Templar has a minion!

Ber the Domestic Guard Griffin

Legacy Name: Templar

The Custom Common Experiment #7463
Owner: Kitten

Age: 13 years, 2 months, 4 weeks

Born: February 14th, 2008

Adopted: 13 years, 2 months, 4 weeks ago (Legacy)

Adopted: February 14th, 2008 (Legacy)


  • Level: 2,273
  • Strength: 5,652
  • Defense: 5,513
  • Speed: 5,416
  • Health: 6,297
  • HP: 6,293/6,297
  • Intelligence: 3,290
  • Books Read: 2052
  • Food Eaten: 900
  • Job: Director of SAI

Pet Treasure

Sebastian Phoenix Saber

Gyrephon Statuette

Stone Falcata

Bastille Playset

Pirate Map

Bundle of Old Maps

Ancient War Axe

Red-headed Knight Helmet

Graves and Goblins Paladin Soleret

Lost Schoolboy Pauldrons

Lost Schoolboy Silver Boots

Lost Schoolboy Tabard

Kismets Cosmic Blade

Oaths Maiden Breastplate

Leonardo Faux Chainmail


Lost Schoolboy Sword

Sword of Clouds

Amulet of Destiny and Prophecy

Omniscient Sword of Prophecy

Fairytale Maiden Heroic Pile of Ash

Pilfered Ornate Hilt

Fairytale Maiden Embroidered Traveling Cloak

Hard Earth Battle Hammer

Lich Lord Conjuration Ring

Holy Water

Map Display Board

Cuirass of Deathward

Flame of Red Rreign Polearm

Flame of Red Rreign Cuirass

Standard of the Kraken

Standard of the Wolf

Standard of the Lion

Standard of the Dragon

Gothic Cross Charm

Fallen Fallacy Faith Cross

Moss Covered Cross

Black Rosary

Red Rosary

The One Ring

Chess King Cross Necklace

Flashback Material Girl Costume Beads

Flashback Material Girl Prayer Beads

Limited Edition Delish Moros Necklace

Cursed Goblet

Goblet of Youth

Knightly Sword of the Paladin

Bonfire Stoker

Courageous Hero Masterful Sword

Inscribed Blade

Hikei Lance

Book of Inexplicable Light

King Rag Doll

Lord Phug

Paladin Miniature

Simple Goblet

Jewel Encrusted Goblet

Battered Golden Doubloons

Gold Trinket Box

Small Colcannon Sun Piece

Small Colcannon King Piece

Small Colcannon Clover Piece

Small Colcannon Crown Piece

Small Colcannon Shield Piece

Small Colcannon Cross Piece

Small Colcannon Petal Piece

A Knights Tail

Lords Fine Doublet

Bastille Playset

Knights Pauldrons

Knightess Elbow Guards

Knights Arm Guards

Smoldering Slaglord Gauntlets

Flayed Lord Breastplate

Carved Leather Pauldron

Rreign Tamer Belt Buckle

Rreign Tamer Burnished Armguard

Rreign Tamer Burnished Footguard

Rreign Tamer Burnished Pauldron

Rreign Tamer Scalemail Fragments

Dark Ranger Chestguard

Professor New Foxy Shoulder Guard

Holy Warrior Pauldrons

Holy Warrior Tome

Holy Warrior Mace

Holy Warrior Boots

Decorative Shoulder Plates

Red Dragon Vest

Green Dragon Vest

Black Dragon Vest

Purple Dragon Vest

Ivy Dragon Vest

Leonardo Doublet

Leonardo Faux Pauldrons

Red Death Pointed Doublet

Lost Schoolboy Chainmail Shirt

Lost Schoolboy Silver Glove

Lost Schoolboy Bracers

Lost Schoolboy Chainmail Leggings

Endeavor Chest Armor

Winged Anyu Helm

Leafeather Pauldrons

Winged Headguard

Cuirass of the Literati




Lightly Embossed Breastplate of Clarity

Flame of Red Rreign Bracers

Renaissance Scroll

Cross Tombstone

Charm of Shield-Breaking

Lost Schoolboy Shield

Forj Tempered Shield

Roman Soldier Shield

Courageous Hero Shield

Item Hunters Shield

Item Defenders Shield

Shinwas Lightblade


Heirloom of the Sun Lord

Saggitarius Blade

Sapphire Encrusted Virgo Blade

Fencing Rapier

Nobles Rapier


Unadorned Core Sword

Unadorned Moonsteel Sword

Unadorned Gold Sword

Unadorned Celestium Sword

Unadorned Austeel Sword

Dark-Jeweled Sword

Antihero Sword

Classic Hero Sword

Fairy Lance

Unadorned Blood Sword

Shear Sword

Lords Saber

Pylot Feather Quill

Beagle Quill

Irion Battle Feather

Jewel Encrusted Quill

Gold Quill

Rainbow Quill

Bronze Quill

Sinister Quill

Silver Quill

Keiths Quill

Sword of Darkness

Aqua Lite Crystal Sword

Green Crystal Sword

Gold Plated Crystal Sword

Blue Crystal Sword

Pink Crystal Sword

Dark Matter Crystal Sword

Red Crystal Sword

Crystal Dagger

Tornado Blade

Hydrus Inhibiter

Cursed Demon Sword

Fester Power Blade

Bat Sword of Morostide

Vengeance Blade

Demonic Blade

Blackheart Blade

Haunted Dagger

Slayer of Souls

Kuro Neko San Kitty Sword of Death

Glitter Blade

Ultra Sword

Blackest Sword of Darkest Death

Sword of Love

Fake Forest Sword

Blade of Myths and Legends

Fierce Ice Blade

Libra Sword of Balance


Sword of Evil

Sword of Two Sides

Evil Blade of Doom

Amethyst Mace

Hearts Revenge Gunblade

Elegant Gunblade


Luminous Saber

Wind Blade

Water Blade

Light Blade

Graveyard Short Sword

Shadow Short Sword

Blue Short Sword

Red Short Sword

Purple Short Sword

Bronze Short Sword

Silver Short Sword

Dark Matter Short Sword

Normal Short Sword

Shadow Short Sword

Green Short Sword

Blade of Sacrifice


Ruffie Sword

Cruento Dolor

Divine Striker

Hammer of the Ghost

Anyu Battle Axe

Bloodred Axe

Skull Axe

Ice Axe of Revenge

Blood Halberd

Firesprite Axe

Evil Magic Wand

Poisonous Mushroom

Poisonous Cauldron

Ontra Poison Darts

Viking Weapons

Zombie Shield

Kismets Cosmic Shield

Heavy Montre Shield

Ghostly Shield

Welldweller Rotten Shield

Illumis Spectrum Shield

Irion Battle Shield

Joker Shield

Rainbow Herb Shield

Ghostly Immaterial Shield

Large Pale Leather and Wood Shield

Snowball Reflecting Shield

Escalade Shield of Piercing

Super Shield

Battered Shield

Demonic Shield

Winged Psychosis Shield

Hipottu Shield of Justice

Gilded Targe

Explosive Sheeta Shield

Forest Shield

Evergreen Shield

Purple Love Shield

Mallarchy Shield

Skeletal Warrior Replica Shield

Peridot Shield

Dark Shield

Darkonite Shield

Uber Shield

Tutani Shield

Tigrean Battle Shield


Gold Plated Super Trout Shield

Shinwas Shield of Reflection

Shield of Love

Bracer of Force

Bracer of Shadow

Bracer of Flame

Bracer of Lava

Bracer of Ice

Bracer of Light

Bracer of Wind

Bracer of Earth

Bracer of Waves

Pet Friends