Shaddis has a minion!

Silent Spirits the Nuclear Matter

Legacy Name: Shaddis

The Custom Nightmare Noktoa
Owner: Aika

Age: 5 years, 4 months, 1 week

Born: February 23rd, 2017

Adopted: 2 months, 4 weeks ago

Adopted: April 8th, 2022


  • Level: 14
  • Strength: 35
  • Defense: 28
  • Speed: 27
  • Health: 28
  • HP: 28/28
  • Intelligence: 33
  • Books Read: 33
  • Food Eaten: 5
  • Job: Unemployed


The very nightmare that the Mechanicals fight daily to keep contained within the Exclusion Zone at all costs; that is Shaddis. He was once an ordinary owl who lived within a few yards of this Zone before it became irradiated and was one of the only survivors of the blast that wiped out an entire town and nearby habitats. His body was found by Ekon, a now missing Mechanical that once led the others in the construction of the Zone. The other Mechs believe that Shaddis is the reason to their disappearance and take every precaution whenever they deal with him. Shaddis is able to speak but his voice is raspy and is consistently out of breath. He tries to make deals with those who contact him though is cut off once the Mechs realize what his plans may entail. His eyes glow a garish green and his body still smokes like it did when he was first discovered. His beak and body is charred a dark charcoal black and appears as if one is looking through a void. His talons are sharp and are made from obsidian, which was discovered after a sample was taken from the creature. His power seems immense and unknown; the Mechs believe the people who lived on the land before have a hand in gifting him this power as they were the ones who caused this Zone to exist in the first place. Shaddis spends his days watching and waiting, knowing one day he will be freed from the grips of these unsightly metal guardians. Until they let their guard down, he shall be patient.


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Character & Story by Aika
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Pet Treasure

Noktoa Cast Iron Boot Jack


Nuclear Snowball

Nuclear Mahar Ring

Nuclear Aeanoid Root

Pet Friends