Prince has a minion!

Worship the Prince

Legacy Name: Prince Nelson

The Sweetheart Hikei
Owner: Camilla

Age: 4 years, 5 months, 6 days

Born: March 1st, 2016

Adopted: 4 years, 5 months, 6 days ago

Adopted: March 1st, 2016

Pet Spotlight Winner
January 13th


  • Level: 2
  • Strength: 10
  • Defense: 10
  • Speed: 10
  • Health: 10
  • HP: 10/10
  • Intelligence: 0
  • Books Read: 0
  • Food Eaten: 0
  • Job: Unemployed

  • Name: Prince Rogers Nelson
  • Lived: June 7, 1958 – April 21, 2016

Ah, Prince. Funny thing with my first real introduction to Prince is that it actually started with the artist Ginuwine in the 90s. I remember watching MTV like I usually did after finishing my homework. Among the music videos that I ended up watching (and recording) was a video with Ginuwine. It was his cover of the song When Doves Cry. Now, at the time I had no idea that it was a cover. I just thought that it was a good song. Later when I looked it up, on our slow dial-up modem, I found out that it was actually a Prince song. Ever since hearing his own version of the song he’s had a spot in my heart.

Dream, if you can, a courtyard

What I love about him is that he wasn’t afraid to try something new. If you ever get the chance to listen through at least part of his many songs you’ll see what I mean. There are many gems in there, but also many...stranger...ones. But some of those are fun to listen to as well. At least when you’re in the right mood for them.

An ocean of violets in bloom

Of course, his voice was something else. So many different sounds coming from one person. Just listening to Kiss will give you a good idea of the range he had. All of that is Prince himself. I can’t help but be impressed. And it’s no wonder that he became the legendary singer he was.

Animals strike curious poses

Listening to Prince’s songs always puts a smile on my face. And I can’t help but sing along. Especially when my favorite song of his is playing. That being the one I mentioned in the beginning, When Doves Cry. But he has many other songs that I like too. And I gained some new favorites a while back when I listened to many songs of his that I hadn’t heard before. The one that stood out the most out of those was the one called Dear Mr. Man. I’d never heard it before but it stuck with me right away. I love lyrics with meaning and that song has some great lyrics that unfortunately fit very good in the societies we live in today.

They feel the heat

Now, I would love to list my favorite songs by this marvelous man but the list would be very long and I’m sure no one would really be interested in a list like that. I will recommend anyone that’s the least bit curious to listen to some of his music though. I should probably warn you though that he had a tendency to sing about stuff others wouldn’t. I’ll leave it at that.

The heat between me and you

It was the day after that I learned about his death. It was a shock to hear and I couldn’t believe that a true legend like him would never grace us with any more of his genius. He will forever be missed. And I will never stop admiring him for who he was and the legacy he left behind.


Text by me. Quote from "When Doves Cry" by Prince. Overlay by Shiny. Love symbol found on IMGBIN. Galaxy wallpaper found on Wallpaper Gallery, recolored by me.

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