188 has a minion!

Finn the Snevens


The Common Experiment #188
Owner: Tali

Age: 1 year, 9 months, 1 week

Born: November 7th, 2017

Adopted: 1 year, 9 months, 1 week ago

Adopted: November 7th, 2017


  • Level: 1
  • Strength: 10
  • Defense: 10
  • Speed: 10
  • Health: 10
  • HP: 10/10
  • Intelligence: 0
  • Books Read: 0
  • Food Eaten: 0
  • Job: Unemployed

Her tail sways back and forth as she watches Euclid from the ceiling rafters above. He greets his returning customer with a nod of the head and a transaction takes place between the two. In addition to the required wizard token price, the customer includes a bag of sP. He must be purposely trying to get one of Euclid's experiments. His pet takes a few steps forward, all too familiar with what to do. Euclid fires up the zapper and then it zaps the pet. Everyone shields their eyes other than Euclid and herself. She leans forward on the rafters as the zapper slows down and the new pet is revealed: an Experiment #911.

The customer eagerly approaches his new experiment and pets it on the nose. This must be the experiment he was trying to get. It's not too often she sees a customer receive exactly what they want. The pair nods to Euclid before leaving the lab. Now there is only one customer left: a younger girl with her common Kumos and minion. She hands Euclid the wizard token and Euclid greedily accepts it. "Now young lady, you do realize that I cannot control what the zapper does?" The girl nods and Euclid prepares his zapper. This Kumos is obviously a novice to the zapping experience as he nervously approaches the zapper. The lab lights up again and once the zapper finishes, the Kumos looks the same. She notices that the minion, however, has changed into a Snevens. The girl begins to throw a tantrum but Euclid does not show any pity. The girl grabs her Kumos and storms out of the lab, leaving the minion behind. She watches as Euclid simply glances at the minion before leaving to go back to his office.

She blinks her four eyes slowly and sighs. "8001, you there?" she calls through her earpiece.

"Yea, what is it?"

"We've got a Snevens left behind."

He sighs. "And here I was hoping you'd return empty-handed this time. Well, 188, do your thing."

"Will do, over." 188 jumps off the rafters and lands gracefully on all four legs. This startles the minion at first, but then he relaxes. "Hi, buddy," 188 says soothingly. "I'm so sorry that your owner left you behind, but I can take you somewhere safe."

The odd looking beaver tilts its head to the side. "Where?"

"It's a secret, for now." She lowers her body to allow the minion to hop on her back. She's thankful that he does it no questions asked. "Hold on tight." Once she feels the creature grip her fur, she unfolds her bug wings and stretches them out. They begin to flutter and 188 takes off through the window Euclid never bothers to shut.

"My name is Finn," the Snevens says, "what is yours?"

"188," she responds without looking.

"I know that's what experiment you are, but what is your actual name?"

"That is my name." Knowing that the minion wouldn't accept that as an answer, she sighs and looks at Finn. "You know how Euclid announces to the public when he discovers a new experiment?" Finn nods. "Well, you're looking at the discovery of the Experiment #188. Once he discovers a new experiment, he's finished with it. Doesn't care to name it. Doesn't care what it does. I simply took on 188, much like the other discovered experiments do. Think of it like...a secret agent name." Probably sounds cooler than what it is, but it's fitting to her and her friends.

"Wow," Finn responds. "How does Euclid come up with the number of each experiment, anyway?"

188 snickers. "He's not very original. It comes from how many zaps it takes Euclid to discover a new species. In my case, it took 188 attempts to create something new." She turns to look at Finn again. "You know how Subetans complain about zapping the same pet maybe fifteen or twenty times? Try 188 times. And can you imagine what it was like for 8001, who was zapped 8,001 times?"

"Golly, no," Finn's ears flatten against his head. "But Euclid needs a pet to zap. Didn't you have a name before he started...experimenting on you?"

"Perhaps, but I don't recall," 188 admits. "You remember the old zapper that was notorious for changing pets into Darkonites and Swampies?" Finn laughs at the memory. "Well, some Subetans would get so sick of them that they'd just abandon their pet at the Adoption Center at the Delphi Beach. Euclid used to frequent that shelter quite often and pull any of the two species. I do remember being a Darkonite when he first found me. It gave me purpose, at least."

Finn hangs his head. "I'm sorry to hear that."

188 laughs. "No need. Being pulled from Adopt R Us and eventually becoming a brand new species was awesome. One with wings, at that." She looks ahead to see a structure just appearing over the ocean horizon. "We are almost there."

"Almost where, exactly?" Finn asks.

"The SAI HQ." 188 smirks. "It has been abandoned for who knows how long? The perfect safe place for a bunch of unwanted experiments." 188 lands on the snow of the Arctic Frost. Finn begins to shiver and buries himself into her back further. "357, you there? It's 188."

"Ah, welcome back." The door of the building creaks open and 357 is there to greet them. Fitting to have a rhino tank at guard. "Welcome to the Land of the Misfits, kid," he says to Finn. Finn tilts his head to the side as 188 walks further into the building, the door closing behind them.

The SAI HQ is filled with various experiments. Fortunately it is a large, forgotten building in the Arctic Frost of all places. This is the first time 188 has noticed Finn becoming more comfortable. He's surrounded by creatures that look similar to him. "This is why we do what we do, kid." She could feel Finn look up to her curiously so she continues. "Experiments are still pets. They still have emotions, needs, wants and desires. I may be a #188 now, but my personality is no different than when I was a Darkonite, or whatever I was before that." She looks at Finn with her four eyes. "Some Subetans, not all, but some, don't understand that. No one should end up lost and forgotten about just because of their looks. Here, everyone can feel accepted and loved again." 188 smiles as she looks at the sea of experiments before her. Euclid isn't a bad guy at all. He's introduced so many great creations to Subeta. But it's 188's job to make the unwanted ones feel wanted again.


Story by Tali. This is my interpretation of how Euclid creates new experiments and names them and does not necessarily follows Subeta's lore.

Art by CORE

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