Nak has a minion!

Myna the Calucko


The Reborn Feli
Owner: Possum

Age: 5 years, 7 months, 2 weeks

Born: December 31st, 2016

Adopted: 5 years, 7 months, 2 weeks ago

Adopted: December 31st, 2016


  • Level: 1
  • Strength: 10
  • Defense: 14
  • Speed: 10
  • Health: 10
  • HP: 10/10
  • Intelligence: 23
  • Books Read: 23
  • Food Eaten: 0
  • Job: Unemployed

She pads around the dark streets of the city, her yellow-and-blue eyes shining ever so slightly under the cover of night, like tiny silver coins. It's at the gates to one of the many aristocratic mansions in this fair city of Tyr Oli that she suddenly stops, her tail twitching. She's almost sure this is the place she was hired to steal from, but as a cat, things look a bit different to her than they did in the daylight hours when she'd cased the joint under the guise of being a landscaper. Buildings are larger. Things aren't as colorful.

Nak is quite literally a 'cat burglar'. She's part of a somewhat-rare race known as tibbits. A race of shapeshifters thought to be descended from either Awakened cats, or from the cat-shaped familiars of wizards. In Nak's case, it was both. Her mother was a familiar named Grima, her father a fat, Awakened ginger tabby by the name of Pumpkin. The coupling resulted in two female kittens who, an hour after birth, turned into human-shaped crying babes... then back into mewling kittens after yet another hour. Tibbits. To the unknowing eye, a tibbit looks an awful lot like a halfling, only with funny-looking hair, cat-like eyes, and a wider, flatter nose. They are short, they tend to be slightly pudgy, and are very light on their feet. Nak's parents named her "Odd-Eye" because of her heterochromia, and her sister became "Blackpaws" for a similar reason. In time, the tibbits would create their own names, based on noises they heard. "Nak" claimed hers after not knowing at the time how to spell the word 'knack', as in "this kitten of Grima's sure has a knack for getting into trouble."

Nak preferred to stay in her cat form as often as possible. Turning humanoid left her naked and vulnerable. As a cat, she was better able to sneak by unnoticed. It was in this tricolor, "calico" form that she slipped through the gates to the home. It was in this form that she scaled the building, making her way to a third-story window. It was in this form that she regrettably realized she could not open the window and, reluctantly, turned back into humanoid form. Now she would be stuck like this for an hour. Naked, her mottled black-and-white skin was kissed by moonlight. Her yellow eye no longer reflected the moon, as neither did her blue eye. She sighed, cursing herself for not secreting away a set of clothes or tools while casing the place, and punched the glass window with all of her might.

The glass shattered easily enough and sliced her hand as it did so, a dozen pieces gleaming with moonlight as they fell. She bit her lip to avoid swearing and slipped inside. The window entered into what appeared to be an attic, but it was exactly where she wanted to be. A forgotten roll-top desk sat in a corner. Her human contact had told her it would be there. And what luck, the desk was so forgotten, the owners hadn't bothered to lock it! She rummaged as quietly as she could through its contents. After several minutes, she found her prize - papers. Papers that would allow her client to seize the very property in which she now stood.

She suddenly remembered that she didn't have anything to put the papers in, now that she was naked. Oh well... I suppose I could wait out the remainder of the hour, then change back.... Nak stood there, papers in hand, feeling like an idiot. A few minutes passed before her ears, well-equipped to hear faint noises even when not in cat form, picked up a whispering voice.

"Pssst. Nak! Nak, it's me! Fairbanks!"

OF COURSE! Nak rushed quietly as she could to the attic window. Her eyes could pick out the figure of her human contact - Henry Fairbanks. Another petty criminal, placed there by the client months earlier to initially learn the ins and outs of the location. He worked as a servant for the family of the house, but would mysteriously disappear in a matter of days, and long before the client would make their move. Nak slipped out of the window as gently as she could. "Henry! I got the papers! I got 'em!"

"Fantas... why are you naked?!"

Nak, climbing down as carefully and silently as she could, attempted to shrug but couldn't. "Forgot to give you a change of clothes, that's all. I usually work as..." She stopped. Henry wasn't aware that Nak wasn't a halfling, at least, to her knowledge. She'd only worked a couple of jobs with him, this one included. "I usually work alone. No awkward questions that way."

Henry averted his eyes. "...Right. Okay. Whatever. Once you're down, I'll give you my jacket. Anyone that sees you will probably just assume you're a drunk or a whore who lost her clothes."

Eventually, Nak finished her descent and the pair snuck through the gates, off of the property, going their separate ways for the evening.

When she received her share of the job's pay, she portioned it out - two-thirds of it she would keep. Weapons and supplies weren't cheap, after all. The remaining one-third she took to a courier's office. "I'd like to send some money back home to my folks. Do you... ah... have any fast-delivery methods that aren't birds? My father doesn't like birds very much... I see. Well, alright. I should probably address it to my sister, then. She's less like to ea- I mean, shoot - the messenger." She took the quill, dipped it in the inkwell, and wrote on the parchment. 'The Drunken Troll, c/o Myna. 735 Forrester Road, Marigold.' "Here's the address."

The elf looked it over. "No surname? What if some random traveller happens to be named Myna?"

Nak let out an exasperated sigh and took back the address slip. She scratched out 'Myna', writing above it 'Blackpaws'. "Trust me, nobody else is going to have this name."

Nak "Odd-Eye" was a Tibbit rogue I played during my D&D group's 3/3.5 days. Based largely on my cat Butterscotch, she was one of the goofiest characters in a heist-based campaign where pretty much everyone was goofy as all hell. Her accomplices were Abelard Fastcart the half-elf Thug (based almost entirely on R.E.O. Speedwagon from JoJo's Bizarre Adventure), Pietro Maximov the human Con-Man, a half-elf Wizard/Psion named Anall (whom everyone called "Anal" as a running joke), Lazryssa, a skarn Bard (who broke her ankle no less than twice trying to pull off Assassin's Creed-style jumps from rooftops), and Delaruse, a human Sorcerer/Monk who only went by "The D". Her weapons of choice included daggers, punch-gauntlets, spiked gauntlets, and non-lethal poisons, chosen for their ability to debilitate or render opponents unconscious so that Nak could hopefully transform and/or run away. Our first job involved the acquisition of a rare book of poems (later revealed to have a coded message of some kind - nobody in the group was ever able to figure it out) from a mage school.

During the Heist

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Silver Attack Claws

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