Inkheart has a minion!

Meri the Fable

Legacy Name: Inkheart.

The Scribble Noktoa
Owner: Chrysariel

Age: 4 years, 10 months, 5 days

Born: June 17th, 2016

Adopted: 4 years, 10 months, 5 days ago

Adopted: June 17th, 2016

Pet Spotlight Winner
June 29th, 2018


  • Level: 95
  • Strength: 181
  • Defense: 10
  • Speed: 10
  • Health: 10
  • HP: 10/10
  • Intelligence: 679
  • Books Read: 670
  • Food Eaten: 0
  • Job: Couture Designer

The Librarian

Books are my true love. There is no sensation that compares to running smooth pages through your feathers and breathing in the sweet, musty scent of parchment not viewed in a hundred years. There is not a genre I'll hesitate to read, from the Kaptain Kumos Komics to manuals on thermodynamic manuals. Give me your high fantasy, your self-help, and your Old Wizard Panty Haikus. If it rests between two covers, odds are I've either read it or it's on my to read list. (Which roughly resembles Melody's Luminaire Naughty and Nice Pets list at this point).

My journey into bibliography began when I was barely more than a fledgling out of the egg. Mother was a professor at Subeta University and as much as she loved her family, she loved teaching even more. She would often leave us with one of her lain or noktoa friends during long lecture hours, littering the nest base with clippings from the Subeta Tribune. While my brothers and sisters spent their time squabbling over lunch tidbits or daring each other to jump out of the nest, I was busy trying to puzzle out the lines of squiggly print under my feet.

As one of five nestmates, we could hardly expect Mother to provide for all of us, even on a professor's salary. As soon as we were able to safely leave the nest, we were expected to seek work. Our home tree was on the border of Riverside, giving us ample opportunities among the shops of nearby Centropolis.

I knew before I ever walked through its marble columns that the Library was the place for me. The first time I walked in, I was awestruck. I had been to Book Nook a few times, browsing new releases with longing eyes. Their selection was nothing compared to the seemingly endless rows of bookshelves that stretched up three stories to a roof sculpture of stained glass. There was so much beauty, so much untapped knowledge, all ready and waiting to be processed by my eager eyes.

Alexander approached me, asking politely if he could make a recommendation. My eagerness was contagious but my youth was obvious. I wanted to read all the books he suggested at once. He gently guided me in one direction, placing an anthology of popular stories in front of me. For nearly three hours, I could not take my eyes from the book. It was only when they started to light the candles for the evening that I realized how long I'd been sitting there. I couldn't go back to my family empty-handed. I asked if there were any jobs available, even the simplest of jobs.

Pushing the return cart was not glamorous, nor did it give me much time to read, but I was spending most of the day handling books and I could check out as many as I wanted. For many months, I served as a strong body for the more experienced librarians, going where they told me to go and handing books into their outstretched paws to be put away.

I slowly worked my way through all the books in the Subetan Classics section until I'd read everything from "The Archan, The Goddess And The Bathroom Cabinet" to "Of Wyllops and Women". I went from getting through only a chapter or two a night to reading as many as a dozen books in one week.

Every night, I would work to study charts of the Donadak Decimal System until I had every category of every floor memorized. Even Alexander has to occasionally look up a number in the library computer but not me. Tell me a title and I can tell you not only what floor, section and shelf that book belongs to, but its precise placement on that shelf. (I'll bet you had no idea that the popular book "Toasty Mysteries" is located on Floor 2, Section FO, Shelf 3, Slot 34!)

Alexander was astonished by my dedication. He offered me a job at the desk, where I could really put my skills to use.

I take in returns and check out books to visitors. I shelve books and clean out the bins set around for those books that are browsed but not checked out. I make suggestions for students, rabid book fanatics, and reluctant readers alike.

The only part of my job that makes me sad sometimes is dealing with neglected books. Most of our visitors are very good at respecting the books they borrow, but we occasionally get one that is too torn, smeared with grime, or otherwise damaged to return to the shelf. These must be fed to the furnace in the basement. It is a somber task. More than once, I have cried over a book that will never again be enjoyed by a reader.

Enough sad talk. Let me tell you what I love best about my job. Without a doubt, the best part of working as a Head Librarian is running the weekly Story Circle.

Story Circle is for everyone. It's my time to tell stories...and to hear the fantastic stories of adventurers from all over Subeta! I try to keep this hour full of unique and diverse stories to encourage all Subetans to participate. There are a few special nights, such as Chibi Night, featuring stories for very young pets and Fright Night which features horror stories that any nightmare, graveyard or bloodred pet will recognize. Then there is Underground Appreciation Night to make our undead friends from the Shadowglen region feel right at home.

While I read, I love to nibble on Tootsie Roll Pops. I would give up my primary flight feathers for a month in exchange for a bag of all-cherry pops! To be honest, there aren't many foods I won't try once, unless they've been through the pickling process. I just can't stand that salty, bitter tang. When I visit Omen Islands to volunteer my time reading to the natives, I find it impossible to walk within a few feet of Rathskeller Inn. The smell of Pickled Cabbage makes me gag every time. *shudder*

Meri my minion, a Fable, sometimes acts out the scenes as I speak, leaping forward for an imaginary sword fight, doing aerial battle with invisible dragons, or standing on her front feet and sticking her tongue out as she does a handstand. Her favorite little green book always stays clutched in one paw no matter what trick she attempts and she has never lost her grip on it. She is my constant companion, one of the few minions that does not resent it when I give more attention to books than to her...if she has a good view of what I'm reading, that is.

Oh yes, I nearly forgot to mention our new reach-out program! It was Alexander's idea originally, one I helped him to expand on. We work with Subetans skilled with their hands to build mini libraries all over Subeta. You might see a book igloo in Arctic Frost, a book pyramid in the Sacred Lands or a little book volcano in Darkside. These reading stations are set up for the poorest members of Subeta's community, those who are just learning their way around the land or who have fallen on hard times. Everyone should have a chance to read and learn, no matter their situation in life. We Head Librarians take turns visiting these book stations a few times a year, giving those that borrow the titles on hand a chance to ask questions and to make suggestions for what books they'd like to see next. It is a program I am so proud to take part in!


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