Niedlich has a minion!

Minion the Chibi Pet Rock

Legacy Name: Niedlich

The Chibi Anyu
Owner: Beren

Age: 6 years, 4 months, 2 weeks

Born: January 13th, 2016

Adopted: 6 years, 4 months, 2 weeks ago

Adopted: January 13th, 2016


Hello Stranger,

welcome! Here are all those little jewels that are my CWs –
the ones I created – sorted by releases for friends and anything else
as well as my owned – who I divide into the „No No – all mine forever“section and the section you can as me if I am willing to trade.

As far as my releases for friends are concerned
mostly I do not have extra/spare copies – in some cases I do not even have my own copy anymore
So there is no point asking me for a copy, please!

all CWs I comissioned

gifts/stuff for friends - what some might call private
Here are my UFT CWsandhere are other CWs I own but am not likely to give them away , since I use them often and almost on every HA.
IF you really want to temt me to give up any of my "no tradeitems" you are more likely to have a chace if you have a CW from one of my friends WLs
(I have a few I set up to look for lumi and birthday gifts)
and most of my friends have very elusive and rare tastes.

I will NOT take anything then CWs into consideration and there are 2/3 WLs I am most willing to give my things up for,
since I love those girls but they are so hard to shop for!

same goes for CWs in my pet TCs
not likley to sell anything - but I might be tempted to swap.

I also own a lot of CWs in my pets TCs
you can see them here
but again I am not really into trading them.

IF you really want anything out of my pets TCs or from my NOT UFT Cws -
you best chance is if you have anything from my WLs for lumi (from firends of mine)
I am NOT selling from there - sorry!

If you need a recolor of any of my CWs in a differnt type of skin,
feel free to let me know, please - I am more then willing to provide!

Last, but not least:
there are a few CWs I will NEVER give up

Candy Shop Teddy Bear
- I had this on my WL for the longest time - and then found it in the pawn shop.
I knew it is a private and not meant to be there, but lucky for me the wonderful Disasters let me keep it. So it's in the TC and there it will stay!

Magical Sunset Clouds
I paid 6K for it - and it will stay with me!

Secret Lotus of the Hidden Pond
the sole reason I am ino CWs - my first love and it will always be with me.

Celestial Crystal of Memories
this was a private release for Moondustdreams group, so if you want to offer, make sure you are a member of this group, but most likely I will keep it any way.

So, please do not ask for those!
as said, if you want anything else, your best chance would be to have an offer from a frineds WL.
Thank you!

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