Kahless has a minion!

Warrior Spirit the Epic Muse


The Storm Escalade
Owner: Atomic

Age: 3 years, 9 months, 3 weeks

Born: February 6th, 2016

Adopted: 3 years, 9 months, 3 weeks ago

Adopted: February 6th, 2016


  • Level: 38
  • Strength: 93
  • Defense: 51
  • Speed: 56
  • Health: 52
  • HP: 52/52
  • Intelligence: 148
  • Books Read: 129
  • Food Eaten: 0
  • Job: Stylist


(Credits: Klingon logo and Bat'leth belong to CBS Corporation. Pet overlay edit by Atomic using photo of an official prop obtained from here)

(Casually collecting the worst weapons in Subeta, yay)


Pet Treasure

Sacrificial Spork

Escalade Shield of Piercing

Chaotic Umbrella of Poking

Repair Bot

Bear Plushie Bomb


Shrine of Apollonia

Phaloroceas Leaf Charm

Bubble Wand

Basket of Yarn Ball Bombs

Mythril Devonti Body Armor

Galactobeam 100

Fierce Sword

Defense Tag

Escalade Emerald Wrist Cuffs

Teeny Pie Minion Magical Wand

Smiling Bomb

Kora Sword

Cape of Feathers

Lizard Wand

Blackest Sword of Darkest Death

Shinwas Shield of Reflection

Pineapple of Torture and Maiming

Ghostly Battle Staff

Sword of Evil

Shinwas Flute

Amulet of Destiny and Prophecy

Dusk Spirit

Used Short Sword

Bloodred Sai

Dark Dagger


Aqua Lite Crystal Sword

Elegant Gunblade

Bot-Blaster V013

Spiral Sword

Mint BomBon

Blackmoons Cursed Axe

Light Dreamcatcher

Ghostly Sword

Clawsion Toy Wand

Blood Halberd

Maliss Cannon

Clawsion Battle Paw


Bone Grinder

Basic Energized Blaster

Feathered Bomb

Dungarde Axe

Featherweight Axe of Gusts

Plague Claw

Smash and Bash

Arrow Harpoon

Cursed Irion Gloves

Cursed Irion Chestplate

Lightning Bolt

Bludgeon of Mass Extinction

Fire Wand

Water Dreamcatcher

Crystal Dagger

Astral Wand

Magical Mystical Orb

Demi Strength Potion

Keiths Quill

Bottled Fire

Mystical Orb of the Gods

Gold Sai

Mallarchy Tooth Katar

Terracoon Blade

Dark Matter Crystal Sword

Quill of Serenity

Omniscient Sword of Prophecy

Cuttlefish Sword

Gold Plated Trout Slapper

Poseidons Trident

Bottled School Girl Shriek

Pea Bomb

Smoldering Slaglord Gauntlets

Field Hunting Knife

Green Fireside Flame

Death Soul Stone

Beagle Quill

Double Impact Anyu Hammer

Ghostly Shield

Azathoth Jaw Kilt

Magical Snowflake

Sealed Scroll of White Magic

Anyu Brass Knuckles

Possessed Blade of Doom

Arid Chelon Gem

Stinker Bomb

Pink Star Rod

Weaponized Pool Noodle

Shinwas Helmet of Protection

Graveyard Quill

Demonic Shield

Sanctifying Pylonic

Hikei Axe

Tutani Shield

Enchanted Elven Bow

Paralix Crystal Ball

Plasma Bubbles

Red Sai

Bottled Delirium

Aqua Star Rod

Hipottu Battle Boot

Field BattleTech Bracelet

Nail Bat

Pepper Spray

Fester Power Blade

Harvester Scythe of Doom

Crystal Ball of Fate

Sword of Two Sides

Broken Bottle

Mythril Devonti Ear Armor

Shinwas Amulet of Flight

Harvester Keydagger

Salvonic Pylonic

Dark Goddess Amulet

Orange Sai

Ice Amulet

Demonic Montre Wand

Glowing Orb of Reptiles

Irion Battle Feather

Mallarchy Battle Helmet

Kumos Clawed Gloves

Bottled Angst

Water Charm

Common Chelon Gem

Item Hunters Quill

Possessed Vampire Amulet

Slicing Light of Dark Doom

Glaciating Pylonic

Dark Matter Hipottu Bombs

Cream Chelon Gem

Light SubetaBall

Yellow Celestial Flask

Field Six-Shooter

Gate Keeper Gem of Power

Pointy Hydrus Horns

Blue Plasmite Rod

Earth Soul Stone

Cursed Voodoo Doll

Sun Spirit

Sheeta Moon Scepter

Fire Elemental Staff

Sun Gem

Armored Groblen

Ontra Shield

Zombie Club

Red Crystal Sword

Darkness Soul Stone

Azathoth Waist Tunic

Cursed Demon Sword

Tutani Sword

Sinister Quill

Ruffie Bottled Breath

Sierrac Basal Ice Flail

Red Rreign Staff of Lore

Earth Dreamcatcher

Sunset Rose Shield

Vesnali Bunny Staff

Blade of Sacrifice

Awesomely Totally Bent Pokey Stick

Creature Claw

Gate Keeper Bone Helm

Plasma Grenade Launcher

Camouflage Bombs

Crown of Bright Sunshine

Vial of Dark Water

Illumis Golden Harp


Jewel Encrusted Quill

Happy Bomb

Ruffie Spiked Boots

Meteor Crossbow

Slicing Light of Earth

Green Plasmite Rod

Raindrop Rod

Staff of Good and Evil

Cat Katana

All-Seeing All-Knowing Crystal Ball of Terriers

Kerubi Wand of Dreams

Ontra Stun Grenades

Large Gutting Knife

Scavenged Bow and Quiver

Sushi Slingshot

Amulet of Life

Magical Gold Duct Tape

Attitude Adjuster

Sniping Bow of Doom and Demise

Slots Spork

Anyu Battle Axe

Zombie Shield

Upside Down Chemical Spiller 5000

Bloodied Sawed Off Double Barrel Shotgun with Machete

Hydrus Tyemnota Charm

Illumis Sun Scythe

Counteraim Ring

Useless Rusty Knife

Azathoth Hungry Boots

Gear Shuriken

Rodent Wailer

Evil Quill

Platinum Bracelet of Mass Subjugation

Hikei Whip

Ebil Spork

Staff of Darkness

Skelly Quill

Graveyard Short Sword

Burning Hot Holiday Bulb

Telenine Staff

Hook of Psychic

Dark Goddess Moon Staff

Rainbow Herb Shield

Magma Dreamcatcher

Chibi Broad Sword

Hunters Ring of Stars

Rainbow Attack Chair


Dripping Gelatin Vial

Ruffie Spiked Helm

Bottled Ice

Hydragellos Lost Tooth

Dazzling Bejeweled Tiara of Ultimate Malevolence

Irion Egg Bomb

Shinwas Fairy Sword of Purity

Faulds of Deathward

Sawed Off Double Barrel Shotgun with Machete

Scavenged Bow

Trusty Blades

Lime of Doom

Muffin Mans Toothpick

Charlie Crossbow

Dark Dreamcatcher

Ruffie Spiked Collar

Psychic Bubbles

Scientist Specs

Vulty Claw

Light Matter

Comet Flash

Glowing Cemetery Sword

Shadow Fists

Dillo Staff

Happy Spear

Item Hunters Cane-Concealed Dagger

Item Hunters Bomb

Rainbow Spork-O-Poking!

Blazing Sun Rod

Boysenberry Pie Bomb

Keeto Axe of Destruction

Telenine Extension Fangs

Graveyard Moon Rod

Mystical Teeny Pie Minion Shield

Happy Axe

Tide Water Blaster

Rreign Mace of Malice

Evil Booger

Little Chopper

Ultra Keen Eye Drops

Wallowing Gas

Cursed Bow

Beanstalk Whip

Hard Earth Battle Hammer

Flayed Lord Breastplate

Savage Skull Splitter

Bladed Throwing Feathers

Fruit Punch Club

Rusty Broken Pipe

Recycle Blaster

Spatula of Pete

Item Hunters Monocle

Item Hunters Whip

Muffin Mans Armor

Oslyae Tail Whip

Rubber Duckie of Violent Death

Poisonous Azathoth Tentacle

Antlephore Shield

Gate Keeper Wand

Magical Love Duct Tape

Cruento Dolor


Lightning Pistol


Ice Bombs

Zephyr Wand

Kanis Carrot Catapult

Fire Bubbles

Feli Wand

Demonic Doomsday Device

Stun Gun

Kumos Gloves of Justice

Life Charm

Happy Hammer


Giant Gingerbread Lollipop

Eventide Chakram

Inverted Galaxy Orb

Thatcher Mordells Raygun

Kumos Wand

Stone Falcata

Fire Blade

Dark Matter Tombstone of Smacking


Donadak Crystal Blocking Shield

Light Sword of Justice

Lasirus Heat-Vision Goggles

Bantam Beak Blade

Nightmare Knuckles

Stinging Gauntlet

Cruel Fandango

Lich Lord Broken Phylactery

Thrashing Bulldog

Dark Matter Dice

Azathoth Hide Mask

Ghostly Crystal Ball

Light Bomb

Velvet Magic Wand

Paralix Screeching Battle Ball

Horrific Ghostly Aura


Tutani Fin Protector


Dark Matter Spork

Fester Poison

Earth Arrowhead

Dark Death Potion

Ghostly Immaterial Shield

Magma Rod

Winged Anyu Helm

Vampyric Blood Drop Pendant

Evil Ghost Bomb


Bottled Stinker Acid

Crystal Cadogre Boomerang

Spectrum Six-Shooter

Battle Spork

Magma SubetaBall

Earth SubetaBall

Mystical Orb

Graveyard Six-Shooter

Winged Anyu Spiked Balls

Shinwas Bow

Water Soul Stone

Krad Bomb

Azathoth Pauldrons

Paralix Staff of Knowledge

Sparkling Quill

Tutani Eye Protector

Dark Water Potion

Mortiking Dagger

Terracoon Suction Cups

Wind Blade

Dark SubetaBall

Endeavor Chest Armor

Amber Eye Blade

Charlie Folding Knife

Twilight Six-Shooter

Lasirus Golden Fangs

Hikei Lance

Kora Bottle of Mystical Mist

Skull Axe

Skeleton Ring

Anyu Sleeping Powder

Amoeba of Dooom

Arsenic-Laced Peanut Butter Cookie

Evergreen Wand

Irion Dart

Ruffie Flea Infestation

Field Mahar Tail Whip

Kanis Tailguard

Paralix Battle Glove

Endeavor Gauntlets

Dark Life Potion

Golden Mahar Earring

Cherry BomBon


Light Blade

Fierce Fake Tutani Jaw

Dark Matter Bomb

Donadak Fire Gauntlet

Earth Battle Star

Hydrus Horn

Galaxy Orb

Water Arrowhead

Dark Light Potion

Harvester Embellished Cloak

Subeta Cola Fairy Attitude Adjuster

Wyllop Eyepatch

Curved Kumos Blade

Kerubi Bomb

Charlie Brass Knuckles

Magical Hikei Glow

Water SubetaBall

Escalade Balance Blade

Nut Bomb

Crystal Sheeta Orb

Light Arrowhead

Dillema Pushpin Swords

Hikei Floating Orbs

Illumis Arid Ring

Flaming SubetaBall

Endeavor Gem

Telenine Tail Guard

Sun Mahar Halberd

Illumis Cream Glove

Sun Six-Shooter

Spiked Mallet

Golden Irion Helmet

Hikei Helmet

Marsh Mahar Mace

Devonti Essence

Angelic Rod

Wyllop Tail Whip

Ghostly Goggles of Fear

Tutani Seraphim Pistol

Tigrean Claw Amulet

Hikei Grooming Brush Shield

Purple Celestial Flask

Mythril Devonti Horn Armor


Divination Orb

Black Sai

Spiked Montre Tailguard

Chai Tea Leaf Blade

Vampire Bat Dagger

Kanis Laser Carrot

Fire BattleTech Bracelet

Icy Sheeta Gem Sword

Mechanical Battle Boot

Cane of the Wind

Devonti Crystal

Walking Wind-up Cybill Egg Bomb

Antlephore Cuirass

Dusk Six-Shooter

Plunger of DOOM

Kora Orb of Foresight

Lasirus Wingpack

Illumis Marsh Staff

Enchanted Crystal Irion Pendant

Golden Amulet

Hoarding Spork of Self Destruction

Burning Star Rod

Celinox Crystal Gauntlets

Feli Bow

Endeavor Helmet

Sheeta Sweetie Wand

Death Arrowhead

Arid Mahar Slingshot

Anyu Blade of Glory

Fire Battle Star

Dark Magma Potion

Malticorn Wand

Grass Blade

Water Blade

Antlephore Throwing Star

Keeto Bomb

Magical Duct Tape

Allure Potion

Shinwas Lightblade

Sword of Darkness

Plain Feather

Attack Tag

Mallarchy Foot Dagger

Kora Gem of Power

Irion Staff

Demi Dazzling Dust

Present Bomb

Fire Arrowhead

Nuclear Mahar Ring

Cork Gun

Ruffie Sword

Irion Battle Claw

Evil Blade of Doom

Battle Hoagie

Harvester Cloak of Darkness

UltimaPlus Tag

Handheld Hydrus Claws

Telenine Skull Faceguard

Pie Mace

Sword of Sparrows

Kora Wand of Transformation

Shinwas Battle Wings

Hikei Knife

Poison Tipped Qwirl Quills

Item Hunters Sword

Antlephore Water Balloon

Dragarth Skull Faceguard

Hammer of the Ghost

Bottled Lightning

Gold Helmet

Purple Gun

Ultra Sword

Blue Crystal Sword

Shadow Short Sword

Slayer of Souls

Kuro Neko San Kitty Sword of Death

Dawn Mahar Tome


Rainbow Vortex Blob Doll

Evil Moon Rod

Death Dreamcatcher

Darkonite Shield

Dark Fire Potion

Antlephore Armored Shoe of Pointy Doom

Necrotic Throwing Vial

Mutagenic Throwing Vial

Mercurial Throwing Vial

Destabilizing Throwing Vial

Acidic Throwing Vial

Evil Magic Wand

Lilac Mahar Hourglass

Green Sai

Negating Pylonic

Yarn Ball Bomb

Dehydrated Hydrus Spines

Hearts Revenge Gunblade

Rocket Helmet

Ring of Fire Ward

Box of Souls

Bone Club

Shinwas Amulet of Mercy

Water Elemental Staff

Death Scythe

Bone Sword

Field Chelon Gem

Pylot War Hammer

Teddy Bear Sword

Irion Battle Shield

Red Plasmite Rod

Illumis Nuclear Explosive Goo

Glitter Blade

Phaloroceas Rain Charm

Item Hunters Staff

Demi Horn Wand

Fire Amulet

Lobster Claw of Doom

Short Hipottu Dagger

Item Hunters Shield

Bloody Hydrus Necklace

White Chocolate Bombon

Fudge BomBon

Kumos Skull Faceguard

Caramel Bombon

Furry Anyu Fury Bomb

Bloodred Axe

Demonic Blade

Soul Stone

Item Hunters Wand

Shinwas Staff

Darkonite Dagger

Caring Nail Bat

Mahar Seeing Eye

Dillema Hellish War Mask

Wind SubetaBall

Illumis Galactic Fan

Reborn Six-Shooter

Green Celestial Flask

Flaming Vampyre Cocktail

Donadak Magic-Powered Mace

Demi Sword

Forgerous Pylonic

Clawsion Battle Wand

Hikei Throwing Shoes

Earth Ninja Star

Antlephore Back-Mounted Missile Launcher

Darkonite Battle Claw

Cybill Double-Bladed Flipper Sword

Torrent Battle Fins

Dawn Hunting Knife

Multicolored Torrent Light

Broccoli Spore Wand

Kumos Helmet

Demi Horn Protector

Magma Arrowhead

Slicing Light of Blood

Light Battle Star

Bloodred Chelon Gem

Chai Acid Tea

Dark Feather

Malticorn Love Wand

Psychic Battle Star

Devonti Harp of Sleeping

Dawn Six-Shooter

Curved Hydrus Horns

Shinwas Back Up Staff

Ring of Earth Ward

Magma Charm

Ruffie Healy Bones

Green Crystal Sword

Light Charm

Vegetable Sword

Evergreen Shield

Dillema Corrupted Soul

Dusk Mahar Cloak

Ruffie Leash Lasso

Kerubi Orb of Doom

Silver Bullet

Dowsing Pendulum

Illumis Lilac Butterfly Swords

Wand of Power

Reverberating Pylonic

Graveyard Star Rod

Ghost Gems

Haunted Dagger

Ontra Battle Wand

Revivifying Pylonic

Dark Arrowhead

Flaming Coal

Ice SubetaBall

Icy Freezing Rod of Doom

Pumpkin Sickle Blade

Rreign Faceguard

Illumis Dawn Bug Zapper

Rainbow Star Rod

Torrent Flakes of Doom

Fire Ninja Star

Triple Arrow

Shinwas Weather Orb

Exploding Ruffie Chew Toy

Dark Matter Six-Shooter

Ninja Katana

Cream Six-Shooter

Magical Pie Wand

Flying Feli Bomb

Ontra Poison Darts

Charlie Leather Jacket

Gold Plated Crystal Sword

Tigrean Boomerang

Spectrabeam Laser

Pet Friends