Sevidical has a minion!

Tantalus the Whispering Spirit


The Darkmatter Mahar
Owner: Rakumel

Age: 3 years, 5 months, 3 weeks

Born: January 10th, 2017

Adopted: 3 years, 5 months, 3 weeks ago

Adopted: January 10th, 2017


  • Level: 189
  • Strength: 420
  • Defense: 402
  • Speed: 402
  • Health: 405
  • HP: 405/405
  • Intelligence: 381
  • Books Read: 344
  • Food Eaten: 0
  • Job: Spymaster for the Darkside

"Now...will you play with me forever?"

Trivia Murder Party Final Round
Lord Kokuyou ~ Sweet Temptation, My Hime OST

Evil game show host. TC contents to include suits, ties, dice, cards, objects with question marks, matching minions.

Pet Treasure

Dark Matter Microphone


Dark Matter Dice

Dice Plushie

Death Dice

Strange Dice Beanbag

Love Dice

Bluffing Dice

Random Dice

Lucky Die

Die Eraser

White Dangle Dice

Purple Dangle Dice

Mauve Dangle Dice

Random Fluffy Dice

Carnival Dice Sticker

Black Dice Shaker

Purple Dice Shaker

Red Dice Shaker

White Dice Shaker

Ringleader Blue and Gold Top Hat

Ringleader Black and Gold Overcoat

Ringleader Checked Top Hat

Ringleader Checked Overcoat

Purple Webwork Sportcoat

Black Webwork Sportcoat

Red Webwork Sportcoat

White Webwork Sportcoat

Black Shirtless Suit Jacket

Purple Shirtless Suit Jacket

Red Shirtless Suit Jacket

Gray Shirtless Suit Jacket

White Shirtless Suit Jacket

Black Spider Bow Tie

Red Spider Bow Tie

White Spider Bow Tie

Black Skull Bow Tie

Red Skull Bow Tie

White Skull Bow Tie

Mime Bow Tie

Simple Midnight Bow Tie

Simple Red Bow Tie

Simple White Bow Tie

Heliotrope Bow Tie

Snow Bow Tie

Violet and Black Polka Dot Bow

Magenta and Black Polka Dot Bow

Green and Black Polka Dot Bow

Pink and Black Polka Dot Bow

White and Black Polka Dot Bow

Red Heart Bow Tie

White Heart Bow Tie

Skull Adorned Tie

Striped Tie

Black Tie

Checked Tie

Red Tie

Suave Dotted Tie

White Tie

Gray Striped Tie

Black Casual Tie

White Casual Tie

Red Casual Tie

Blue Casual Tie

Diamonds Stubby Tie

Greaser Comb

Black Folding Comb

Dark Matter Mirror

Dark Matter Subeta Shampoo

Dark Matter Subeta Conditioner

Coal Ripauf Styling Gel

Coal Ripauf Nourishing Oil

Coal Ripauf Mousse

Waradorstiltskin Jester Hat

Dark Matter Warador Hat

Chess Jester Mask

Joker Staff


Waradorstiltskin Plushie

Harlequin Rag Doll

Twilight Warador Plushie

Bloodred Warador Plushie

Common Warador Plushie

Lilac Warador Plushie

Dusk Warador Plushie

Bloodred Warador Beanbag

Common Warador Beanbag

Twilight Warador Beanbag

Dusk Warador Beanbag

Lilac Warador Beanbag

Guardian of Jokers

Ominous Stray




Hovering Misfortunat


Flaiky Foot-Snugglas

13th Cat


Inscrutable Maliss Figurine

Replica Spider

Black Widow


Fennel Jelly Spider

Grape Jelly Spider

Dark Matter Grub

Dark Matter Beetle

Dark Matter Flytrap

Matter Imp





Mori Spirits

Dark Matter Neko

Dark Matter

Darker Matter

Tainted Matter

Arcane Summoning Circle

Sweet Matter Wine

Deadly Ambrosia

Haunted Grape Juice

Haunted Raspberry Juice

Dark Elegance

Wooden Playing Cards Case

76 Card Games

Hand of Seven Cards

Magical Guardian Playing Card

Joker Card Eraser

Nine of Spades Playing Card

Nine of Diamonds Playing Card

Nine of Clubs Playing Card

Nine of Hearts Playing Card

Wild Ace Card

Wild Aces Beanbag

Dark Matter Deck Box

Dark Thing in a Box

Empty Purple Spider Morostide Gift-Box

Empty Green Spider Morostide Gift-Box

Empty Purple Bat Morostide Gift-Box

Empty Green Bat Morostide Gift-Box

Empty Purple Witch Morostide Gift-Box

Empty Green Witch Morostide Gift-Box

Empty Purple Pumpkin Morostide Gift-Box

Empty Green Pumpkin Morostide Gift-Box

Black Cat Morostide Candy Coin

Hustler Money Clip

Stack of Cash Plushie

What is Out There?

The Mysteries of Subeta

Random Scimitar

Random Sticker

Question Mark Sticker

Random Plushie

Random Beanbag

Random Mystery Ball

Random Candies

Evil Fruit

Evil Love Sticker

Pet Friends