Yunea has a minion!

Kindred the Kindeluma

Legacy Name: Yunea

The Common Zentu
Owner: EagleWing

Age: 4 years, 5 months, 1 week

Born: June 16th, 2016

Adopted: 4 years, 5 months, 1 week ago

Adopted: June 16th, 2016


  • Level: 26
  • Strength: 65
  • Defense: 65
  • Speed: 63
  • Health: 65
  • HP: 65/65
  • Intelligence: 118
  • Books Read: 118
  • Food Eaten: 4
  • Job: Unemployed

EagleWing's home is a rather large tree house located in a lonely large willow tree, located between the populated site of Veta lake and Peka Glade. Inside, it looks even bigger than what it should be. The living room is a cozy room, minimalistic decor, bare woodened floor, open ceiling, but waxed and reinforced to be extremely protective again seasonal rainstorm. The house, as hanging on a tree, has minimalistic furnitures as well. Beanbags, flodable tables, funtons as beds and some rugs... with ropes to occasional restrain them when the wind is remarkable cruel that day. EagleWing usually lamented the lack of kitchen even she owned a portable electric stove and few small kitchen supplies. The two restrooms are also tiny. These are what Yunea are told.

Yunea wishes to see what inside of that lovely tree house looks like. The Zentu is told the house is warm and filled with smell of veggie stew. It is where the residents watches the willow branches dance by their window. It is where they share their time, sink in to their personal beanbags, reading books and plays card games.

"It is not that cozy.",Fire Fihgter interrupts Yunea's train of thought, "Windy takes a lot of space and is pretty grumpy everyday..."

Yunea still looks up. The big willow tree loam above them and the light reflected on the house is filtered green by the leaves. Fresh breeze, quiet peace. Up there, it is a special place. But down here, most of the ground is muddy, it gives Yunea a very little place to stand and stay clean. The hanging leaves do not quite hang down to the ground level and it does not have the same level of serenity as up there.

Yunea is born a night time Zentu and one of the very first Zentu to be revealed to the rest of Subeta. Yunea is eager to see the rest of the world and finally form a bond, to fulfill the roles as a protector of dreams. A misunderstanding happened and EagleWing found Yunea at the adoption centre. Mainly, because she was curious if after a few hours after Zentu discovery, would there be abandoned ones? It was a simple musing and she was so surprised to meet few at the centre.

Yunea insisted that, the person who brought Yunea outside Zentu's hometown and Yunea are still on good term.

"All I would like to ask is, if I can bother you to give me a ride back home."

Hence, EagleWing filed the document as Yunea's owner and allow Yunea to access to the transport system. However, it is quite clear to Yunea that EagleWing is thoroughly amazed. They spoke and both are pleasantly surprised by both party's Asiatic background and interest in their native fruits. It started there and they talked ans talked. After the ride, EagleWing meekly if Yunea can come and visit to which the Zentu agreed. After all, Yunea now can use Subeta transport on their own.

At least once a week, Yunea will leave Shengui Guo, ride in extra large transport train cabin to the lonely willow tree near Peka Glade. Yunea will be greeted by the smiling faces, well, except Windy Wisper. The residents of the tree house will come down to the ground or resting on lower branches as they enjoy a evening tea and some good books. Yunea has never properly bond to EagleWing, her bed room is too up high in the tree and she is somewhat secretive about herself.

Now it is a little confusing. By paper, Yunea is her pet and that sounds nice, but Yunea doesn't dare to ask if she will give Yunea the permission to enter her dreams. After all, Yunea can tell the answer will be no. Dream-walking is quite a important part of Zentu culture.

It is not hard to see why EagleWing never considered owning a Zentu before. Yunea glances at the little house hanging on a pair of trees. However, right now, Yunea enjoys this small weekly routine while mostly consider themself a wild, unbounded Zentu. Yunea enjoy the company of other pets, even Windy Wisper has interesting persona.

Someday, somehow, Yunea really love to see inside of the treehouse.

Pet Treasure

Enchanted Bottle of Forest

Radiant Fairy Tale Tiara

Enchanted Rose

Fancy Comb

Giant Lotus

Shengui Guo Tree Blub

Clover Honey

Lavender Tea Rose Necklace

Pet Friends