Inventor has a minion!

Minion the Saunter


The Steamwork Tigrean
Owner: Asher

Age: 3 years, 5 months, 2 weeks

Built: June 19th, 2016

Adopted: 2 years, 7 months, 2 weeks ago

Adopted: April 18th, 2017


  • Level: 11
  • Strength: 27
  • Defense: 25
  • Speed: 22
  • Health: 22
  • HP: 0/22
  • Intelligence: 39
  • Books Read: 37
  • Food Eaten: 0
  • Job: Scrap Collector

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Name: Sheena Vera

Age: 19

Gender: Female

Sexuality: Homoromantic Demisexual

Appearance: There is something of a mischievous, tousled look to Sheena, a mix of boldness and grace with plenty of lingering youthfulness. Her soft, rounded face is coarsely spattered with dark freckles, darkest especially around her particularly angular nose. She bears two dark moles, one just under her chin on the left side of her jaw and the other along her right cheekbone. Her skin is a warm dark olive hue, freckles also prominent against her shoulders and chest, mixed with an array of scars. Sheena’s hair, often very messy and thickly curled, is cut short just past her ears, a dark ash brown highlighted with wisps of caramel tones. Most vivid are her eyes, a pale grey that illuminates white when using magic. At an otherwise average height and with a strong, curved physique, she is built for long hours of work and has the muscle to get herself out of tough situations. Sheena often enjoys wearing pants and functional shirts when at work, but does enjoy dressing up along with her sister, sparing no vanity when the situation is right. She and Sheeta usually like to confuse people by dressing alike and pranking others with their identical looks, though you can always tell them apart by their eye color.

Personality: Held to high degrees of success and groomed to be ‘the best and nothing less’, Sheena has a high sense of pride and independence that shows in her every action. She challenges herself to excel, learn as much as possible, and loathes to make mistakes. Often her own worst enemy, perfectionism haunts her and leaves her craving anything possible to succeed. She is known to be defensive and a sharp tongue if belittled, very condescending and arrogant toward those that she feels are ‘beneath’ her. Sheena constantly learns harsh life lessons of humility, acceptance, and respect, concepts very foreign to the young woman for most of her life. Despite such conditioning, Sheena’s positive traits lie in her leadership skills, her intellect, and her logical and straight-forward way of thinking, very quick to sort out details and focus on larger possibilities. She is highly protective of her loved ones and rarely wavers from her beliefs, even if they go against the grain of expectations. While Sheena may carry herself with poise and purpose, clear insecurity and anxiety eat away at the young woman under her steely surface and past inner demons are trials that she fights through every day. Sheena learns much from her sister, subject to much less of the subtle emotional manipulations that she was, and admires her more than she lets on, striving to be a better person if only for her twin. This doesn’t stop her honey tongue and sly words, as old habits die hard.

Occupation: Engineer and part-time guard.

Abilities: Born as an electric-adept witch, Sheena’s abilities focus on using raw energy and electricity for spellcasting. Since being born into a historically pure witch bloodline, magic is much more prominent in the young woman, who is more powerful than some of the strongest witches of Clan Vivere and even some of the three major covens. She has great control of her spells, but evidence of magical corruption is clear within the young woman. Sheena is strictly medicated for the effect of her magic on her body and her mental facilities, frequently visiting healers for treatment to keep her power under control. She is able to harness electricity within her grasp and draw it from storms with ease, and though she will not admit it, knows some forbidden arts that she has promised to never use lest it endanger her and the others around her.


Being born into a powerful witch coven almost guaranteed that a person was destined for a life of chaos and grasping for power. Sheena and her twin, Sheeta, were lauded as twins born to high-ranked members of the Regium Maris Coven, seen as a sign of strength to have two more powerful apprentices to learn magical craft. Sheena was the youngest to ever foster her abilities in the coven’s history, showing hints of her magical prowess at just five years of age. Immediately thrown into a strict educational program and training, Sheena blossomed into an adept witch much to the pride of her mother, who lavished her with attention and praise. She and Sheeta were held to the same standards despite Sheeta being a ‘late bloomer’, never developing magical tendencies in her youth like her sister. Sheena and Sheeta were near inseparable, and the expectation that Sheeta would catch up to her sister later on meant that the two were treated with equal pressure to be part of the new blood that the coven needed to gain leverage in the world.

As they grew older and Sheeta still had not developed magical potential, Sheena noticed a distinct change in how her parents, especially her mother, now treated each of them. Sheena garnered much more attention while Sheeta was often neglected, and the twins increasingly became the subject of many fights on their parents’ increasingly strained relationship. It was evident before long that Sheeta was cast aside for being devoid of magical talent for Sheena, and the stress on the family only grew as Sheena’s strict lessons increased. Sheena vowed to never let Sheeta fall behind even if she had no abilities, and developed a strong resentment for her mother and the coven as a whole. This caused Sheena to subtly rebel whenever she could manage, insistent on looking further into the coven and its practices, for all that their parents had kept them sheltered from much of it for their youth. Both afraid to disappoint her family and yet unwilling to sacrifice her sisterly ties, Sheena mulled over running away, but could never work up the courage to do so. It was only when her mother displayed physical action against Sheeta on one occasion that the decision became a reality, and Sheena realized what the coven really entailed; power without compassion, and little care for anyone that wasn’t useful.

Sheena and Sheeta escaped the coven narrowly before their eighteenth birthday, the year in which Sheena would have been placed to a position of rank within the coven to begin ‘proper work’. The pair hid for nearly six months in an attempt to find a safer place to stay, but the coven was ruthless in its attempts to seek out the twins and drag them back to the coven, for what Sheena knew was a fate worse than death for their treason. Offhandedly Sheeta joked about seeking out the ‘heathen clan’ that was whispered around the elder council of the witch coven, known to be a clear enemy despite being touted as a ‘safe haven’. Sheena’s initial dislike for the idea quickly faded with desperation, and the pair worked to seek Clan Vivere until they were at its gates seeking refuge. At first the clan was unwilling to take in what they felt were spies and a large threat against the clan, but Sheeta and Sheena pleaded their case and vowed their loyalty. After a trial period, the twins were allowed to stay due in large part to their knowledge in engineering and usefulness in keeping the various mechanics in the clan running smoothly. The pair still is highly shunned by most clan members and therefore live on the outskirts of the clan, kept to themselves unless at work. Often loud noises and occasionally explosions are heard from their house, the product of tinkering and inventing to find ways to bridge the gap between magic and technology to better society and the world as a whole. They keep very secretive of the whole process, and are said to be working closely with the clan council under a close eye lest they prove to be as corrupt as many believe them to be.

Pet Treasure

Scout Owl Companion

Lightning Bolt

Bottled Lightning

Vigorous Thunderbolt Restorative

Spark Matter

Silver Oil Lamp

Silver Special Coin

Burgundy Suspenders

Tool Belt

Bronze Panzer Hydra Medal

Vanity Stable Hat

Erased Sketches

Pile of Unfinished Sketches

Unkempt Schematic Parchment

Rusted Crescent Wrench

Broken Gear

Old Family History Book

Gunmetal Screwdriver Set

Silver Screwdriver Set

Midnight Old Key

Silver Summit Key

Loose Screws

Box of Silver Scraps

Box of Iron Scraps

Old Leather Gear Bag

Grease Heavy Duty Gloves

Oxidized Brass Gear Beanbag

Gearbound Journal

Bronze Clockwork Grenade

Brown Fountain Pen

Pet Friends