Feliciti has a minion!

Goldie the Liddle Lamzy Divey

Legacy Name: Feliciti

The Common Experiment #3164
Owner: panda_cub29

Age: 6 years, 5 months, 1 week

Born: June 20th, 2016

Adopted: 5 years, 5 months, 1 week ago

Adopted: June 19th, 2017


  • Level: 8
  • Strength: 13
  • Defense: 10
  • Speed: 8
  • Health: 9
  • HP: 10/9
  • Intelligence: 13
  • Books Read: 13
  • Food Eaten: 0
  • Job: Towel Folder

Pet Treasure

Common Noktoa Elixir

Cream Devonti Elixir

Blue Fireside Flame

Cream Ruffie Elixir

Twilight Noktoa Elixir

Bloodred Antlephore Elixir

Common Antlephore Elixir

Twilight Antlephore Elixir

Bloodred Anyu Elixir

Dawn Anyu Elixir

Lilac Anyu Elixir

Twilight Anyu Elixir

Arid Archan Elixir

Dawn Archan Elixir

Dusk Archan Elixir

Field Archan Elixir

Marsh Archan Elixir

Sun Archan Elixir

Arid Bovyne Elixir

Bloodred Bovyne Elixir

Common Bovyne Elixir

Field Bovyne Elixir

Golden Bovyne Elixir

Sun Bovyne Elixir

Arid Celinox Elixir

Dusk Celinox Elixir

Twilight Celinox Elixir

Bloodred Chai Elixir

Cream Chai Elixir

Dawn Chai Elixir

Dusk Chai Elixir

Field Chai Elixir

Twilight Chai Elixir

Arid Charlie Elixir

Cream Charlie Elixir

Field Charlie Elixir

Golden Charlie Elixir

Arid Chelon Elixir

Bloodred Chelon Elixir

Common Chelon Elixir

Dusk Chelon Elixir

Golden Chelon Elixir

Lilac Chelon Elixir

Arid Clawsion Elixir

Dusk Clawsion Elixir

Common Clawsion Elixir

Field Clawsion Elixir

Lilac Clawsion Elixir

Sun Clawsion Elixir

Twilight Clawsion Elixir

Dusk Cybill Elixir

Cream Cybill Elixir

Field Cybill Elixir

Golden Cybill Elixir

Arid Darkonite Elixir

Common Darkonite Elixir

Cream Darkonite Elixir

Dawn Darkonite Elixir

Field Darkonite Elixir

Lilac Darkonite Elixir

Marsh Darkonite Elixir

Cream Demi Elixir

Common Demi Elixir

Field Demi Elixir

Sun Demi Elixir

Common Devonti Elixir

Dawn Devonti Elixir

Sun Devonti Elixir

Arid Donadak Elixir

Arid Dillema Elixir

Lilac Dillema Elixir

Cream Dragarth Elixir

Common Dragarth Elixir

Dawn Dragarth Elixir

Dusk Dragarth Elixir

Field Dragarth Elixir

Lilac Dragarth Elixir

Sun Dragarth Elixir

Dusk Escalade Elixir

Dusk Endeavor Elixir

Arid Fester Elixir

Bloodred Fester Elixir

Cream Fester Elixir

Common Fester Elixir

Dawn Fester Elixir

Field Fester Elixir

Golden Fester Elixir

Lilac Fester Elixir

Sun Fester Elixir

Arid Feli Elixir

Common Feli Elixir

Dawn Feli Elixir

Dusk Feli Elixir

Arid Ghostly Elixir

Cream Ghostly Elixir

Common Ghostly Elixir

Dawn Ghostly Elixir

Field Ghostly Elixir

Sun Ghostly Elixir

Arid Harvester Elixir

Bloodred Harvester Elixir

Common Harvester Elixir

Cream Harvester Elixir

Dawn Harvester Elixir

Dusk Harvester Elixir

Field Harvester Elixir

Golden Harvester Elixir

Lilac Harvester Elixir

Sun Harvester Elixir

Arid Hikei Elixir

Field Hikei Elixir

Arid Hipottu Elixir

Twilight Hipottu Elixir

Arid Illumis Elixir

Common Illumis Elixir

Cream Illumis Elixir

Dawn Illumis Elixir

Dusk Illumis Elixir

Field Illumis Elixir

Arid Jollin Elixir

Dusk Jollin Elixir

Common Jollin Elixir

Field Jollin Elixir

Sun Jollin Elixir

Marsh Jollin Elixir

Cream Kanis Elixir

Dawn Kanis Elixir

Common Kanis Elixir

Dusk Kanis Elixir

Field Kanis Elixir

Golden Kanis Elixir

Lilac Kanis Elixir

Sun Kanis Elixir

Twilight Kanis Elixir

Arid Keeto Elixir

Cream Keeto Elixir

Field Keeto Elixir

Golden Keeto Elixir

Lilac Keeto Elixir

Dawn Kerubi Elixir

Common Kora Elixir

Golden Kora Elixir

Bloodred Kumos Elixir

Cream Kumos Elixir

Dawn Kumos Elixir

Field Kumos Elixir

Lilac Kumos Elixir

Sun Kumos Elixir

Twilight Kumos Elixir

Arid Lain Elixir

Field Lain Elixir

Lilac Lain Elixir

Marsh Lain Elixir

Arid Lasirus Elixir

Cream Legeica Elixir

Dawn Legeica Elixir

Field Legeica Elixir

Lilac Legeica Elixir

Sun Legeica Elixir

Dusk Mahar Elixir

Arid Manchu Elixir

Cream Manchu Elixir

Dawn Manchu Elixir

Field Manchu Elixir

Lilac Manchu Elixir

Marsh Manchu Elixir

Arid Mallarchy Elixir

Dusk Mallarchy Elixir

Field Mallarchy Elixir

Golden Mallarchy Elixir

Lilac Mallarchy Elixir

Sun Mallarchy Elixir

Arid Malticorn Elixir

Bloodred Malticorn Elixir

Cream Malticorn Elixir

Common Malticorn Elixir

Dawn Malticorn Elixir

Field Malticorn Elixir

Golden Malticorn Elixir

Lilac Malticorn Elixir

Cream Mahar Elixir

Common Mahar Elixir

Lilac Mahar Elixir

Common Magnus Elixir

Arid Magnus Elixir

Field Magnus Elixir

Twilight Magnus Elixir

Arid Montre Elixir

Bloodred Montre Elixir

Common Montre Elixir

Arid Mortiking Elixir

Common Mortiking Elixir

Dawn Mortiking Elixir

Dusk Mortiking Elixir

Twilight Mortiking Elixir

Arid Neela Elixir

Arid Noktoa Elixir

Twilight Harvester Elixir

Dusk Noktoa Elixir

Golden Noktoa Elixir

Marsh Noktoa Elixir

Sun Noktoa Elixir

Bloodred Ontra Elixir

Dusk Ontra Elixir

Cream Ontra Elixir

Field Ontra Elixir

Lilac Ontra Elixir

Sun Ontra Elixir

Twilight Ontra Elixir

Arid Paralix Elixir

Bloodred Paralix Elixir

Cream Paralix Elixir

Common Paralix Elixir

Field Paralix Elixir

Golden Paralix Elixir

Arid Pherret Elixir

Dawn Pherret Elixir

Field Pherret Elixir

Sun Pherret Elixir

Dusk Popoko Elixir

Golden Popoko Elixir

Twilight Popoko Elixir

Dawn Priggle Elixir

Field Priggle Elixir

Arid Rreign Elixir

Dawn Rreign Elixir

Dusk Rreign Elixir

Sun Rreign Elixir

Arid Ruffie Elixir

Dawn Ruffie Elixir

Dusk Ruffie Elixir

Arid Serpenth Elixir

Cream Scootle Elixir

Dusk Scootle Elixir

Field Scootle Elixir

Marsh Scootle Elixir

Cream Swampie Elixir

Dawn Swampie Elixir

Arid Telenine Elixir

Bloodred Telenine Elixir

Common Telenine Elixir

Dusk Telenine Elixir

Field Telenine Elixir

Golden Telenine Elixir

Sun Telenine Elixir

Bloodred Terracoon Elixir

Common Terracoon Elixir

Dawn Terracoon Elixir

Dusk Terracoon Elixir

Arid Tigrean Elixir

Cream Tigrean Elixir

Lilac Tigrean Elixir

Arid Torrent Elixir

Dusk Torrent Elixir

Bloodred Torrey Elixir

Field Torrey Elixir

Turkey Elixir

Common Tutani Elixir

Cream Tutani Elixir

Dawn Tutani Elixir

Dusk Tutani Elixir

Cream Urubu Elixir

Arid Velosotor Elixir

Twilight Velosotor Elixir

Arid Warador Elixir

Bloodred Warador Elixir

Common Warador Elixir

Dawn Warador Elixir

Dusk Warador Elixir

Field Warador Elixir

Golden Warador Elixir

Lilac Warador Elixir

Marsh Warador Elixir

Twilight Warador Elixir

Arid Wyllop Elixir

Dusk Wyllop Elixir

Sun Wyllop Elixir

Twilight Wyllop Elixir

Arid Xotl Elixir

Cream Xotl Elixir

Dusk Xotl Elixir

Twilight Xotl Elixir

Common Zasaba Elixir

Lilac Zasaba Elixir

Arid Zentu Elixir

Common Night Zentu Elixir

Common Day Zentu Elixir

Dawn Zentu Elixir

Dusk Zentu Elixir

Field Zentu Elixir

Golden Zentu Elixir

Lilac Zentu Elixir

Marsh Zentu Elixir

Sun Zentu Elixir

Twilight Zentu Elixir

Dark Death Potion

Dark Earth Potion

Dark Fire Potion

Dark Life Potion

Dark Light Potion

Dark Magma Potion

Dark Water Potion

Acid Juice

Arid Potion

Blackened Pureed Pumpkin Potion

Bottled Stinker Acid

Bubbly Potion

Cherry Potion

Color Reversal Concoction

Common Potion

Demi Strength Potion

Devonti Essence

Dusk Potion

Elemental Reversal Concoction

Essence of Melody

Experimental Reversal Concoction

Evil Potion

Fake Bloodred Potion

Frozen Heart Potion

Holy Warrior Sacred Potion

Lilac Potion

Bloodred Potion

Field Potion

Graveyard Potion

Gold Potion

Love Plant Potion

Marsh Potion

Orange Vial

Poison Perfume

Potion of Fleetness

Potion of Life

Potion of Loyalty

Pureed Pumpkin Potion

Revivifying Pylonic

Shinwas Health Potion

Silver Potion

Spectrum Potion

Sun Potion

Sweetheart Potion

Twilight Potion

Toy Chibi Bloodred Potion

Toy Chibi Graveyard Potion

Toy Chibi Reborn Potion

5HP Healing Potion

10HP Healing Potion

15HP Healing Potion

25HP Healing Potion

30HP Healing Potion

40HP Healing Potion

70HP Healing Potion

90HP Healing Potion

Veta Sand Vial

Pet Friends