Lady Aflame has a minion!

From The Ashes comes... the Baby Phoenix

Lady Aflame
Legacy Name: Lady Aflame

The Reborn Archan
Owner: Laurie

Age: 14 years, 7 months, 2 weeks

Born: January 1st, 2008

Adopted: 14 years, 7 months, 2 weeks ago (Legacy)

Adopted: January 1st, 2008 (Legacy)

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  • Level: 2,938
  • Strength: 7,582
  • Defense: 6,268
  • Speed: 5,975
  • Health: 8,301
  • HP: 8,301/8,301
  • Intelligence: 3,920
  • Books Read: 2106
  • Food Eaten: 7007
  • Job: Director of SAI

Silently moving along the mountainside, she follows an unseen path set forth centuries earlier. The ceremonial fire from which she was reborn little more than a pale gray ribbon of smoke wafting lazily toward the heavens. Continuing south, the Archanian homeland fades quickly into the more inhabited regions of Subeta.

Her intimidating appearance both fascinate and unnerve those who cross her path. Swaying branches are virtually untouched by the billowing flames that seem to ripple and dance as the earlier morning breeze lightly caresses her molten pelt... large fiery paws leaving no trace as she crosses into the meadow lands of Peka Glade. Despite her fierce appearance one need only look into her dark blue eyes to see her mischievous nature dancing playful just below the surface.

Perched atop her regal head rides her companion since birth, From the Ashes. Ash likens himself to be her conscience. She likens him to a pesky little bird with no sense of humor that talks too much. Even a pair of Glade Tutani's splashing playfully in the sparkling water fail to silence this chatterbox. His head almost upside down he continues to watch while chirping into her ear for the hundredth time, "Are we there yet? How much further?"

It was almost too easy. With a powerful shake of her mane she launches the unsuspecting minion into the air. Her roaring laughter echoes across the meadow as the poor creature hits the ground and begins to bounce helplessly down the hillside. Hysterical now, she is reduced to tears as his trip comes to an abrupt halt against his unlikely rescuer, a pile of dirt. His skinny talons sticking straight up in the air, one wing splayed out to the side makes regaining one's composure almost impossible.

Choking back laughter, the Lady walks over to retrieve her stunned friend. Extending her paw to scoop him up was met with the usual sharp beak and gruff "I can do it myself thank you very much!" Ash dizzily climbs back up to his perch, making sure to use her ear as a toe hold. He ruffles his feathers sending little bits of dirt flying everywhere, and stomps his foot indignantly. "That was not funny missy!" "Ok, ok, I'm sorry! How was I to know you could bounce that far!"

While simultaneously stifling giggles and trying to apologize to her grumbling friend the Lady barely manages to keep from walking right into a pole. It turns out to be the base of a large billboard proclaiming, "Welcome to Riverside!" in big bold letters. "Ash! We made it! There's the training center!"

The Lady... and the Phoenix, have finally arrived. Now the real adventure can begin..

Graphics Coding by Ryan for Laurie

Pet Treasure

Sun Archan Beanbag

Nightmare Archan Plushie

Nightmare Archan Beanbag

Dusk Lifelike Archan Doll

Water Turtle Plushie


Decorative Rose Cake

Grassland Warrior Healing Leaf

Laure Beanbag

Locked Box Of Lovesakes

Flaming Flopit Figurine

Scribble Archan Sticker

Hawk Fire Rock Totem

Thunderbird Color Swatch

Twilight Archan Beanbag

Jack-O-Lantern Coffee Pot

Pumpkin Coffee Mug

Pumpkin Teapot

Pumpkin Teacup

Battle Love Sticker

Red Rreign Matchbox

The Archan, The Goddess, and The Bathroom Cabinet

Common Archan Makeup Kit

Promo Archan Trading Card

Common Archan Beanbag

Common Archan Elixir

Common Archan Plushie

Arid Archan Beanbag

Arid Archan Elixir

Arid Archan Plushie

Bloodred Archan Beanbag

Bloodred Archan Plushie

Cream Archan Beanbag

Cream Archan Elixir

Cream Archan Plushie

Dawn Archan Beanbag

Dawn Archan Elixir

Dawn Archan Plushie

Dusk Archan Elixir

Dusk Archan Plushie

Field Archan Beanbag

Field Archan Elixir

Field Archan Plushie

Golden Archan Elixir

Golden Archan Plushie

Golden Archan Beanbag

Hydrus Archan Plushie

Lilac Archan Beanbag

Lilac Archan Elixir

Lilac Archan Plushie

Marsh Archan Beanbag

Marsh Archan Elixir

Marsh Archan Plushie

Nuclear Archan Beanbag

Nuclear Archan Plushie

Sun Archan Elixir

Sun Archan Plushie

Twilight Archan Elixir

Twilight Archan Plushie

Pet Friends


Sudden Death







Sida Miakoda

Sila Taima

Oh how I miss you Gina.. :heart:

The name says it all..

Such a warrior, this one

A battler with heart

*rawr!* Need I say more?