Szardiis has a minion!

Chesca the Flutterfin

Legacy Name: Tardiis

The Custom Hydrus Legeica
Owner: Chrysariel

Age: 7 years, 2 months, 2 weeks

Born: March 9th, 2016

Adopted: 7 years, 2 months, 2 weeks ago

Adopted: March 9th, 2016

Pet Spotlight Winner
August 16th, 2018


  • Level: 97
  • Strength: 183
  • Defense: 10
  • Speed: 10
  • Health: 10
  • HP: 10/10
  • Intelligence: 710
  • Books Read: 700
  • Food Eaten: 0
  • Job: Couture Designer

The Sea Horse

The cavern was shaped over centuries by the forces of wind and tide. It was one of many in an enormous reef system that spanned the ocean floor, reaching all the way to above the surface. While millions of sea creatures called this network home, none could claim an abode quite as gorgeous or well protected as Szardiis'.

She had gone to great lengths to shape furnishings from driftwood, seashells and other natural materials that would not do harm to the ocean she loved. All of her favorite seafoods were kept fresh and tasty in a spelled pantry that served as both storage space and lure for those sea critters she found most delectable. Glow globes on the ceilings invited starfish and sea horses to swim in globes of perfectly temperature-controlled water, giving her a fantastic shadow show on the walls whenever she felt the need for entertainment. Mementos from her prior days of travel are in evidence everywhere and her darling Chesca has no shortage of comfortable niches carved to perfectly cushion the minion's fins.

Out of all she has acquired though, nothing brings Szardiis more pleasure than her library on magic. She has every tome imaginable from Air Magick for the Uninitiated to Zuzu's Guide to Zombie Spells. It was her combined love of reading and magic that led her to a cursed life beneath the sea.

She chose to turn her curse into a blessing, but the fact remains that she can never again live on dry land or explore the wider reaches of Subeta. She sees its shores through a filter of flowing blue water, for she made a dare against Merana, the most powerful denizen of the sea, and lost.


In her youth as a student at Subeta U, she would travel to all corners of the world, sampling the local cuisine, snapping photos with the locals and generally loving every minute of her life. She spent three years without a major because she loved learning so much that she never could decide on just one set of classes to take.

When her advisor sat her down and demanded she pick one subject she adored above all others, she decided it had to be sorcery. The gestures, the arcane languages and the mysterious brews that went into a spell fascinated her as nothing else had managed to do. She agonized over the decision of what to write her dissertation about. Would she finally perfect the spell that would allow travel to Atebus minus a helmet? Would she help to maintain the spells that kept the sewers of Centropolis from exploding due to the recent uptick in Qyrkee population? Or would she seclude herself in a branch of the Sacred Shrine, hoping to one day become an acolyte of the Oracle?

She chose none of the above because just as magic had called her name, so the ocean haunted her dreams.

Everywhere she went, she found herself seeking water. It might be the ripples of Veta Lake, the stagnant pools at Darkside or the sludgy swamps of Shadowglen but in every one of her trips she would inevitably end up on a shore of some kind. The Omen Islands had long held a special place in her heart. She even had a tattoo commemorating the birth date of Babette's precious cubs.

She labored over her theories for months. Then came the day when she found herself in a little rowboat with three stern-faced professors looking on. She had spent the last three hours boasting up her spellwork. Now was the time to fish or cut bait.

She was going to halt a whirlpool and reverse its spin.

The ocean turned an angry shade of red as thick black clouds rushed in to blot out the peaceful blue sky. The three professors went flying over the stern as if slapped aside by a giant hand. From the midst of the whirlpool's heart rose Merana herself.

"Ye play wi' forces ye cannot hope to understand nor control. Th' sea is a thing of beauty, a delicate balance of life and death. Ye have upset this balance and saved lives that were rightfully mine. For this, yer own life be mine from this day forth and ye shall never again walk th' land as a creature of earth and stone."

Purple and light blue fur twisted and shrank, leaving her covered in a coarse brown coat that resembled brittle dry coral. The only token of vanity allowed to her was a mane of rich brown hair which she learned to resettle with a casual toss of her head. Where once she had browsed every shop and stall she came to for beauty products, now she was reduced to relying on squid ink and clam jelly to tame her wild mane.

Despite her hardships, she grows in wisdom both magical and otherwise with each passing day and it is her most sincere hope that someday she will accomplish a feat so great that Merana will find it in her inky heart to forgive the mistake of a youth and restore Szardiis to her true form.


Profile Code by: Ringo
Extra Code by Shantal & Tashamon
Edited by: Chrysariel
Story by: Pureflower
Overlay by: Goth
Overlay Recolor by: Morse
Background by: WallpaperSafari
Free Floating Bubbles by: snoopykins
Sea Shells by: FreeIconsPNG
Name Art by: Chrysariel

Pet Treasure

Free as the Ocean Sticker

Marble Mortar and Pestle

Oval Scrying Mirror

Light Mage Amulet

Water Mage Amulet

Ice Mage Amulet

Fire Mage Amulet

Death Mage Amulet

Magical Hikei Glow

Melting Kettle

Divination Orb

Fairy Dust

Enchanting Dust


Mutagenic Throwing Vial

Necrotic Throwing Vial

Mercurial Throwing Vial

Destabilizing Throwing Vial

Acidic Throwing Vial

Soul Stone

Hikei Floating Orbs

Plasma Bubbles

Forgotten Magic

Jar of Fairy Dust

Pixie Dust

Dragon Blood

Drage Mysterious Vial

Elemental Candles

Candle of Unity

Magnetic Stones

Purple Celestial Flask

Crystal Shard

Crocodile Tears

Couatl Feather

Sinister Quill

Peacock Feather Quill Pen

Enchanted Swan Feather

Delicate Gold Feather Trinket

Box of Untold Secrets

Mages Magical Net

Love Soul Stone

Sealed Scroll of White Magic

Shelf Life Overgrowth

A Sea Full of Merfolk Tales

Selkies: Shapeshifters of the Sea

Book of Sea Creatures

Life in Coral

Hippocampi: A Different Kind of Seahorse

Water Magic

Hoarfrosts Icelocked Grimoire

Wisteria Witch

Book of Magic I


Minor Curses: Stubbed Toes

Book of Ancient Black Magic

Book of Shadows

Necromantic Grimoire

The Truth about Matters

Self-Taught Sorcery

Powers of the Mage

How to Bake Using Magic

Magic Hinges

The Book of Shells

Advanced Seashell Collecting

Cleaning the Shell

Spectrum Beach Bag

Hydrus Clamshell (Pearl Included)

Giant Clam

Giant Manta Ray

Ta Sticker



Apprehensive Sea Horse

Purple Piroctapus Beanbag

Flamenco Fin Torrent Plushie

Sap Sucking Sea Slug Beanbag

Blue Sea Dragon Beanbag

Giant Ocean Sunfish

Baby Shark Beanbag

Clown Nudibranch Beanbag

Broken Hydrus Coral

Glass Starfish


Cursed Green Coral

Cursed Pearlescent Coral

Cursed Copper Doubloon

Cursed Silver Doubloon

Seashell Wind Chime

Hydrus Billiard Ball

Raw Clams on the Half Shell

Shell Necklace

Shell of Venus

Venus Comb

Fox Shell

Wentletrap Shell

Abalone Shell

Tudicla Shell

Clam Shell

Triton Shell

Spotted Cowrie Shell

Scallop Shell

Gold Coated Shell

Clawsion Paw Shell

Pale Sand Dollar

Coral Sand Dollar

Loose Hydrus Barnacles

Glowing Hydrus Sea Glass

Hessian Monkeys Fist Knot

Green Tinted Fishing Net Buoy

Glass Fishing Net Buoy

Hydrus Lantern of Death

Bag of Hydrus Chocolates

Severed Hydrus Tentacle

Ragged Hydrus Membrane

Handheld Hydrus Claws

Fallen Hydrus Quill

Hydrus Seashell Ginger Cookie

Hydrus Wyllop Plushie

Hydrus Terracoon Plushie

Hydrus Ruffie Plushie

Hydrus Montre Plushie

Hydrus Manchu Plushie

Hydrus Malticorn Plushie

Hydrus Mallarchy Plushie

Hydrus Lasirus Plushie

Hydrus Kora Plushie

Hydrus Kerubi Plushie

Hydrus Kanis Plushie

Hydrus Jollin Plushie

Hydrus Ghostly Plushie

Hydrus Fruit

Hydrus Dillema Plushie

Hydrus Darkonite Plushie

Hydrus Cybill Plushie

Hydrus Chai Plushie

Hydrus Celinox Plushie

Hydrus Bovyne Plushie

Hydrus Archan Plushie

Hydrus Anyu Plushie

Hydrus Xotl Plushie

Hydrus Cadogre Plushie

Hydrus Priggle Plushie

Hydrus Escalade Plushie

Hydrus Keeto Plushie

Hydrus Aeanoid Plushie

Hydrus Maiden Plushie

Hydrus Maiden Plushie II

Hydrus Maiden Plushie III

Pet Friends



Inkie Pie