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Rebelling has a minion!
Epic Muse

TW: war

Gunshots, bombs, crashing cars, a woman screaming and then the cry of a child... Sounds of destruction and despair flashed through Caleb's mind. His bed was a mess by the morning from all the tossing and turning. Images of bloody snow and burning buildings showed one after the other like he was browsing quickly through a photo book. A white flash and an agonizing screech made him feel like he had become blind and deaf for a moment before it was all played back until he was born again.

Caleb jumped up from his sleep. His top was soaked, even the bed sheets were damp. He breathed heavily through his mouth as he looked around him. The same cold concrete walls greeted him once more after five years. His lightbulb flickered. It had been burning ever since he arrived. He wasn't afraid of the dark. It was more like when you light a candle for good luck, for hope. As he stood up and reached to twist the lamp, the light died.

It was calm in this part of the tunnels. It was just us, the survivors of what was left of the town. A playful tune came from one of the rooms. Children were running down the hall. Life went on for them. But not for Caleb. Even though he became older, more successful in the army, life felt stuck ever since that day.With a few good twists, the old steel door to the outside world opened. The sunlight hurt his eyes. When he became more used to it, he noticed one of his fellow officers. She helped him with his trauma before, she took care of him and grew more fond of him every single day.
"Good morning, Caleb" She smiled before she brought her cigarette to her lips.
He really hoped no one would notice him leaving.

"Joining me for a smoke?"
"No, got business to do in town"

Eveline sighed softly as Caleb was making his way through the thick snow. Last time she tried to stop him from going alone, she ended up with a bruised rib. He wasn't the aggressive type, more like a loner fighting for what he wants.

"Be careful. The hunters spotted pions" she mentioned. Pions. That's what they call the soldiers of the government. They wear white to camouflage themselves and merge with the heavy snowfall around here. They don't know this place, as well as the locals do. So they got at least one advantage. "Don't forget that the general wants to speak to you".

Caleb stopped and looked over his shoulder. He tried not to look at her at all costs. Eveline reminded him so much of his sister. So joyful, so full of life,... He just can't take it to look her right in the eyes. "What? That was tomorrow."

"Schedule changed. He wants to discuss the penetration of the capital today. Tomorrow, we'll be standing, with an entire rebellion, eye to eye with the government."

Art by Spirited
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Art [NSFW!!] by Naddi

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