Wistfull has a minion!

Minion the Knitsy

Legacy Name: Wistfull

The Custom Nostalgic Clawsion
Owner: Alphys

Age: 5 years, 4 months, 2 weeks

Born: December 2nd, 2015

Adopted: 5 years, 4 months, 2 weeks ago

Adopted: December 2nd, 2015


  • Level: 4
  • Strength: 10
  • Defense: 10
  • Speed: 10
  • Health: 10
  • HP: 10/10
  • Intelligence: 0
  • Books Read: 0
  • Food Eaten: 0
  • Job: Unemployed

“Fire the cannons!”
“We’re taking on water!”
“They took out our mast!”
Two giggling Clawsion kits jumped overboard, landing in the strangely-grassy water with a thud.
“…I think our boat sunk.” The green-furred kit mumbled, prompting his blue companion to chuckle.
“It’s but a small setback! We’ll just have to survive in our lifeboat! Um…”
The blue Clawsion yanked a piece off their carboard ‘boat’ and pulled it over, sitting on it with the other.“Tada! Safe on our escape skiff!”
The other kit giggled, then reached over to open up the tape and cereal box eyepatch over Wistful’s eye.“Wanna play on the see-saw for a bit?”
With a nod, Wistful hopped off the ‘skiff’ and bounded to the teeter-totter with the other, sitting on the seat with a grin.“Sounds good to me!”

The only two immediate inhabitants of the small local park other than a grown up or two, the children hopped up and down on the amusing ride. Their cardboard pirate ship sat assembled a short distance off, the result of lunchtime labors and a few rolls of duct tape. A slight breeze rustled the green sweeping trees dotting the field, the playground partially shaded from the afternoon sun.
“Thanks for playing with me these past few days Wistful.” The Clawsion remarked, a slight smile on his face as they bounced up and down.
“Well why wouldn’t I? Georgie, you’re fun! And nobody should have to play alone!” Wistful remarked with a cheery grin.
“Yeah, but still, thanks. Nobody really wanted to play with me since we just moved here from the Arctic Frost.” The blue kit muttered, ears drooping slightly.
“Hey, I’d love to play with you anytime! A few others moved in too recently, maybe we could all get together!” Wistful suggested, prompting the saddened ears to perk right back up.
“R-Really? That’d be great! So you live around here? Never really met your parents or anything.”

Wistful shrugged, gesturing around with a set of claws.
“Yeah, they’re always really busy, we kinda move around a loooooot. But I figure that’s just more ways to make friends!”
“Georgie! Time to go home!” An older Clawsion called, prompting an immediate pout from Wistful.
“Aw, do you have to?” He asked, prompting Georgie to sigh as they both got off the see-saw.
“Yeah. I have an appointment thing. Bleh.” The kit stuck his tongue out, prompting Wistful to giggle, giving the other a brief hug.
“It was great playing with you! Can we do it again tomorrow?” He asked, an instant nod in response.
“Yeah! I’ll be here just after lunch!”
“See you then! Bye Georgie!”
“Bye Wistful! See ya!”
Waving goodbye to his friend, Wisftul maintained the pleasant demeanor until he was out of sight, then kicking at the playground sand with a clawed foot.
“Stupid parents.” He muttered, walking over to sit on a nearby bench with his furry arms crossed. “Was having a great time, and then they have to take away my friend! And for grown up things too! Now I have to just sit here or wander around until-”

Wistfull’s ears flicked upwards, the resentful pouting lost as a sixth sense reached his awareness.Huh. Somebody is wanting to play but doesn’t have any friends? That was fast…

His body fading slightly, the now-ethereal Clawsion floated above the park and surrounding suburbs. Feeling a strange pull in a certain direction, he soon found the cause. A young tan Anyu was playing in her backyard in a sand pit, clearly trying to enjoy the activity but failing.

Zipping down to hover just behind a tall wooden fence, Wistful canceled his ethereal form, flopping over into the Anyu’s yard and landing with a thud.

“Ohmygosh. Are you ok?” She asked, bounding over and looking at the Clawsion, Wistful letting out a giggle.
“Yep! Still learning how to fly. But I saw you playing so thought I’d say hi! You looked lonely.” Wistful remarked, getting up with an energetic hop.
“What’s your name?” He asked, prompting the young Anyu to smile.
“L-:ila, what’s yours?” She asked. The question quickly prompted the Clawsion to strike a heroic pose.
“Pirate Captain Wistful at your service!” He proclaimed, causing Lila to dissolve into giggles.
“A pirate captain huh? That sounds pretty neat!”

“Yup! My crew is a bit small though; we’re meeting tomorrow in the park to hunt for treasure again, wanna join us?” Wistful asked, not able to resist a wide grin as Lila nodded, a genuinely happy smile on her furry face.
“I’d love to! I’ll just have to ask my mom, but I don’t think there’s anything going on…”
Wistful nodded at the answer, then gesturing to the sand pit.
“You really did look kinda lonely- at least I thought so before my wings went wacky. Wanna play?” He asked, promptly making Lilla smile again.
“I’d love to!”

Attempting to build a large castle, the two mounded up the sand, Lila then glancing over to the amused Clawsion.
“So where do you live? Just around here I figure?”
He nodded, picking up a leaf to adorn one of the ‘towers.’
“Yep! Just in this area. I move a lot though. Or at least I think I used to…Oh! We can use the sticks to make a fence around the kingdom!” He remarked, the other child not noticing his middle remark.
“That’s a great idea!”

Within an hour, the two had assembled quite the sand empire, complete with a castle, farms, and even a few stick prince and princesses. As the sun began to edge down towards evening, Wistful hopped into the air with a flap of his wings.
“I probably have to get going; so I’ll see you tomorrow at the park?” He asked, prompting a nod.
“You bet! And thanks for playing with me- I feel much better. You’re a nice guy.” She added, blushing slightly as Wistful stuck out his tongue.
“Heh, well thanks! I just don’t like seeing people lonely! I’ll see ya tomorrow!”
With a wave, he zipped into the air, once again pulled in a direction of a lonely child. He saw in the distance a single Charlie swinging in his backyard, a few tears dripping down his cheeks.
Another person to play with! That’s a sad face if I’ve ever seen one, time to say hello!”
The sniffling red Charlie nearly fell out of his swing in shock as a Clawsion hung upside down on the swingset next to him, a wide playful grin on his features.
“Hey there!”
Before any words were spoken, a smile began to edge through the Charlie’s tears.

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