Shiba Inu has a minion!

Squeak the Ball of Love

Shiba Inu

The Custom Cream Jollin
Owner: Celestial

Age: 4 years

Born: July 1st, 2016

Adopted: 4 years ago

Adopted: July 1st, 2016

Pet Spotlight Winner
May 25th, 2017


  • Level: 1
  • Strength: 10
  • Defense: 10
  • Speed: 10
  • Health: 10
  • HP: 10/10
  • Intelligence: 0
  • Books Read: 0
  • Food Eaten: 0
  • Job: Unemployed

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Name Wasabi

Sex Male

Breed Shiba Inu

Likes Getting treats, playing in the snow, naps in the sun, butt scratches, getting dirty, new toys, long walks, meeting new friends, chewing slippers and stealing toothbrushes.

Dislikes Rain, water, bathes, nail clipping, grooming, staying indoors all day, squirrels, leaves blowing in the wind, collars and car rides.

~*~ ~*~ ~*~ ~*~ ~*~ ~*~ ~*~

Hello! My name is Wasabi and I am a Shiba Inu. I've been living with my humans for over a year now and I love it here. I get to play all the time, get spoiled with new toys and go on long walks in the woods whenever I want to. My life wasn't always like this, but I'm so glad it is now!

I can still remember my first time meeting my new humans. I was curious but terrified at the same time. All I had ever known was being in a cage with other dogs, waiting impatiently for my next meal and a chance to run around in the green grass. But my first day meeting my new humans, I was stuffed in a little, dark bag and whisked away on a big metal bird to a place I had never even dreamed of before. I had no idea where I was going or who I was with; all I knew was that it was going to be a whole new adventure.

To say I was scared doesn't even begin to explain how I felt that first day, or even that first week. All the new smells and a brand new home I had never seen was waiting for me. I didn't know what to do first, if I should run around or play with all the toys my new humans bought me, or if I should be quiet and wait until they stuffed me inside the little bag again or even worse, another cage. But neither of those happened. Instead, my humans welcomed me into their home, fed me the best food I ever tasted and gave me so many toys I didn't know what to do with them all! They even gave me small treats off their plates here and there, and who knew human food was so amazing?

As I got more comfortable, my humans started taking me for short walks which only got longer and longer with time, which now is one of my favorite things to do! Of course, I got in trouble a few times for chewing on the wall (but it looked so tasty!) and for going potty in the house a couple times (I promise, I really had to go!) but I never doubted that my new humans loved me. With all the gifts they would bring me each week, and still do, how could I not?

Now that I'm a little older, I know chewing on the walls is bad for me and when I behave, I get lots of yummy treats and new toys to play with. I even have a nice, big bowl of food out all the time that I can eat whenever I want! I don't know how I got so doggone lucky, but I'm happy my humans found me and gave me a nice, warm home to live in. And even if I cause trouble sometimes by chewing bones on the carpet and barking at the leaves blowing in the yard, I know they love me as much as I love them!


Profile, art, story, coding and photos by Celestial
Coding assistance by odduckOasis
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Pet Treasure

Striped Nylon Leash

Dog Treat Dispenser

Paranoid Fox Plushie

Front-Mounted Spare Tire

Green Serpentine Red Rreign Plushie

Ruffie Food Bowl

Ruffie Healy Bones

Bag of Dog Biscuits

Luna Treats

Greaser Stray Dog Kibble

Gnawed Thigh Bone

Teeul Destructible Toy

Exploding Ruffie Chew Toy

Happy Hound Lost Tag

Dog Grooming Kit

Dog Adoption Papers

Beast Dusty Pawprints

Goodboy Puppy Collar

Dog Medication

Happy Little Squirrel Plushie

Cozy Hedgehog Beanbag

Art Student Chewed-Up Pencil

Hissing Goose Plushie

Puppy Companion Doll

Pitty Puppy Stuffed Pal

Ivory Puppy Shoe Toy

Goodboy Socks


Derpy Fox Plushie

Sharp Canines

Best Pet Sticker

Gingerbread Fox Plushie


Red Ball

Ruffie Squeaky Bone

Green Dyed Red Rreign Plushie

Wow Such Try Gold Star Sticker

Yellow Spring Duck Plushie

Yellow Snake Plushie

Spring Fox Plushie

Giraffe Cuddle Buddy

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