Hells Passion has a minion!

Pestilence the Saphenth

Hells Passion
Legacy Name: Hells Passion

The Nightmare Telenine
Owner: Memnoch

Age: 14 years, 7 months, 3 weeks

Born: April 9th, 2008

Adopted: 14 years, 7 months, 3 weeks ago (Legacy)

Adopted: April 9th, 2008 (Legacy)

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  • Level: 2,026
  • Strength: 4,530
  • Defense: 4,078
  • Speed: 3,187
  • Health: 4,912
  • HP: 4,912/4,912
  • Intelligence: 2,204
  • Books Read: 2086
  • Food Eaten: 3
  • Job: Editor in Chief

Pet Treasure

Onyx Teardrop Earrings

Rose Quartz Teardrop Earrings

Sapphire Teardrop Earrings

Ruby Teardrop Earrings

Citrine Teardrop Earrings

Emerald Teardrop Earrings

Little Blue Vesnali Companion

Grungy I Anatomically Heart You Sticker

Loveless Box of Lingerie

Rare Lost Pearl

Peka Glade Willow Figurine

Glivenfeld Plushie

Shinwa Cameo Brooch

Black Hugga Bear

Flora Jester Mask

Pink Lotus

Golden Egg

Wave Engagement Ring

April 2011 Collection

Peka Glade Mask


Fu Paper Lantern

Guardian of Clubs

Key of Love


Chancellors War Shield

Cheery Sun Sticker

Festive Chibi Magnus Plushie

Cloud Beanbag

Gilded Turtle Trinket Box

Heart Necklace Gift Box

Ice Deer


The Tiniest Shooting Star

I-Love-You Fetus

Red Rose Sticker

Voucher Love Sticker

Belial Plushie

Possessed Vampire Amulet


Dark Grimoire

Mystical Chibi Fairy Doll

Garnet Silver Wing Brooch

Heart Repair Sticker

Extract of Loveberry

Eagle Eye Pendant

Helpful Huggy Bear


Lovely Flamingo Couple


Snugglephant Plushie

Lovely Balloon

Pink Hugga Bear

Salvonic Pylonic

Shower of Kisses

Luminaire Serpenth Plushie


I Love You Tutani Plushie

Valentines Lovers Knot

Baby Angel Plushie

Angel Plushie

Love Tree

Love Story


I Love You Kanis Plushie

I Love You Ontra Plushie

I Love You Kumos Plushie

Dawn Love-Me-Lots Chai Plushie

Fairy Bear

Pink Kissed Bear Plushie

XOX Bunny

Pink Heart Plushie

ILU Sundae

Pink Squirrel

True Love

Pink Wreathed Red Rreign Hug Buddy

Little Pink Prawny


Frozen Heart Potion

A Guide To Dirty Dancing

Terrier Amulet

Heart Talky Sticker

Love Truck

Blue Hearty Sticker

Yellow Hearty Sticker

Emo Bubble Love

I Heart Red Sticker

Heart Plushie

Valentines True Lovers Knot

Heart ID Tag

Crumpled Bee Mine Sticker


Survival Blue Memory Flower

Black Heart Hairclip

Dancing Damsel Orchid

Veta Lake Lager

Box of Untold Secrets

Steamwork Radio

Purple Bag of Friendship

Spurned Zombie Love

Delicate Daisy Crown

Melix Flower

Lovely Carved Pumpkin


Hex Remover


Pink Sixth Anniversary Grab Bag


Magical Key

Ornate Floral Pitcher

Cuddly Koala Plushie

Predictable Love Stories Book Tape


Happy Subeta

Pin Hearts Skateboard

Magical Frost Key

Purple Love Shield

Black Clingy Monkey

Feli Love Stories

Happy Rag Doll Plushie


The Sun and the Flower

Death Mage Amulet

Raw Diamond

Tainted Chocolate


Gold Flipper Coin

Luminaire Montre Plushie

Luminaire Dragarth Plushie

Bottle of Luminaire Spirit

Good Morning Sticker

Heart Latte

Twilight Endeavor Plushie

Golden Bumbus Plushie

2007 New Year Live Teddy

Magical Mistletoe

Locked Box Of Lovesakes

Red Heart Plushie

Sarah Bobblehead

Black Treasure Chest Sticker



Axolotl Sticker

Gossamer Spider Plushie

Cheerful Rag Doll Plushie

Peaceful Bird Sticker

All I Want For Luminaire Is Yume

Purple Heart Plushie

Love Monster

Black Witch Plushie

I Love You Jollin Plushie

Love Dice

Pawprint Sticker

Lonely Lamb Beanbag

Light-Filled Bauble

Dawn Lasirus Plushie

Love Champagne Glass

Snow Monstrrrrrar Plushie


Extra Fuzzy Candy Panda Plushie

Coin of the Dragon

Sir Loves-a-Lot

Bear Plushie

Gingerbread Couple

Yellow Fairydoll

Lovetron 3000

Shiny Foil Cracker

Green Jump Rope

Cinthia Plushie

Infected Love Plushie

Primitive Valentine

Groundhog Plushie

Vesnali Coin

Red Vesnali Rose

Hot Sticker

Love Flower Sticker


Squishy Grotesque Mister Grimsly Plushie

Riisan Pillow


Eau De Love

Beela Plushie

Happy Hammer


Joyful Rag Doll Plushie

Glow Ring Set

Heart for You Sticker

Sougara Yellowjack Bee Pin


Lovely Smiley Sticker

Happy Smiley Sticker

Silly Black and White Kitty Plushie

I-Love-You UFO Keychain

Heart Firecracker


Tiffanie Collectible Plushie

Magical Keepsake Box

Tales of the Heart

Soft Green Bunny Plushie

Cuddly Melody Doll

Fairy Lance

Blue Ghost Plushie

Ribboned Heart Lolly

Rainbow Vortex Sticker

Love Snowball

Little Egglet

Strawberry Zombie Kisses

Love Guitar

I Heart You Sticky

Love You! Sticker

Amulet of Destiny and Prophecy


Repair Bot

Pink Flower Barrette

Love Victim Taco

Joy-Bringer Fairy

Crimson Tulip

Heart Candy in a Bag


Subeta Fashion

Shinwas Rose

Mystical Star Shuriken

Kiss Me? Candy Heart

Lovey Dovey



Happy Nuggets

User Love Sticker

Elixir of Love

Feral Accessory Trunk

Heart on a Stick

Super Lamb Love Avenger


Candy Hearts

Pink Bunny Basket

Holiday Irion Plushie

Marshmallow Cuddlefish Plushie

Love Squirrel Plushie


Shinwa Scratchcard


Sir Lipsalot

Girly Present Sticker

Love Plant Potion


Strawberry Perfume

Happy Star Bracelet



Hyperactive Loveheart Sticker

White Hugga Bear

Heart Tie

Heart-Cut Pink Tourmaline

Love Soul Stone

Squashy Bunny Plushie

Pink Soft Lamb Pillow Plushie


I-Love-You Cupcake

Fruit of Passion Plushie

His and Hers Hot Water Bottles

Squishy Riisan Beanbag

Pair of Lovebirds

I-Love-You Lamington

Hugs and Kisses Charm

Pet Friends

Pure sweetness,don't be fooled