iZombie has a minion!

New Hope the Quick Rat

Legacy Name: iZombie

The Common Experiment #696
Owner: Reaper

Age: 4 years, 7 months, 3 weeks

Born: February 25th, 2016

Adopted: 4 years, 7 months, 3 weeks ago

Adopted: February 25th, 2016


  • Level: 104
  • Strength: 263
  • Defense: 259
  • Speed: 257
  • Health: 255
  • HP: 255/255
  • Intelligence: 293
  • Books Read: 289
  • Food Eaten: 0
  • Job: Certified Mad Scientist

art by Mesmer

Pet Treasure


Muffin Pan

Brain Pot Pie

Purple Confident Zombie Killer Sticker

Research Field Journal

Destroyed Research File Cabinet

Green Zombie Book

Brain Sucker

Rule 1: Cardio Sticker

Rule 2: Double Tap Sticker

The Dead Will Walk the Earth Sticker

Fancy Courtroom Brainbon

Fancy Doctored Brainbon

Fancy Educated Brainbon

Fancy Engineered Brainbon

Fancy Scientific Brainbon

Blue Liquid Filled Giant Syringe

Dead Reckoning Sticker

A Close Look at Viruses

Doctor Mask

SAI Junior Agent Badge

Fingerprint Dusting Kit

Amateur Sleuth Kit

Fashion Police Badge

White Coat of Altruism

Tousled Lab Coat

Research File Cabinet

Snowy Village Defend and Conquer

Blast Cola

CLAW Energy Substitute

Storm Infused Energy Drink

Cursed Cinnamon Hard Candy

Brain Shadow

Blocky Wind-Up Zombie Toy

Zombie Miniature

Zombie Action Figure

Faking Zombie Figurine

Future Zombie Victim Action Figure

Infectious Zombie Goo


Quick Rat

Questionable Tagged Syringe

Plas-Tek Large Purple Morostide Syringe

Hospital Bed

Short Bed

Heavy Duty Theatrical Concealer

Ghouls Choice Liquid Latex (Fair)

Ghouls Choice Liquid Latex (Medium)

Ghouls Choice Liquid Latex (Dark)

Calavera Bride Needle and Thread

Suture Kit

Skitters Favorite Needle

Stick-On Autopsy Incision

Grave Robbing Kit

Brain Baby Sticker

Pink Zombie Stare Sticker

Virus Heart Sticker

Brainy Thoughts Balloon

Brainy Bubble Gum

Black Brain Socks

Green Brain Socks

Navy Brain Socks

Purple Brain Socks

Yellow Brain Socks

Likes Zombies Statement Tee

Lovely Brain Shirt

White Brain Anatomical Muscle Tee

Light Gray Brain Anatomical Muscle Tee

Plain I Heart Brains Shirt

Plain I Heart Zombies Shirt

Brains Shirt


Brain Matter

Brain Beanbag

Squishy Brain Plushie

Brain Snowball

Angry Brain Beanbag

Disgusted Brain Beanbag

Fearful Brain Beanbag

Joyful Brain Beanbag

Sad Brain Beanbag

Brain Pillow

Brain Print Beanbag

Aged Brain Present

Fresh Brain Present

Brain on a Leash

My Pet Brain

I Brain You Sticker

Newly Dug Grave Beanbag

Zombie Rag Doll

Tiny Morostide Zombie Plushie

Huggable Zombie Plushie

Brainless Hug Zombie Beanbag

Brain Rot Zombie Plushie

Boobitis Zombie Beanbag

Boobitis Zombie Plushie

Butterfly Bruise Zombie Beanbag

Butterfly Bruise Zombie Plushie

Eyesore Zombie Beanbag

Eyesore Zombie Plushie

Virus Zombie Beanbag

Virus Zombie Plushie

Girly Zombie Plushie

Dead Brain Print Hoodie

Fresh Brain Print Hoodie

Gray Matter Brain Print Hoodie

Pallid Brain Print Hoodie

Sickly Brain Print Hoodie

Moldy Zombie Foot

Radioactive Zombie Foot

Zombie Hand

Zombie Jaw

Zombie Chompers

Undead Chattering Teeth

Brain Rot Cardboard Mask

Zombie Club

Zombie Shield

Subetan to Infected Dictionary

Virus Codex

Black Book of the Undead

Progressive Infection

So You Lost An Eyeball

Flesh Loss and You

How to Kill a Zombie Edition 1

How to Kill a Zombie Edition 2

How to Add and Remove Blood Stains

Living Dead

Makeup Tips for the Undead

Distinguished Zombie Gentleman

Tome of Incredible Brain Expansion

Pop-Up Zombie Storybook

Sewing for Zombies

The Everyday Struggles: Zombies

Undead Fashions

Undead Morostide Card

Undead Slang

Zombie Bite Patterns

Zombie Encyclopedia A-E

Zombie Encyclopedia F-J

Zombie Encyclopedia K-O

Zombie Encyclopedia P-T

Zombie Encyclopedia U-Z

Zombie Fencing

Zombie Growth Tracking

Zombies 101

Gray Zombie Book

Teenage Zombie Diary

Zombie Romance

Brainy Love Poems

Infected Memoirs

Zombie Journal

B is for Brains

Zombie Pub Crawl Guide

Brains on the Brain

Questionable Recipes

Introduction to Vegetarian Grilling: For Zombies

How to Cook Brains

Handy Recipes

Cooking with Chef Zombie

Cooking with Zombie Drool

101 Uses for Zombie Drool

Fast Food for Zombies

Butcher Hanging Scale

Electric Meat Grinder

Bamboo Measuring Spoons

Bamboo Measuring Cups

Metal Spatula

Metal Tongs

Chef Carving Knife

Pizza Cutter

Basic Rolling Pin

Bamboo Cutting Board

Small Iron Pan

Rectangular Baking Pan


Rectangular Cast Iron Stove

Dark Gray Food Tubby

Twilight Fork

Hot Sauce Packets

Caffeinated Hot Sauce

Centropolis Hot Sauce

Darkside Hot Sauce

Delphi Hot Sauce

Omen Islands Hot Sauce

Riverside Valley Hot Sauce

Sacred Lands Hot Sauce

Shadowglen Hot Sauce

Subeta Hot Sauce

Veta Lake Hot Sauce

Ziara Hot Sauce

Harvested Brains

Monkey Brain

Pickled Whole Brain

Brain Flakes Shaker

Powdered Brain

Brain Zombie Condiment

Nasty Old Tin Can Full of Brains

Bloody Brain Shot

Bloody Alien Brain Shot

2Hot Shot

Brain Bleer Boot

Brain Chips

Brain Kebab

Brain Burrito

Moldy Bread Brain Sandwich

Pumpernickel Bread Brain Sandwich

Rye Bread Brain Sandwich

Sourdough Bread Brain Sandwich

Fresh Brain Burger

Brain Sauce with Fried Ear Rings

Brain Sauce with Fried Fingers

Brains and Chips

Brain Lettuce and Tomato Bagel


Brain Pancakes

Brain Stew

Brain Mint

Brain Zucker

Brain Zombie Cotton Candy

Brain on a Stick

Organ Luv Candy Brain

Apple Gummy Brain

Cantaloupe Gummy Brain

Cranberry Gummy Brain

Grape Gummy Brain

Marshmallow Gummy Brain

Brain Gelatin Mold

Bloody Brain Puff

Milky Brain Puff

Rotten Brain Puff

Zombie Brain Puff

Bloody Red Apple Brain

Green Apple Brain

Red Apple Brain

Brain Turnovers

Blood-Filled Brainy Eclairs

Drool-Filled Brainy Eclairs

Poo-Filled Brainy Eclairs

Pus-Filled Brainy Eclairs

Vomit-Filled Brainy Eclairs

Brain Twisted Cinnamon Pastry

Chocolate Chip Brain Bran Muffin

Cranberry Brain Bran Muffin

Low-Fat Brain Bran Muffin

Raisin Brain Bran Muffin

White Chocolate Chip Brain Bran Muffin

Brain Muffin

Carrot Braincake

Chocolate Braincake

Vanilla Braincake

Deadcadent Brain Cupcake

Brain Topped Vanilla Pudding Cup

Brainy Chunky Cookie Stack

Brain Frosted Sugar Cookie

Brain Mushroom Thumbprint Cookie

Brain Filled Pastry Sandwich

Chocolate Chip Brain Stuffed Cookie Sandwich

Fudge Chip Brain Stuffed Cookie Sandwich

Macadamia Nut Brain Stuffed Cookie Sandwich

Oatmeal Raisin Brain Stuffed Cookie Sandwich

Blueberry Brainy Frosted Cookie

Lemon Brainy Frosted Cookie

Mint Brainy Frosted Cookie

Strawberry Brainy Frosted Cookie

Vanilla Brainy Frosted Cookie

Brain Quiche

Wrinkled Peach Cheesecake

Brain Jelly Pastry

Lava Brain Cake

Pet Friends