around... Somewhere.

Hey, Demyx! About to head to the beach? I wanna go too!

Riku Satsuba
Wait a minute... You're the one who helped me to find Sora, right?

Namine, what will you do now? Do you think we'll meet in another time along with Axel?