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Seraph the Eloa

Legacy Name: Azuril

The Angelic Kumos
Owner: StarofEvening

Age: 13 years, 9 months, 2 days

Born: April 19th, 2008

Adopted: 13 years, 9 months, 2 days ago (Legacy)

Adopted: April 19th, 2008 (Legacy)


  • Level: 214
  • Strength: 536
  • Defense: 536
  • Speed: 533
  • Health: 536
  • HP: 526/536
  • Intelligence: 547
  • Books Read: 540
  • Food Eaten: 0
  • Job: Head of Adoptions

“No one saves us but ourselves. No one can and no one may. We ourselves must walk the path.” ― Gautama Buddha, Sayings Of Buddha

It is hard for people that know me now to believe that I was not that nice of a person to start off with.

They see all the things that I’ve done and when they listen to my stories they say," Azure, there’s no way you are telling the truth right now!" I wish that were so. The truth is that in the beginning I was pampered and privileged. My family had more money and connections than we could possibly need.
Instant gratification? Absolutely.
Hard work? Forget it.
My brothers and I were entitled and spoiled but I, being oldest, was the worst. We spent our time buying and eating candy, buying and destroying expensive toys, books, watches, and clothes, staying out all hours of the night, hanging with our rich friends getting into trouble, and bullying others who weren’t as rich as we were. I had no concept for other people’s needs or suffering and no idea how to work towards things I wanted.

My parents' money was mine to use as I saw fit because I believed I was born special and deserved it all just by being my ill-tempered, bad mannered self. My parents were never around anyway to show me what to do or how to act. My friends were always jealous that our parents let us get away with our escapades but I always knew in a small place in my heart that it was because they didn’t care. They were aspiring socialites and we were just part of the ‘whole package’ dressed up for appearances. They were too busy trying to keep up with their neighbors and the 'elite' crowd to notice what their children were or were not were doing. The only time we received any attention at all was if we made them look bad. "What would the neighbors say?!" was a regular exclamation in our household.

I was also very handsome, which really didn’t help anything. Maybe if I had been ugly or average looking I would have realized my predicament earlier. But instead, women from young to old fawned over my charming good looks and fell for my brand of persuasion. Well, all women except my own mother. I treated everyone with a condescending, patronizing attitude. I was almost a lost cause, a waste of cells, the ruination of humanity.


My only saving grace came in the form of an unwanted gift from a long lost great uncle on my father’s side. Father called me into his office one day to deliver the news, right after he received the letter describing the old duffer's passing. I, as usual, paid no attention or I might have noticed his unusual excitement and agitation instead of his more commonplace ennui. Instead my attention was riveted to my next poker game with the guys that night. I tuned in every third word to give the right responses but in my mind I had played myself around the table and was raking in my winnings.

I must have said something that did not make sense with my errant listening though because my father shook my shoulder lightly and said, “Azuril, are you paying attention? This is important!”
“Oh, of course, Father!” I oozed sweetly. I knew which side my bread was buttered on.

“Well, okay then,” he excitedly replied. “Like I was saying, son. It’s a big honor. I understand you won’t want to leave the city but we don’t really have a choice. My great uncle has unfortunately passed with no direct heirs. Unbeknownst to me, Uncle Charlton held the title of Marquess of Candlethorpe. Based on bloodlines the title and responsibilities now come to me because I am the eldest surviving male. You, Azuril, are next in line as my eldest male child of educational age. It falls to you to learn these duties and uphold the family crest.
You will receive the placeholder title of Earl of Bridgewater until you inherit Candlethorpe when I die.” He looked at my expectantly.

My mind was whirling with all he had said, and all that he had not. I shook my head to clear it. “I’m sorry, did you say ‘leave the city?’ Why on Earth would I want or need to leave the city? So we’ve got titles. Great. Let’s add the big piles of money to our own and move forward. No need to ship me off now Father, is there?” Panic rose in my throat at the idea if being cast out of the family for this whim of my father’s. He barely paid attention to me now but if I was to be sent off I could guarantee I'd rarely cross his mind again. The thought burned like fire.

He sighed heavily. “If I had known that this skeleton was lurking in the family closet and could possibly escape I would have prepared you better, dear Az. I’ve already made my life, started my business and made my fortunes. This is your opportunity to do the same. The title does have many acres and some jingle in its accounts but son, the acres also come with responsibility. We will get seats in the House of Agoge, the lawmaking branch for Subeta and will be expected to assist with solutions for problems that affect the five Islands and the Moon of Atebus. You will need extensive training. The principle residence for the Earl of Bridgewater is at Bridgewater Estate, about 2 hours south of Veta Lake. We will need to settle your affairs post haste so that I can drop you off there to begin your training. The tabloids are going to have a field day with this! Those snobs at the Country Club are going to have to let me in now!”

I looked at him in shock. “You want me to pack my things so you can take me to Bridgewater Estate which I’m going to run because I am an Earl?! Is there anything else you’ve forgotten in that litany of impossible things you’ve just laid at my feet?” I exclaimed acidly.
“Oh yes,” my father said archly. “The Estate comes with a promised bride. As I am already married to your mother, it will fall to you to uphold our family’s end of the betrothing.”

“Married! I’m only fourteen! Move away from home? Oh no!” I said, angrily. “I am not going and you cannot make me!” I got up and walked out of the office listening as my father loudly demanded that I return immediately, down the stairs, out the front door and out into the busy street as fast as my legs would carry me. What now? I thought frantically.

I had to escape. I had to get out of there. My mind ran through all of my options as I moved quickly through the city blocks. No sympathy, no understanding and he wasn’t even going to stay to see me through my first weeks… he distinctly said ‘drop me off.’ Oh no. This was not happening. I would not stand for it. I’d been raised with little to no parental involvement up to this point and I wasn’t going to do an about face now. I knew he would make me perform in this circus if it would get him into his precious country club. He’d been applying now for years- seven denied applications, one for each year since we’d moved to the city after his business took off and landed us in a level of income previously unheard of. What was the unhappiness of a son when you had four more and you could finally get into Blackheart Hollow Country Club? No, I needed to disappear and fast!

I quickly developed a plan on the fly since I knew Father would act quickly as soon as he realized I wasn’t just having a temper tantrum. I stopped off at the bank and withdrew 500,000 SP and opened my own account with it, keeping some cash with me. It was such a small amount to him that he probably wouldn’t even notice for some time. I then bought a train ticket to Veta Lake with cash under a false name. I knew that my family had too many connections in Centropolis so to stay would mean I would most certainly be caught. Once he realized I had run I knew the last place he would guess I'd go would be where he was going to send me. Maybe later I could catch a transport to Atebus. I could hide out there until all this blew over and he found a different solution or made one of my brothers become the Earl instead. Maybe he could have me legally declared dead? My mind was a flurry of thought and emotion.

My train was headed out at 3pm. I checked my watch. Just a few more minutes and then I’d be on my way. I pulled my hat low over my face and tried to take stock of the situation while I waited. I was slightly stunned at the violent reaction I had to the confrontation. I hadn't felt this passionate about anything for as long as I could remember. I almost felt...alive. I had forgotten what it was like to experience adrenaline pulsing through my veins and I felt like a stranger, riled up and fighting for a cause. This was a long way from my poker games and snide condescension and I was out of my depths completely.

“Veta Lake, 3 o’clock, now boarding!” The conductor cried from the train window. I sprang to my feet and shuffled to the platform with the others. My ticket was stamped and I was shown to seat 33C, right by the window towards the back. I ducked down and tried to look inconspicuous unsuccessfully.

“Is this seat taken?” a melodious voice questioned. I glanced up to a friendly and confident smile belonging to the fiery face of a female possibly in her mid-thirties. She gestured to a row a few back where a man had slumped over the majority of the seats. “It appears mine has been requisitioned.”
I grinned at her plight and gestured her to take the seat next to me. She seemed joyous, almost lit from within with happiness. I pondered her for a few long seconds and frowned. I couldn't remember seeing anyone that happy, neither family or friend. I jolted from my reverie and just barely remembered my rusty and long misused manners as she sat down. “I’m Az,” I said, holding out my hand. She took it and shook it firmly. “Angel,” she replied, tucking her bag up top and sitting down quickly as the train started to move.

"Where are you headed?" she questioned pleasantly, making conversation.
"I sure wish I knew," I answered her honestly. "I feel like I made a wrong turn somewhere."
I frowned suddenly at my openness and mentally chastised myself. I knew I'd better keep my wits about me. She might be friends with my father for all I knew.
"You know, I believe there are no wrong turns, only paths we had not known we were meant to walk," she offered philosophically with a slight gleam in her eye.

I blinked at her and got the sense she was speaking from experience.
"I suppose that is one way of looking at it," I said wryly. I turned her words over in my mind. I guessed that could be true. I certainly couldn't turn back time and make this un-happen, so maybe I'd better see what paths were available for me to walk, either toward or, away, or some completely different direction. I felt marginally better.
"Thanks," I said lightly to her as we both settled in for the ride.
We rode in silence for sometime, until I stunned myself by asking, "So, Angel, where are you headed?" I genuinely wanted to know. I never started conversations. I inwardly frowned at myself. Why was I normally so mean?
"Well, my husband and I are planning to expand our family by adopting some children. I just came back from completing the paperwork in Centropolis for several small ones to come live with us. We have one daughter already but she's lonely," Angel glowed.
"Wow," I said, stunned. "How generous of you to adopt kids you don't even know and make them a part of your family."

"It's been quite difficult, honestly. Our paperwork kept getting kicked back or lost but we preserved. We just knew it was the right path for us. Our next stop once I get home is Shinwa Memorial Children's Home!"
"That sounds really difficult," I said. "Did you ever think about giving up?" I always gave up when the going got tough. If I couldn't buy it or make someone else do it then I didn't bother.

She winked at me. "It's all about your attitude, you know. Believe in something hard enough and keep working toward it, and you stand a good chance of making it happen." She casually opened up a manuscript and started to read.

With her words, I suddenly realized the infinite possibility of my situation. What had my attitude been before? Nothing impressive, that was for sure. I could rewrite myself. No one knew me where I was going. It would take a lot of hard work to be someone different but if I believed enough...maybe anything was possible.

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