Legacy Name: Glimmer

The Chibi Experiment #84
Owner: Kitten

Age: 13 years, 4 weeks, 1 day

Born: April 9th, 2008

Adopted: 3 years, 3 months, 3 days ago

Adopted: February 4th, 2018


  • Level: 60
  • Strength: 96
  • Defense: 36
  • Speed: 36
  • Health: 36
  • HP: 36/36
  • Intelligence: 29
  • Books Read: 3
  • Food Eaten: 0
  • Job: Part-Time Test Subject

Pet Treasure

Dark Life Potion

Spectrum Potion

Chibi Potion

Nightmare Potion

Silver Potion

Twilight Potion

Lilac Potion

Common Potion

Dark Magma Potion

Dark Fire Potion

Dark Light Potion

Dark Earth Potion

Dark Death Potion

Bloodred Potion

Pantheon Potion

Allure Potion

Graveyard Potion

Angelic Potion

Harvest Potion

Cherry Potion

Essence of Melody

Nightmare Potion

Storm Potion

Reborn Potion

Reborn Potion

Nightmare Potion

Dark Water Potion

Flirty Love Potion

Romantic Love Potion

Amiable Love Potion

Faithful Love Potion

Dried Red Roses

Dried Purple Roses

Dried Ivory Roses

Toy Chibi Bloodred Potion

Dusk Potion

Field Potion

Toy Chibi Graveyard Potion

Dawn Potion

Toxic Love Potion

Cherry Potion

Dried Pink Roses

Dried Green Roses

Bottled Antilovirus

The Oracles Magic Potion

Melted Candy Heart Sauce

Potion of Life

Cinnamon Love Hearts Extract

Fake Bloodred Potion

Experimental Dew

Toy Chibi Reborn Potion

Pet Friends