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Magnus Lee
Legacy Name: Magnus Lee

The Twilight Kumos
Owner: Raven

Age: 4 years, 11 months, 4 days

Born: November 15th, 2015

Adopted: 4 years, 11 months, 4 days ago

Adopted: November 15th, 2015


  • Level: 1
  • Strength: 10
  • Defense: 10
  • Speed: 10
  • Health: 10
  • HP: 10/10
  • Intelligence: 2
  • Books Read: 2
  • Food Eaten: 0
  • Job: Unemployed

Magnus Saint John was a happy child. He loved to draw in his sketchbook or paint along the riverside. Sometimes he would be found in the town square selling his art. He would use these funds to either buy more art supplies or a treat to share with the other kids he lived with. He loved playing with all the children but sometimes he wanted to be alone—in these instances he would shimmy down the drainpipe at dusk and sneak off to read by torchlight. Unfortunately for Magnus, this is how his story actually begins.


Magnus woke in a strange hospital. He was in so much pain he could barely move and whimpered slightly. A woman in odd clothes rushed over when she saw that he was awake. “Shh, dear,” she said soothingly, “you’re in Saint Mungo’s Hospital for Magical Maladies and Injuries. I’m Healer Mathilda Sparks, but you can call me Mathilda.” She pulled out a potion from her robes and gently elevated him. Pressing the vial to his lips she said, “Drink this, it’ll help for the pain.” With the vial drained she eased him back down. “Do you remember what happened to you?”

Magnus tried to nod but the pain stopped him. Of course he remembered. He had snuck out of the orphanage in the middle of the night. He had done it many times before. It was nice to be away from the din of the other children. He would go to his alcove he found and read by torchlight or stroll the streets with no destination in mind. But this walk did not go as planned and he had come face to face with a giant wolf. It snarled and he ran but was no match for the beast.

“Giant wolf attacked me,” he said as he felt his pain ebb. Whatever the woman gave him had started to work. He frowned seeing all the bandages. He was lucky to be alive.

The healer sat beside him and took his hand. “Not quite child. You were attacked by a werewolf. An auror was following him and managed to intercede. If he hadn’t have been there and gotten you in time, you would have died. He apparated with you and we were able to save your life. It appears that the werewolf had been following you for several months. He enjoyed hurting children,” she said with a grimace. “He was caught, tried and convicted. The dementor’s kiss was performed.”

Magnus started at her blankly having no idea what she was saying. “Are you tellin’ me werewolves exist? What’s all ‘em other words mean?”

Horror washed over the healer’s face. “You are a muggle-born? Tell me where you live and your parents’ names. I must make some preparations.”

“Don’t have any. I asked the orphanage ‘bout ‘em but they didn’t know. Copper found me in a fancy pram one night alone. Took me to the orphanage and they waited for my parents to find me. They think somefing ‘appened to ‘em cos they never came back. Was a blanket with the name Magnus sewn on it, so that’s what orphanage named me.”

The healer didn’t seem to know what to say to this news. She pulled out another vial and coaxed him to drink it and within moments he fell asleep. When Magnus woke there where several more strangely dressed adults at his bedside along with his belongs from the orphanage. His world changed as the adults explained to him that he was most likely now a werewolf, though they would not know for sure until he changed at the next full moon. He was told of the magical world and that the strange things that happened to him was magic.

By the time the next full moon came, Magnus had healed from the attack. Aside from his drawing and painting which he had loved to do, he had taken to exploring the hospital and reading all about the magical world he was now a part of. It was amazing to learn he had magical powers but very scary to think he might become a werewolf. It was fairly certain he would, with the vicious nature of his attack and the fact he had started craving rare meat. The night of the full moon came and a potion called Wolfsbane was brought to him. He drank it and then as the rays of the moonlight started to shine in the night sky he started to transform. It was incredibly painful and his small nine year old body cracked and grew fur and fangs. His fur was as black as night. The Wolfsbane potion kept his new dark impulses at bay.

An adult werewolf visited him the following morning to explain—yet again what being a werewolf meant for Magnus. Even though no one seemed to know what to do with him, he would not be returning to his muggle orphanage. When the wizard left and he was alone, Magnus cried into his pillow. He couldn’t help it. Everything he had ever known had changed and he lost the only place he had called home. Granted the orphanage was not much of a home but finding himself living in a hospital was not exactly ideal. He was not allowed to leave the hospital alone. They locked him in the ward at night. It was hard to argue with them given how he was attacked. The healer was nice enough to him and brought him little gifts every so often. He also woke with books beside him from the mysterious auror that saved him but only visited when Magnus was asleep. Even so the next year was rather lonely for the boy and he found himself many times crying at night.

Near his tenth birthday, a woman and man popped into the ward to visit a relation that had been bitten by a poisonous spider. After some time visiting, the woman came over to Magnus and smiled. “Hello dear, I’m Stella Lee. Have your mum and dad visited you today? It can’t be easy to be here without them I imagine.”

“No,” he replied looking up from his book which was a wizarding history book the healer had given him. “No one visits me.”

“No one?” she asked sadly, “How long have you been here?”

“No one comes to see me but the ‘ealer Mathlida. Been ‘ere a year or so. Don’t know what to do with me, they don’t. Can’t send me back to me orphanage what with me being a werewolf and all. I ‘eard ‘em saying I’ll probly live ‘ere till Hogwarts and stay at the school except for summer ‘olidays were I’ll return ‘ere. If I get accepted that is.” It sounded lonely and bleak even to him.

Her husband called her over and she excused herself. Over the next week the couple visited their relation as well as Magnus. Her husband’s name was Bartley and he was as pleasant as his wife. They brought some puzzles for him to put together as well as other toys and things. He enjoyed their company and was sad when the week ended and the relation was cleared to go home. Magnus found himself rather depressed. It had been so nice to have someone visit him. Mathilda tried to boost his spirits with some magical toys. He smiled and thanked her but then returned to the listless mood he had sunk into.

A week later the Lees walked back into his ward and smiled warmly at him. But Magnus couldn’t find it in himself to care. The tears started to fall and he turned to hide them. He didn’t want to see them again, knowing he would be alone after they left. Always alone. He’d gone from the din of the other kids at the orphanage to this very lonely existence and a monster to boot. “Please leave,” he said, not wanting them to see him cry—though the sound of tears was in his voice.

“We will,” Mrs. Lee replied, “as soon as we collect our son.”

Of course, he thought bitterly. They were only visiting him because they had another relative in the hospital. “Don’t keep ‘im waiting then,” he said with venom in his voice.

“He’s not wanting to move it seems,” Mr. Lee piped in. “Maybe I should start packing his things?” He opened a bag he was carrying. Then pulling out his wand from his cloak, he started pointing at Magnus’ belongings. They started packing themselves into the bag and Magnus wiped his eyes trying to understand what was happening.

Mrs. Lee leaned down and wiped a stray tear from his cheek. “Magnus, you are our son. We’ve come claim you. I’m so sorry we couldn’t visit last week. We’ve had a lot of things to sort out. You wouldn’t imagine the paperwork we needed to fill out to adopt you. Plus we had to get your room ready. But everything is in order and now you’re ours.”

He gaped, mouth open-full stare at them both. A thousand questions flooded his mind. “But I’m a werewolf.”

Mr. Lee nodded. “Yes, you are. And we’ve got wolfsbane potion for you as well as a safe room to put you in on the nights of the full moon. We’ve made lots of preparations, talked to many parents who have raised werewolves and I assure you, I'm excellent at stunning spells.”

Mrs. Lee smiled deeply. “You see, we were never blessed with children and have talked of adopting a child. Its providence that we saw you here all alone. We went to the Ministry of Magic the first day you saw us and got adoption paperwork started. As soon as we saw you, spoke with you, we knew we wanted to be your parents. But we didn’t want to say anything until it was official.” She tucked a strand of his brown hair behind his ear. “You’ve been through so much.”

“Of course,” Mr. Lee interjected, “if you don’t want…”

Magnus looked at both of the Lees and then suddenly flung himself around Mrs. Lee hugging her deeply. His tears were streaming down his face by the time he hugged Mr. Lee. “I got a mum and dad!”

The next year was filled with happiness for Magnus Lee. He couldn’t believe he had a home and parents. The Lees had bought him books, toys, clothes—but more than that he felt loved. His parents taught him things, played games with him and took him on outings. He had felt so lucky. They didn’t care in the slightest that he was a werewolf. There was question though, if he would be allowed in Hogwarts. On the day of his eleventh birthday his Hogwarts letter arrived. The next thing he knew his parents took him to Diagon Alley to buy him a present. What they didn’t tell him, was they had been looking for a pet for him that could keep him company at Hogwarts—and be able to handle a werewolf. They did not want him to be lonely if they could help it. What they had found was an orange Persian cat living at Magical Menagerie—a cat they bought the week before asking the shop keeper to hold her for them. The cat rubbed herself around Magnus and he was beaming so deeply he never even noticed that no money exchanged hands that day. He named his cat Kippers.

Magnus had made many friends at Hogwarts and during his second term he learnt the auror that had saved his life and had visited him when he was asleep in Saint Mungos was his dad’s best friend. The man, Paul Freeman, had become family to the boy as well. Soon the Ravenclaw was also dating, a girl named Katsumi Mattrick. She was smart, pretty, and rather quiet, but Magnus liked her a lot and was glad he could spend time with her—they were already planning holidays with each other as well. He called her his dragon. The dragon was aptly fitting because she loved dragons and even conjured one as her patronus.

Strange how things turn out. Becoming a werewolf was one of the lowest points in the boy’s life; yet, what happened afterwards Magnus was incredibly thankful for. He had a family and friends that deeply loved him and was going to Hogwarts in hopes of becoming a Healer—there wasn’t much else the boy could ask for.

Story by Raven based on the Harry Potter series by J.K Rowling.

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