Captain Jules has a minion!

YARRR the Buccawneer

Captain Jules
Legacy Name: Captain Jules

The Steamwork Kumos
Owner: Beach

Age: 12 years, 3 months, 1 week

Born: June 14th, 2008

Adopted: 12 years, 3 months, 1 week ago (Legacy)

Adopted: June 14th, 2008 (Legacy)

Pet Spotlight Winner
January 25th


  • Level: 1,573
  • Strength: 3,932
  • Defense: 3,927
  • Speed: 3,925
  • Health: 3,927
  • HP: 3,916/3,927
  • Intelligence: 2,411
  • Books Read: 1911
  • Food Eaten: 5570
  • Job: Director of SAI

Captain Jules flashed a smile at his crew as his sword struck the battle-song on the helmet of a green merchant guard. Today's haul wouldn't earn him the enmity of kings and queens but it would keep the men in rum for many weeks to come. After six weeks of seeing little more than open sea and tasting their breakfast three times an hour, the thrill of battle and the allure of iron-studded cash boxes was almost as sweet as a maiden's kiss.

His growl was half in frustration and half in longing. He couldn't think of maidens just now. These blue-clad pups may not have any fighting skills to boast of but that wouldn't stop a lucky man from striking the head from a careless brigand whose mind was on petticoats when it was needed for parrying.

He came back-to-back with Sea Monkey Silas, his most reliable drinking buddy. The graveyard lasirus had used his frail-looking body to his advantage many times, convincing an opponent he was weak and on the verge of collapse...then springing with all the strength of a raging leviathan. His crescent blades moved in perfect synchronization with his captain, making short work of the pair of rookies holding the door to the merchant captain's quarters.

The booty was arranged in three chests, each of them shaped from weathered wood and banded with the highest quality iron money could buy. Japes flashed the surrendering captain his toothy smile, "convincing" the enemy captain to hand over his keys posthaste.

JollyRoger skittered nimbly down the rigging, hanging upside down in the doorway to snatch each load of loot as it was passed out. Though small in size, he handled the massive chests with ease. Sea Monkey was next in line, using his powerful wings to see the precious cargo safely across the strip of water between the two ships and to its new home. Matey Blob supervised the organization of the treasure room's latest acquisitions, instantly tallying the value of the day's haul and adding it to the columns in his head of what the current market values were and what repairs would be needed for the ship after this latest raid. Being made of silver himself, Matey had a real eye for what was a diamond and what a mere hunk of glass. He was also the only one aside from the captain himself that could be relied on to stay sober more often than once or twice a week.

The next stretch of ocean didn't seem so depressing after their smashing success. They bragged to one another about conquests of the past...not all of them in the form of captured ships. They did their best to drink Japes under the table...failing miserably, of course. Though he was the smallest in stature, that undersized cutthroat had a belly of iron and the wits to match. They even struck up a few favorite songs hardly heard outside the kind of ports no government official would soil his cloak to visit.

There aren't many that can party with the sheer abandon of a pirate crew with new booty in hand and bounties destined never to be collected.

Land came into sight through a bank of fog three days later. The familiar trio of peaks on the island they lovingly called Scallawag Station sent a rumbling cheer rolling the lengths of the deck. In truth, their hidden cove was but a small part of a civilized colony of Levreu that was hundreds of miles from the king's protection. The villagers who are native to the far-distant Old Country still declared their loyalty to the fat man on their spare coins but none of them ever raised a word of protest when the real island royalty came along to collect certain protection fees against raiders in the night.

Jenuesse was the exception. The fair maiden on the hilltop was a true lady of refinement, the duchess of some duchy so small and ancient that most of her own people had forgotten the original name. Tired of the stuffy halls of her manor, she had taken to the sea against her father's wishes ten years ago, using her masterful baking skills to earn respect and admiration everywhere she went.

She'd landed on Levreu at a time when dozens of orphans were crying for just one taste of the milk of human kindness. Jenuesse used her wealth to re-kindle the fires of the massive ovens of the common houses that had been allowed to go cold. She'd cared for the sick, encouraged the weary and comforted the dying though her only reward was to be struck down by the same illness. Captain Jules found her with one foot teasing the threshold of death's door. He had pulled her back, stayed with her until she regained her strength, and pledged his blade to her protection.

Three years have passed and his heart still feels like it will implode every time he looks on her face.

They would be forced apart if ever they returned to their native land, she to a prison of lace and choking corsets, he to a grimy cell to await the gloom of the gallows. It was their own private joke, hanging the native flag the wrong direction in the bedroom they shared that overlooked the sea. The night was never long enough and always saw her waving her spotless kerchief out the window as he strode east without looking back, once again heeding the call of the sea as another little piece of his heart broke away and fled back to Miss Jenuesse's care.

He eagerly awaits the day when that last piece abandons him, killing the allure of the beckoning waves so he can spend every sunrise cradling that which is more precious than all the treasures man can create.

Story by Pureflower

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Pet Treasure

Trove of Twilight Mahar Gems

Trophy of Triumph

Trail of Pilfered Jewels

Mystical Leafy Sea Dragon

Trove of Lilac Mahar Gems

Tattered and Bloody Pirate Flag

Nut Bomb

Bronze Doubloons Sticker

Rreign Mace of Malice

Non-Traditional Gothic Gift Basket

Green Doubloon

Fresh Lemon Juice

Cay Harpy

The Pirates Guide to Flirting

Treasure-Hunting Ghost

Pumpkin Pie-rate Ship

Box of Souls

Lemon Skull Candy Wafer

Ugly Mermaid Beanbag

Baby Shark Beanbag

Book of Sea Shanties

Tankard of Rum

Pirate Rum

Freyalise Citrus Medley

Pirate Orange

Romero Shipwreck Chest

Orange Slice

Gold Flipper Coin

Red Parrot Puppet

Ungroomed Pirate Plushie

Angrybeard Bobblehead

Rita Bobblehead

Anabelle Bobblehead

Songaa Bobblehead

Temictzin Bobblehead

Blue Pirate Ship Plushie

Red Pirate Ship Plushie

Yellow Pirate Ship Plushie

Black Pirate Ship Plushie

Angrybeard Trading Card

Saggitarius Scratchcard



Garnet Gator

Pirate Treasure Map

Desert Pirate Map

Treasure Map Sticker

Treasure Map Piece 1

Treasure Map Piece 7

Hazard Map

Unkempt Schematic Parchment

Strong Armed Bowman Constellation Sticker

Gold Pegleg Wand

Bottled Fake Gold

Red Treasure Chest Sticker

Gold Potion

Skull of Gold Coins

Trio of Golden Statues

Tarnished Doubloons

Cursed Gold Doubloon

Battered Golden Doubloons

Bitten and Bent Doubloon

Gold Doubloons Sticker

Cursed Silver Doubloon

Chocolate Doubloons

Stack of Coins

Gold Special Coin

Silver Special Coin

Blue Special Coin

Green Special Coin

Copper Special Coin

Red Special Coin

Iron Special Coin

Pewter Special Coin

Bairin Pence

Gold Foil Gelt Coins

Ruby Cabochon Ring

Golden Mahar Earring

Bloodred Chelon Gem

Kora Gem of Power

Trove of Cream Mahar Gems

Trove of Golden Mahar Gems

Trove of Field Mahar Gems

Gold Dragon Egg

Crafty Rreign Vesnali Egg

Jeweled Neela Vesnali Egg

Monkey Blood

Doves Blood

Universal Antidote

Non-Traditional Gothic Gift Basket

Torso Lamp Prop

Skeletal Dog



Skeletal Serpent

Death Soul Stone

Jabbering Skull

Skull Flavored Gummy Skull

Lemon Gummy Skull

Lost Man

Grave Robbers Charms

Kumos Skull Faceguard

White Skull Votive Candle

Pirate Carved Pumpkin

Skull Carved Pumpkin

Grape Hard Candy

Yellow Skull Sponge

Green Skull Sponge

Pirate Eyepatch

White Cross Patch

Orange Cross Patch

Single Pewter Coin Earring

Single Copper Skull Earring

Single Pewter Skull Earring

Golden Skeleton Key

Silver Skeleton Key

Magical Key


Red Parrot Plushie

Blue Parrot Puppet

Ebon Parrot Puppet

Parrot Snowball

Pirate Love Candy Heart

Pirate Cupcake

Sword Pirate Cupcake

Skull Pirate Cupcake

Pirate Mud Muffin

Rum Cake

Pirate Treasure Pizza

Orange Cat Morostide Candy Coin

Orange Ghost Morostide Candy Coin

Filled Gold Lovely Ale Mug

Home Brew Kit

Filled Flask

The Mega Grog

Guarded Flask

Swashbuckler Hat

Noble Captains Plume

Multi-Strand Gathered Aquamarine Necklace

Very Fresh Pearl

Pearl of Wisdom

Arid Pearl

Dusk Pearl

Twilight Pearl

Bloodred Pearl

Cream Pearl

Sun Pearl

Field Pearl

Ghost Gems

Mother of Pearl

Swirling Ocean Bead

Booming Tempest Marble

Tempest Plushie


Dishes Rat

Orange Gummy Rats

Small Gold Mouse Trinket

Creeping Coin

Delicate Gold Feather Trinket

Golden Horse Statue

Gold Sun Relic

Golden Foil Pirate Coin

Gold Coated Shell

Strange Gold Wave Wing Relic

Strange Gold Fish Trinket

Golden Amulet

Gold Medallion Trinket

Familiar Watch

Ocarina Pendant

Box of Golden Scrap Metal

Yunium Ore

Figure Eight Knot

Crazy Eights Deck

SAI Morse Code Legend

Aurora Borealis

Shrine of Apollonia

Silver Gyroscope

Demonic Blade

Fire Battle Star

Earth Battle Star

Ice Defense Tear Crystal

Ice Tear Crystal

Healing Tear Crystal

Thief Tear Crystal

Water Defense Tear Crystal

Water Tear Crystal

Wind Defense Tear Crystal

Wind Tear Crystal

Fire Defense Tear Crystal

Fire Tear Crystal

Light Defense Tear Crystal

Light Tear Crystal

Dark Defense Tear Crystal

Dark Tear Crystal

Magma Defense Tear Crystal

Magma Tear Crystal

Physical Tear Crystal

Earth Tear Crystal

Pet Friends

*Waggles eyebrows* She be the loveliest wench in all of Subeta and she be the best baker, too

Battle Buddies

The Mighty Sam I Am!

Sea Monkey Silas
Me First Mate-Couldn't sail me ship without him

Arrrr...raise thar flag and we be off

He took me mates hand but is still part of me crew

Works hardly, plays hardest

An Angel who holds a piece of my heart