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Log Date: 20140606
My name is Greg Rastin, I'm the head of Torchlight Technologies' Research and Development sector. Today we begin work on 'Project Beast,' contracted by the US government, Department of Defense. This is going to be the most intensive project that Torchlight Technologies has ever undertaken.

This log will serve as a means of documenting the progress of Project Beast for Torchlight Technologies as well for the DoD. And, I suppose, for myself as well. I've always prided myself on my record-keeping, and it'll be nice to be experimenting with something other than children for a change. 'Project Mutandis' has been handed over to Lucien Reynolds and the "B-Team" of R&D for the time being.

While I suggested starting testing our developed mutagen serums on the usual suspects - rabbits, ferrets, the occasional macaque - the DoD doesn't want us fiddling around with small animals; they say they want results. We've been granted several large predatory animals for testing:
Subject A - Timber wolf (Canis lupus)
Subject B - Spotted hyena (Crocuta crocuta)
Subject C - Polar bear (Ursus maritimus)
Subject D - Komodo dragon (Varanus komodoensis)
Subject E - Lion (Panthera leo)
Subject F - Leopard seal (Hydrurga leptonyx)
Subject G - Harpy eagle (Harpia harpyja)
Subject H - Jaguar (Panthera onca)
Log Date: 20140810
We're currently two months into Project Beast, and all but one of the test subjects have died. The polar bear seemed to have the worst reaction to the serum before expiring. I've never seen such a hideous transformation. Subject 'H,' on the other hand, has... to put it lightly, exceeded expectations.

Abilities uncovered through experimentation include the capability to break itself down into pieces. Subject H can pass through small orifices, such as keyholes, in this manner, then reassemble itself at will. H has also been observed passing through solid objects as though they were thin air. Experimentation has left the subject completely blind, though this does not seem to cause distress.
Log Date: 20141208
Six months have passed since the beginning of Project Beast. I've been in contact with the DoD, but they have yet to decide when they will consider the experiment a 'success'. To be honest, I'm not sure they even know what they want out of this project. Super soldiers, perhaps? I understand the ethics and morality behind testing this serum on humans, but why use animals, if the desired result is a super soldier? Perhaps it's best not to question it.

Subject H has exhibited unusual amounts of agility and strength, far beyond a jaguar's normal parameters. It also does not appear to sleep; activity levels remain constant. Subject has also appeared to compensate for its blindness by developing a type of echolocation, manifested by a constant clicking noise. It seems as though the normal vocalizations of a jaguar have been replaced by the clicking, as that is all the noise it ever makes now. The noise grows louder when any member of our research team approaches the subject.

My team members compare it to cicadas. It's almost maddening. The clicking never stops. We can hear it clear across the compound. I've taken to wearing earplugs, but that does little to dampen the noise. It's in our heads.
Log Date: 20150205
The research team discovered a large pile of fur and gore today upon moving our sole test subject from its holding cell. Subject H, previously a golden jaguar, shed its fur completely, as well as its skin. Now the poor creature looks like a flayed monstrosity. Its flesh is a sickly purple-black color.

Subject H also seems to have taken an interest in the two-way mirror which we use to observe it. Almost as if it can see us. The idea is preposterous, of course... but I've taken the liberty of requesting a shock field like the one around the holding cell in order to deter it from attempting to leave the observation room.

To be perfectly honest, Subject H is beginning to make me very nervous. Those milk-white eyes and that infernal clicking noise the creature makes has begun to haunt me in my sleep. I'm considering taking my .45 from my quarters when heading to the main compound for work tomorrow. Maybe put an end to Project Beast myself.
Log Date: 20150210
Perkins' funeral was yesterday. As far as any civilian - including his wife - knows, his death was an accident involving a thresher in the Agricultural Research Department. It's a good thing we have our own coroner to pull strings, because the county's could blow our cover just by looking at him. Or, what was left of him. Good lord, there was so much blood. The teeth on Subject H didn't belong to a jaguar - that thing is something entirely different now.

As the head of Project Beast, I feel the need to tell the truth. The new shock fields for the observation room failed. I'm not sure how, but they did. My guess is that Subject H's new appearance somehow insulates the creature against electricity. If it wasn't already obvious, Subject H is beyond our control.

In addition to the abilities described in previous logs, Subject H has developed the ability to cloak itself. To turn itself invisible. While cloaked, the clicking noise - the echolocation - stops. I shot the damned thing as it had begun to maul Perkins, but the bullets passed right through it, leaving holes in the wall of the observation room. Then it vanished.

I haven't seen it since, except for when I close my eyes at night. Heat signatures have completely disappeared as well. We can't track it on the infrared cameras. We've effectively lost Subject H. Imagine telling that to the DoD. 'Yes, uh. We've lost your bloodthirsty monster. How? Well, it's invisible.'

I've called for a complete lockdown of the Torchlight Technologies compound. I'm not sure if that's even necessary, given the creature's capabilities. For all we know, it's already escaped the compound.

God help us all if it's escaped.

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