Genji Shimada has a minion!

Dragonblade the Zodiac Dragon Spirit

Genji Shimada

The Angel Cadogre
Owner: Tali

Age: 3 years, 2 months, 1 week

Born: June 9th, 2016

Adopted: 1 year, 6 months, 1 week ago

Adopted: February 9th, 2018


  • Level: 74
  • Strength: 203
  • Defense: 175
  • Speed: 176
  • Health: 200
  • HP: 200/200
  • Intelligence: 170
  • Books Read: 162
  • Food Eaten: 79
  • Job: Battle Master


A gentle breeze passes through the cherry blossom trees of Hanamura. Genji slowly opens his eyes and is greeted by a few loose blossoms falling from the branch of the tree he meditated by. He knows that this evening will be rather eventful and simply wishes to slow down time to reminisce about what happened over the course of a decade.

They say that you can't change a person, but Genji Shimada is a prime example of it being possible. The young man he was ten years ago is completely different from the adult he is today. Being a Shimada, he lived a life of luxury and privilege. The Shimada Clan he was destined into was quite criminal. They were involved with illegal businesses and assassinations. His brother, Hanzo, followed their father's footsteps closely. One day Hanzo would take charge and he wanted to honor his father. But Genji could care less about his clan's practices. Although he did enjoy perfecting his ninja skills, he was known to live a bit of a playboy lifestyle. When his father passed away and brother took charge, Hanzo confronted Genji about his past choices. The elders wanted Genji to get back on track and to make the clan proud, but Genji merely brushed it off again. Becoming angered by Genji's stubbornness, the two battled. That was when Hanzo killed his brother.

Or so he thought.

That fight, that near death experience, was the moment that changed Genji's life forever. Overwatch is the reason why he is alive and well today, but it came at a cost. Genji went through an extensive cybernetic process and was practically turned into a mechanical weapon. He didn't think much about it at the time because he had to pay his end of the bargain by performing duties for Overwatch. It wasn't until he left Overwatch when he realized how lost he actually was. He was in a constant battle with himself over what he had become: a machine. That motivated him to go on a journey to discover his meaning in life.

And then he met that omnic monk in Nepal, Zenyatta.

Zenyatta wanted to teach Genji, but that was ridiculous. How could he help him? Zenyatta was a robot. But that monk was persistent. He had disbanded from his former members of Shambali with the purpose of helping others overcome their personal struggles and find peace within themselves. That was when Genji finally caved. It was almost as if they were meant to cross each other's paths and to help one another.

Genji takes his eyes away from the beautiful blossoms to look down at his mechanical hand. In the past, he would've been disgusted by the sight. But thanks to Zenyatta, he now realizes that although he has the body of a cyborg, he still has the soul of a human. Living through that near death experience and gaining mechanical parts have been an asset to Genji. His agility has been heightened and ninja skills have improved. He had been gifted with these attributes.

But most of all, he had come to forgive his brother for what he had done. And now Genji's next step was to help Hanzo forgive himself, too.

For ten years, Hanzo has believed that he killed Genji. He was filled with so much regret that he too left the Shimida Clan. On the same day each year, Hanzo would return to the Shimida Castle to honor his brother at night. Tonight marks the tenth year Hanzo would return. But things would be different this time. Genji will reveal himself to his brother. Today will start the process of helping Hanzo forgive himself.

Genji lets out a gentle sigh as he watches the sun begin to set. Hanzo will be here soon. Genji stands up from the tree and watches one more blossom fall from the branch above him. "Let us hope for a different outcome," he says to the wind. He then disappears from the scene and prepares for the night.


Name: Genji Shimada

Age: 35

Nationality: Japanese

Base of Operation: Shambali Monastery, Nepal

Affiliation: Shimada Clan (formerly), Overwatch (formerly)


Shuriken: Genji throws three throwing stars in rapid succession, or three shuriken with a wide spread.

Deflect: Using his sword, Genji deflects oncoming projectiles and rebounds them against his opponents.

Swift Strike: Genji dashes forward and strikes his opponent with his katana.

Dragonblade: As a Shimada, Genji is able to wield a dragon as his ultimate. He uses his katana by brandishing it towards his opponents.


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Fire Ninja Star

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Black Dragon Vest

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Cherry Blossoms

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