Figment has a minion!

Dreamfinder the Dapper Bearded Gnomeli

Legacy Name: Figment of Imagination

The Lilac Dragarth
Owner: Pinocchio

Age: 5 years, 8 months, 1 week

Born: September 18th, 2017

Adopted: 5 years, 8 months, 1 week ago

Adopted: September 18th, 2017


We all have sparks
That's how our minds
Create creations
We set them free
And oh, what they can do!
Those magic sparks
From me and you

Pet Treasure

Pristine Jewelers Tools

Rainbow Bunny Bubbles

Plasma Bubbles

Arctic Frost Timberline Scouting Gear

Shadowglen Forgotten Sepulcher Scouting Gear

Blooming Centropolis Park Scouting Gear

Veta Overgrown Gardens Scouting Gear

Peka Highlands Scouting Gear

Shengui Guo Misty Windpeaks Scouting Gear

Garden Tools Guide

Unliving Alchemists Tools

Face Painters Tools

Retro Future Bubble Helmet

Skilled Seamstress Tools

Horticulturists Tools

Gifted Prodigies Tools

Expert Tinkerers Tools

Toymakers Tools

Tenacious Bakers Tools

Character Creation

Creative Knitting Patterns

Spark Scroll


Spinning Spectrum Illumis Cocktail

Lightshow Activated Wand

Horticulturist Diary and Daily Sketch Book

Prism Kaleidoscope

Glass Prism

Prismatic Slime

Lit Bear Sparkler

Boheme Scented Candle

Dawn of the First Day

Sequined Planner

365 New Days 365 New Chances Sticker

Lightshow Pistil Headpiece

Lightshow Night Sky Fragment

Schematic Art Book

Bag of Celebratory Confetti

Five Taste Smoothie

Aspire to Inspire Sticker

Bugs As Inspiration

2014 Inspirational Quotes

Goldenrod Celebratory Stardust Hairband

Baby New Year Tiny Top Hat

Purple Paper Noisemaker

2006 Rainbow Socks

Builder Battle Robot

Imaginary Friend Sticker

Rainbow Quill

Rainbow Gems

Rainbow Hot Dog

Rainbow Balloon


Over the Rainbow


Lightning Bolt

Galaxy Orb

Rainbow Soup

Regal Iris Yarn

Scary Tales

New Year Guide Fish of Imagination

Spooky Shadow Sticker

Raw Opal

Eye Exam Chart

Shiny Small Phone

What Big Eyes

Gold Steer Horn

Colorful Fruit Kebab

Orange Chibi Dragon Wings

Mister Paintbrush

Orange Gummy Bat Wings

Stories of Old


Bow-E Panacea Vintage Suitcase

Artistic Paint

Film Reel

Musical Fruit

Science is a BLAST! Sticker

Pirate Treasure Map

Artists Sketch Book

Book of Happy Rainbows

Spectrum Fables

Music Sheet

Blue Potato

Classical CD

Pencil Art

Rainbow Journal

The Everything Book

Moldy Atebus Cheese

Cobalt Pigment


Rainbow Candy Heart

Globe Fruit

Rainbow Pie of Everything Wondrous

Pet Friends